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Using a Third Party API to Send SMS with PHP (SMS)

Learn to send SMS messages with your PHP application

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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Learn to send SMS messages in their PHP Application


The course has been UPDATED in April 9th, 2020. I created all the lectures brand new from scratch.

In this course, you are going to learn to implement an SMS feature to any PHP website or application. 

Most web applications are using SMS to verify user identity these days and these feature has become necessary to any application. 

As more people get online these days, more hackers and bad people as well, and they are after user identities. Companies have understood how important is to secure their user data and that's why more features are being implemented all the time.

We more security questions, more Recaptcha code, email verifications, and no more phone call verifications than ever before. You as a developer should know how to implement this to your applications. 

Come join me in this new adventure and let's get ahead of the game today!


Using a Third Party API to Send SMS with PHP (SMS)
Using a Third Party API to Send SMS with PHP (SMS)
Using a Third Party API to Send SMS with PHP (SMS)
Using a Third Party API to Send SMS with PHP (SMS)


Let's get some tools first and set it up.



Application Reference files

Intro to the API we are using

Let's start coding

Course Update - Package installation version

Folder structure and PHP Library installation

Tour of the API

Setup part 1

Setup part 2

Sending a message part 1

Course update: New Twilio Class (Edwin from the future)

Sending a message part 2

Verification code setup

Verification code insertion in database

Verifying accounts

Just something extra for you

Replying to text messages markup, XML and PHP code

Taking this live

Replying to text messages

Handling failed messages

The Conclusion


Gil20 September 2020

This was a great course. There was a couple of parts where I got stuck but the Twilio docs helped remedy that. Edwin has great enthusiasm and is worth checking out. I have only been coding in php for about 7 months now but took in a lot of great workflow tips from this course. Solid going to take some more cheers.

Pelham7 April 2020

Not a step by step at all. Instructor is not clear, skips many explanations assuming your knowledge is well above basic. Additionally, the course is outdated, instructions do not work do to software/SDK updates.

Charles27 October 2019

Yes, as usual Edwin is engaging and fun, on this course however I got stuck with trying to get the current Twilio sdk to work, the problem was using the "use" command in a function fixed with leaving off the "use" and instantating directly "$client = new Twiio\Rest\Client($account_sid, $auth_token). I enjoyed the course and it was good for me to work out this problem. Thanks Edwin

RussConte21 September 2019

The explanation of how to install composer was missing a lot of steps that I had to figure out myself. The install of twilio is still not working, and I'm following the steps exactly using the same tools. I'm seriously hoping this improves in the next lectures.

Jason30 March 2019

Edwin Diaz is an awesome instructor! He easily breaks things down. The Short Class times really help.

Adrien18 January 2019

Another great course from Edwin. He has come back to edit the course a few times to bring it up to date. The course gives you a solid foundation for utilizing Twilio.

Grace4 September 2018

I like this course. I have learned a lot from this course. But the content needs update a little bit more. This is why I am giving 4.5 stars instead of 5 starts.

Sarmad7 April 2018

In Section 2 lecture 5, Edwin was so quick and did not explain how Api appeared in the Terminal and in what file was jason instructions for the Twilio version created.

Don7 August 2017

I learned alot. Thank you. Only problem on reply.php is that I got 11200 - HTTP retrieval failure. Lecture 18 on that was not clear what to fix it. Not sure if it is worthwhile. I think instructor tells me to talk to my website support on that error. Overall it is awesome.

Melvin27 July 2017

Another great course. Assumes prior PHP knowledge, and a working live server for some of the functionalities of the project to work. The code seems to be outdated for the API that we are using (Twilio). I would recommend this to course to developers who are looking to add this skill set to their already existing skills.

Steve13 July 2017

The instructor bounces around, says to do something he doesn't do. Tells you to download apps he doesn't use. for example, he says to download Git bash, but he uses the cmd terminal in PHPStorm. It is very hard to keep up with the class, because his instructions does not match up with his actions. I had to continually rewind over and over again just to make sure I'm getting things right. It is very frustrating.

Kelvin23 March 2017

This course has given me a good knowledge about how works the Twilio API and it was great because others API to send SMS didn't have a trial account! The teacher was direct to the subject always! Really thanks!

Larry20 November 2016

Edwin really knows his stuff, but should script his presentations to avoid explaining why the example he just typed is not working and to minimize too many phrases, such as "Alright" and "Right" at the end of every other sentence (we ALL do this kind of thing). Great knowledge, but just a bit more polish on presentation. Appreciate Edwin's knowledge and experience. Will check out his other courses.

Rui3 November 2016

Very, very good course! this SMS service is along with PHP it's so much useful... It brings more features to my projects!!! Thz Diaz!!! :D

James6 September 2016

Just like Edwin's other courses, you learn real hands on stuff that you can use in the real world. That is my favourite thing about these courses, is that you can actually go and build something useful with the info. Keep the courses coming!


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