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PHP Login and Registration System - Email Confirm Activation

AMAZING complete Login and Registration System in PHP and MySQL by Edwin Diaz

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6 hours


Dec 2019

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What you will learn

We are building a real life application (We take this application online)

You will learn to build a complete login and registration system

To create a login and registration form with validation

To create an email verification system that sends emails

The famous remember functionality to remember users after login in

You will learn how to use cookies and sessions (how to set pages that expire with time)

You will learn to create reusable code by creating helper functions

You will learn how to activate users using a token in the database

You will learn how to hash passwords

And more more........





Are you ready to learn how to build a complete login and registration system using PHP and MySQL? Then you are at the right place at the right time.

No Water cooled chatter!

We don't do a lot of chatting on this course and always go straight to point. We take a very practical approach and get things done.

We love helping!

Have a problem in one of the lectures? No problem we are here to help. Need personal assistance from a lecture? Tells us the problem and let's get it done.

Main Features

1. User activation by email

2. Always logged in feature (Remember me)

3. Encrypting Passwords (NEW BCRYPT) we don't use MD5 anymore!

4. Password Recover by email system (NICE)

5. Token Generator security feature (Good stuff)

6. Did I mention an awesome instructor that loves his students ?

7. Features added to the course all the time


On this course we will the use the latest PHP syntax along with the latest MySQL with the latest Bootstrap as well. You will have a lot of fun in this course and learn a lot. You can also recommend any feature you would like implemented and they will be considered to be included in the course.


PHP Login and Registration System - Email Confirm Activation
PHP Login and Registration System - Email Confirm Activation
PHP Login and Registration System - Email Confirm Activation
PHP Login and Registration System - Email Confirm Activation


First steps and setup


Files download

Reusing files

Initializing files

Database connection and testing

Database helper functions

Testing helper functions

General helper functions

Registration Validation

Function setup and input cleaning

Validating input fields part 1

Validation and pretty errors

Validation and errors function

Email column - Edwin from the future

Email and Username exist function


Validation and password encryption

Registering a user

Redirection and session message

Important news about sending emails (Edwin from the future)

Setting up activation link by email for user registration

User Activation

Activate user setup part 1

Activate user setup part 2




Login part 1

Login part 2

Logged in feature

Logout feature

Remember me

Remember me feature part 1

Remember me feature part 2

Remember me feature part 3

Recover Password

Post, token and check

Sending email

Validation code

Validating part 1 setup

Validating part 2 - query count and redirect

Validating part 3 - redirecting

Password Reset

Token setup and function

More checks and session messages


Reseting passwords

Finishing up!

Taking our project ONLINE!

Intro, files upload db creation and export

Making the application work

Testing remember me, and email registration application

Finishing up the forgotten password functionality


Validation errors output

Removing not sent email code


Playing with bugs

Fixing concatenation operator


EXTRA LECTURES - Sending email with a library


Downloading and requiring the email library - part 1

Getting our testing email server data and making a test file

Sending email and config class

Validating through email

New password hashing sytem

Multi language email body


Rawdha27 August 2020

amaazzzzzing coures, and it is very very helpful course for a beginners or advanced students. Thank a lot MR.Edwin Diaz

Akshay13 June 2020

this is very nice course for login and registration purpose...all the necessary thing related to login system and security purpose is added in this course. super faculty edwin diaz....

Luke8 June 2020

Edwin is one of the best teachers and the course deals with all aspects of creating a login sytem. In the future I would add a section to manage permissions. Thanks Edwin!

Simon21 May 2020

Tutor is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I didn't realise at the beginning the files where completed I downloaded. It would of been nice to follow along but on the flip side it is quicker to complete the course.

Neelam24 April 2020

I love all your courses... your structure and techniques stay the same throughout so its super easy to fly by this tutorial...

Heiko26 February 2020

1/2 way through the course - going fine so far, good explanation on how and why to do things , coding with on the side also gives the room to find out how things works

Otanga21 January 2020

Above expectations. I'm happy with my project so far and will recommend this course to my friends. Top top notch.

Steven20 January 2020

Finished Edwin's PHP for beginners course, which was a great start to learning the language. This Registration course is a good extension to it. The only slight down side was the beginning section came across as a little all over the place. However, once you start rolling and learning, you get an opportunity to practise what you have learnt in the beginners course, while learning new ways to improve your overall PHP skills.

Scott13 January 2020

Useful. This course covers a very specific topic. I needed to be able to do this and the course helped me achieve my goal.

Darren11 January 2020

As always I love Edwin's enthusiasm for the subject and the pace of his teaching never makes me panic that he's going too fast. Gives me time to think!

Meshaal10 December 2019

Excellent course, I have benefited from every minute .. really amazing! <?php while(TRUE){ echo 'Thank you Edwin!'; } ?>

Senahid22 November 2019

Best Edwin's course so far. Last one I took from him was kinda messy, it seemed like he did not plan it ahead but rather just code something for the first time in front of audience (which is cool in some other way), but this course is planed really well. At the end of it you get scalable, modular and great project that can be implemented in various other personal projects. 5 stars. Well deserved sir, have a nice day :)

Kirk19 November 2019

Thanks for the course Edwin. Cleared up several things that had me confused. Will implement many of your techniques in a new registration and login system I'm working on for my website.

Emil11 November 2019

Exactly the course I was looking for on creating a registration/login app using PHP and MySQL. I like how Edwin explained every aspect of it. Including validation, hashing and security. Fun and positive teacher!

Jasom9 November 2019

When you will follow Edwins steps, in "user registration" when user submits invalid values (too short username etc) don't forget to return them back to the form so user can easily correct them (not write new from the scratch). Anyway.. this course is good starting point.


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