PHP MySQL database connections

Learn to connect to a MySQL database with PHP code how to select, update, delete, insert content to a MySQL database

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Nov 2019

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What you will learn

connect web pages to a mysql database

update insert delete and use mysql database content

connect to MySQL using procedural methods

connect to MySQL using mysqli object methods

connect to MySQL using PDO methods


Learn how to use a MySQL database and access data within your PHP code.  MySQL is the most popular database used by PHP.  Its works really well and smoothly with PHP code and is an ideal solution for storing information and utilising that data within your web projects. 

Do you need a database within you website? Database can help with information management and run as a the data source for dynamic websites.   MySQL is the perfect solution for any size application.   Its fast and reliable and best of all easy to use.   

This course covers multiple methods of connecting to a MySQL database.  Avoid the confusion of only one way, we show you three ways to connect to a MySQL database via PHP code.

Top resources, source code and more is provided to get you started quickly.

  • Learn how to connect to a database
  • Create databases
  • Create tables
  • Insert records into a MySQL database
  • Return ids of inserted records
  • Delete records 
  • Update records
  • Create queries to interact with database content
  • phpmyadmin and how to use it

By the end of the course we show how to use a database within your PHP code

I am here to help you learn how to create your own websites and ready to answer any questions you may have.

Want to know more, what are you waiting for take the first step.  Join now to start learning how you too can add a database to your website today.


PHP MySQL database connections
PHP MySQL database connections
PHP MySQL database connections
PHP MySQL database connections


Learn how to connect and use mysql database from PHP

Course introduction mysql databases and PHP

Resources and Setup Information

Resources for setup

How to Create a database

PHP and Database access

MySQLi Procedural database connection

MySQLi Object Oriented connection

PDO connection

Create a SQL query to create a database

Source Code

How to create a table mysqli

PDO create Table

Source Code Create Tables

PHP MySQL working with Databases MySQLi Procedural

Insert into database MySQLi

Source Code

mysqli_insert_id return id value

Select from database PHP query

Source Code Query content

DELETE row from MySQL

Update content in your database

How to create query strings with phpmyadmin

Source Code MySQLi Procedural connection

PHP MySQL working with Databases MySQLi Object Oriented connection

Insert query multi query into Mysql Object Oriented Connection

Source Files

Query Selection Object Oriented PHP connection

Source Files

Delete from mySQL database

Update data in your database

Source Code used in MySQLi Object Oriented connection

PHP MySQL working with Databases PDO connection

PDO connection insert Data

Insert Into Database PDO connection

Source Code Insert

Select data from database

Delete rows using PDO connection

Update MySQL database

How to use prepare statements in PHP

Source Files

PHP MySQL connection Resources


Bonus Section

Bonus Lecture


LeRoy31 March 2020

So far, the instructor has been able to keep me in the "happy mode". His tutorial instructions are straight-forward, easy to follow, and in keeping with my well aged, slow learner disadvantage. :)

Gary2 November 2018

The course ended abruptly almost like it was unfinished. Pros: Course provided procedural, object, and PDO examples. It included some help on getting XAMPP installed. Lessons are short and without homework. Cons: There weren't many questions even though the course is several years old. I usually learn almost as much from the Q&A as the content.

Kashif5 June 2018

If you are looking for good instructor, clean voice & video, excellent explanation you should take this course!

Shaun7 December 2017

As always Laurence, this is another great course. Easy to understand and follow, I am expecting to learn some great stuff!

Idham28 November 2017

Thank you for sharing this. It's been a pleasure. I really like your course. I gave you four stars for this. Anyway, the room of improvement for this if you could add more is to explain the basic commands on PhP and mySQL firstly before starting to connect between those programs. Overall, I think it's great.

Ariel20 August 2017

A very good discussion for a beginners on how to connection into MySQL database on PHP as well as how to manipulate data such as adding, deleting, updating etc. It is also a good pointer that instructor discussed the different approach on how to connect such as procedural, oop and pdo onto the database and how the coding is being done.

Hellokitty@Margaretfield.Net10 August 2017

Practical, no nonsense illustration of using PHP with mySQL. I learned a lot following the teacher as he coded examples of interacting with a mySQL database.

Roz11 May 2017

This is not a beginner's course - you need to already know about databases and mySQL. This is a good review or intro to using some different syntax with php only.


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