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PHP Security

Learn to secure your PHP applications

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Jun 2018

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What you will learn

Identify security risks in PHP applications

At the end of the course students will know how to secure their PHP applications


Building PHP applications its fun and can be really rewarding but we need to make sure that this applications are secured. There other programmers out there looking into hacking our apps because maybe they have nothing to do or they enjoy it. Whatever the case may be, we need to educate ourselves on PHP security so that we may protect our data but most importantly other people's as well. 

This is a crash course in PHP security which it's sole purpose its to teach you the main security issues with any PHP applications and at the same time how to fix it. We don't waste a lot of time with slides and jargon since we go straight to the code and start creating mini apps to demonstrate the attacks and the defense against it.

Come join me and let's create more secured PHP applications together!


PHP Security
PHP Security
PHP Security
PHP Security


Let's start this course



Project files

SQL injection part 1

SQL injection part 2

SQL injection part 3

SQL hacking and preventing


Cross-site Scripting (XSS) setup

Cross-site part 1 - displaying

Cross-site part 2 - displaying

Cross-site problem and prevention

Cross-site Stealing cookies part 1

Cross-site Stealing cookies part 2

Password hashing part 1

Password hashing part 2

Password hashing part 3 - Database insertion

Password hashing part 4 - Verification

Hiding directories

Cookie Protection

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) part 1

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) part 2

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) part 3



Joel16 May 2020

If is there anything that you could add about it but using the .htaccess files like global security or name something like that please do it. Thanks!

Maria13 May 2020

Very good, very clear. Course is great when you want to check you have done everything to secure your applications.

Stefan12 May 2020

Nice & clear course. Gave me a few good pointers that were interesting. Feels a bit outdated tho on some things.

Felipe11 April 2020

Nice course, short and effective lectures. Good to understand the main in-secure issues in your PHP code.

Sibusiso31 March 2020

This course is informative and eye opening. It gives a good solid foundation on the security vulnerabilities that exist when building a web application in php. I was able to understand the material and apply it on the exercises. I appreciate the care, the energy, the knowledge and patience that the lecturer brings to the lessons. Thank you so much Mr Edwin for a great course!

Paweł31 December 2019

Waste of time and money. 85% of the course: the lecturer writing code (forms, modules etc) 15%: actually explaining the PHP security. So, there is about 20 minutes of actual security information - you could actually fit that into an article.

Badir4 October 2019

the course is unorganized and the trainer keeps making mistakes and wasting time which is making the course longer.

Justin25 September 2019

Good: instructor friendly, energetic, passionate. Bad: Instruction seemed ad-hoc and too much time was spent on things outside of the learning objectives.

Kattikulam31 August 2019

An excellent course on php security. Explained " à la Edwin Diaz" with humour and simplicity. Great work Edwin and thank you for your great courses.

David20 May 2019

Its ok - would be good if some of the info was pre prepared so we dont have to watch someone typing in php for connection strings etc

Jim10 May 2019

Wanted to confirm that my login app (made with Edwin) was secure, and how to make it more secure. This course was valuable in that it indicated a couple of steps I can take. Thanks, Edwin!

Richard27 April 2019

So far the course is great, but that's to be expected since Edwin Diaz is one of the top instructor's at Udemy. He makes complex subjects easy to understand, and he goes at just the right pace. I highly recommend taking his courses.

Jason14 February 2019

Edwin, great course, like how you break down complex tasks and explain them. I just purchased AJAX and PHP Text messaging.

Gianlucapocaterra3 January 2019

Considering the name of the course (PHP security) and the available levels of voting rates in between i could chose, i chosed "far away from my expectations" that means i am inot saying "it is not good" ... but it means "i was expecting something different". It took to long time to start to discuss the main argument (also our time is important) i was non interested in how to create tables, bootstrap etc. The course did not discuss important issue as for exemple: "how/why limit the number of login attemp" etc. I got it with a big discount for less then 10 euro. If I had to pay the official full price for this course i could be for sure dissapointed. The author has different courses with interesting title/argoument. I will try anyway one more of those.

Anton18 December 2018

This course is for absolute beginners and covers only the very basics. Setup / introduction takes way too long for each lecture - like 80% writing other code and 20% of the actual security stuff.


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