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Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel

Become a Laravel expert creating an eShop from scratch practicing all the Laravel features you learn in the process.

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15 hours


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Install Laravel on your System

Learn to configure Laravel according to your requirements

Get all the confidence to build anything you want with Laravel

Master Laravel from the essentials to the advanced features

Create a high-level application while learning Laravel

Learn Laravel and be part of one of the best web development communities

Open your possibilities to multiple jobs and projects thanks to the Laravel popularity


Learn Laravel, while creating an eShop in the process. Bring to live all those ideas in your head after learning Laravel by doing.

The course is compatible with the latest version of Laravel. Of course, you are free to use any version, but I strongly recommend to use the latest one (even if it is not the initial version of the course).

Note: The main approach of the course is on that YOU learn Laravel, rather than just creating something specific with Laravel. Of course, I know you will like to create something with Laravel, so you will be applying everything you learn into an eShop.

Dominate the world of web development! It doesn't matter if you like PHP or not, with Laravel you are going to love it. Laravel brought PHP back to life and with this course, you will see why.

Laravel is not just a PHP framework... Laravel is, in fact, one of the most popular frameworks for web development in general (not only PHP).

It's your chance to grow
Laravel is very popular and continues to grow more and more. Hundreds of offers are posted daily for skilled developers in Laravel, so by mastering Laravel, you'll have plenty of open alternatives.

Why choose me?
Because I am always there to assist and guide your learning on Laravel. I will answer all your questions and comments during the course. ALWAYS.

More than 18,000 students appreciate the effectiveness of the answers to all their questions and the more than 4,000 positive ratings demonstrate this.

Because I not only teach you Laravel but also how to solve real-world problems with Laravel.

What is so good about Laravel?
Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP and not only that, it is among the most popular frameworks for web development in general. With Laravel, you can develop highly complex PHP applications in a very short time. During the course, you will see the enormous facilities that Laravel offers when implementing all kinds of complex or simple applications. Of course, for the course, you will be able to use the latest version of Laravel.

Why an eShop?
Remember, the app itself doesn't matter much if you focus on the concepts more than the applications. However, an online store is a very interesting topic for everyone due to its different requirements, which will allow exploring the features of Laravel in detail.

At the end of the course, you will have mastery of the characteristics of Laravel and you will have the confidence to start any Laravel project at your own.

Join now to master PHP and web development with Laravel:

  • Use the essentials to take advantage of Laravel (PHP, composer, databases)

  • Learn the characteristics of Laravel while building a high-level project

  • Learn the essences of Laravel (routes, controllers, views, models and much more)

  • Master main features of Laravel (Artisan, Eloquent, Blade, Laravel Mix just by mentioning a few)

  • Know the details creating projects with Laravel (relationships, migrations, factories, actions...)

  • Master and apply advanced Laravel functionalities (dependency injection, resource controllers, scopes, accessors, etc.)

  • Master the main facilities that Laravel offers you (user authentication, middleware, access control)

Why take this course?
For years I have provided online courses on multiple web development topics. Among so many topics, a course entirely dedicated to Laravel and not only to specific applications with Laravel is absolutely required. Teaching, in the process, all the experiences acquired with proper projects and those of the students throughout these years.

During all this time I have published multiple courses on different types of projects with Laravel and it was time to translate all that knowledge into a course that teaches the essence and general characteristics of Laravel.

The goal?
Explore the different and multiple features of Laravel to learn them while creating an eShop (a high-level application).

You will want to complete this course from start to finish, because with each functionality implemented for the eShop, you will progressively learn and go deep into the features of Laravel, from the essential to the advanced ones.

Is this course for you?
This course is probably for anyone (experienced or not). This course is for you if you meet at least one of these conditions:

  • You are a beginner or you want to start with the use and creation of web applications with PHP

  • You have experience with PHP and want to go to the next level using the most popular framework, Laravel

  • You want to start building your web applications from scratch using Laravel

  • You want to develop web projects in an agile and simple way thanks to Laravel and its features

  • You have experience in web development and want to specialize in using Laravel

The benefits you will get

  • The confidence create any web project with PHP and Laravel

  • The security of knowing how to build applications with Laravel in the correct way

  • Professional growth and huge job opportunities due to the growing popularity of Laravel

  • Build any Laravel project using the agile tools learned in the course

  • Everything you can think of. There is simply no limit once you start in this world.

Having said all this ...
Don't wait any longer. The world is moving fast and all your ideas and projects are waiting to be implemented in an effective and agile way with Laravel.

Just press the button to enter the course right now.

Join everyone in this Laravel learning process and be part of one of the best web development communities.


Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel
Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel
Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel
Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel



About the Instructor of the Course

About the Course and How to Take Advantage of It

PHP, Composer and the Database

Go Ahead and Meet Your Best Tool to Learn Laravel

How to Ask Questions

Required Tools to Manage the Frontend in Laravel

[Optional] The Development Environment and the Code Editor

Meet Laravel and Explore Its Structure and Tools

Using Composer to Install Laravel

The Source Code of the Course and How to Use It

Exploring the Laravel Structure by Following Its Execution Process

Meet Artisan of Laravel

Using Php Artisan Tinker

Identifying and Assigning the Laravel Environment Settings

Check What you Have Learned Until Now

Learning and Using Some Essential Components of Laravel

Route Files and How Routes Work in Laravel

Create Multiple Types of Routes and Actions in Laravel

Meet and Use Controllers in Laravel to Handle the Business Logic

Showing Views as a Result of Operations in Laravel

[Exercise] Create a New Controller and Return the Main View

Check How are You Going Until Now

Identify, Handle and Solve Errors and Exceptions in Laravel

How Errors Work in Laravel and How to Identify Them

How to Debug in Laravel to Resolve Errors

Be Sure you Know How To Deal with Some Errors

Usage of Databases and Information Management in Laravel

Explore Database Connections in Laravel and Configure One

Creating Database Tables with Laravel Migrations

Introducing Eloquent and Models in Laravel

Inserting Information with Laravel Seeders and Factories

Interacting with the Database with the Laravel Query Builder

Reading and Selecting Data with Models in Laravel

Be Sure to Master the Essential Details

Going Deep in the Usage of Views with Blade of Laravel

Sending and Displaying Information in Views with Blade of Laravel

Learn About the Essential Control Structures in Blade

Improving Your Views with Templates in Blade of Laravel

Handling Forms and Actions with Laravel Blade and Laravel Eloquent

Showing and Using Forms in Laravel

Inserting Data from a Form with Laravel Eloquent

Editing Existing Data with a Form and Eloquent

Reviewing Some Features to Improve the Usability of the Laravel Project

Removing Information from the Database Using Forms and Eloquent

Session Management, Responses, and Messages with Laravel

Different Ways to Redirect Your Users with Laravel

How to Get and Set Values in the Session with Laravel

Validating Data Before Doing Any Modification with Eloquent

Allowing to Show Errors in the Views with Blade

Reusing Values Submitted from an Invalid Form

Allowing to See Success Messages in the Views with Blade

Returning Result Messages for Some Actions with Laravel

Creating the Authentication System and Improving the Frontend with Laravel Mix

Generating the Authentication Components with Laravel UI

Understanding the Laravel Authentication System

Introducing and Using Laravel Mix to generate the Frontend Assets

The Middleware and How to Restrict Access and Actions in Laravel

Making Your Tasks Easier with the Laravel Advantages

Mastering and Using Implicit Model Binding in Laravel

Improving Your Routes Using Resource Routes in Laravel

Using the Laravel Form Requests to Validate Data

Using Artisan to Create Multiple Components at Once in Laravel

Taking Advantage of Layouts and Components with Laravel Blade

Going Deep with Attributes, Tables, and Models in Laravel

Indicating the Columns of the Tables in the Laravel Migrations

Implementing the Additional Models of Your Laravel Project

Implement the Factories of Your Models in Laravel

Mastering All the Types of Relationships Between Models with Eloquent of Laravel

Understanding and Creating One-to-One Relationships with Laravel Eloquent

Learning and Creating One-to-Many Relationships with Eloquent of Laravel

Using and Creating Many-to-Many Relationships with Laravel Eloquent

Relationships Through Relationships in Laravel with Eloquent

Master the One-to-One Polymorphic Relationships in Laravel

Meet and Use the One-to-Many Polymorphic Relationships in Laravel

Learn and Use Many-to-Many Polymorphic Relationships in Laravel

Using All of Model Relationships Types within Laravel Seeders

Using and Inserting "Simple" Model Relationships within the Laravel Seeder

Using and Inserting Polymorphic Relationships Using the Laravel Seeder

Using Additional Laravel Features to Implement the Shopping Cart Features

Meet and Use Eloquent Scopes to Improve Products Visualization

Learn and Use Nested Resources in Laravel to Add Products to a Cart

Learn How to Use Cookies in Laravel to Retrieve the Shopping Cart

Use Dependency Injection in Laravel to Display the Products of a Cart

Take Advantage of the Service to Remove the Cart Products with Laravel

Using Laravel Collections and Use it to Inject the Cart Counter in Blade

Exploring Other Laravel Functionalities for the Ordering and Paying Systems

Recall Some Laravel Features to Confirm and Initiate an Order

Learn About Accessors in Laravel and use It to Calculate Totals

Learn to Identify Authenticated Users with Laravel and Create an Order

Use a Laravel Nested Resource Controller to Charge for an Order

Conclusions and Recommendations

What You Already Have Learned About Laravel and What is Next

Bonus Class


Laura19 October 2020

Really enjoyed this class - very informative, easy to follow along, great resource to have, thank you!

Nienke3 October 2020

Great explaining of functions before teaching the shortcuts. Very in depth! English pronounciation could use some improvement.

Abu25 August 2020

This a good course in line with what I wanted to know. However with the introduction of Laravel 8 many videos need updating especially with the tinker changes in the factory usage.

Erling15 August 2020

Now having completed this course I can confidently say that this is a very good comprehensive course. Probably one of the best you'll find. I recommend it for any skill level student. I came into this course without any Laravel experience. I had many years ago done some beginner level PHP coding so I was familiar with the underlying language fundamentals. The instructor doesn't just show something that you are expected to copy and suddenly learn from because of reading and re-reading the example code. Instead the instructor actually "teaches" the ideas and details of each topic and commands so you understand what is going on and also more importantly "why" it all works. This is something that unfortunately most instructors fail at. This instructor does a great job of also talking about scenarios you may encounter in other projects that may affect your choices of implementing solutions in the future. This course educates the student. By the end of it, if you're actually following along typing code, fixing bugs, and sometimes tweaking things to verify something like he shows (or explore an alternative as he talks about) then you will walk away with a solid skill set.

Jean7 August 2020

I am like at 15% of the course but I'm having a great experience. The instructor ir clear and explains the topics very well. So far is 5 star for sure!!!

Satya29 July 2020

Yes, this is great. I learned some new things. Everything is in detail. I am feeling confident after completing this course.

Farah5 July 2020

The instructor is extremely thorough. He breaks down the information in very digestible chunks while covering a lot more ground and a lot more in-depth details than other Laravel courses on Udemy I subscribed to. I feel like I will be a lot more equipped to troubleshoot, debug, and problem-solve after this course. I will know a lot more about where in the code to look to try to correct anything when things don't work the way I might expect them to. I also feel like I am really getting into the rhythm of building and coding in Laravel through this course. He explains things very well and in a very detailed fashion! I highly recommend this course!

Steve5 July 2020

I have taken a few different Laravel classes, but this is by far the most complete. I feel like I am learning the right way to do things in Laravel.

Bryon1 July 2020

Great course. Highly recommend it. Juan has put together a very helpful Laravel course that is easy to follow.

Dwayne4 June 2020

This is a great course. Instructor explains the basic functionality of the code then proceeds to build on what was already explained. I started this as a complete beginner to Laravel and now I'm in love with that thanks to this great course!


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