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PHP & MySQL - Certification Course for Beginners

Learn to Build Database Driven Web Applications using PHP & MySQL

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Jul 2019

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What you will learn

PHP Variables, Syntax, Variable Scope, Keywords

Echo vs. Print and Data Output

PHP Strings, Constants, Operators

PHP Conditional Statements

PHP Elseif, Switch, Statements

PHP Loops - While, For

PHP Functions

PHP Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Sorting Arrays

Working with Forms - Post vs. Get

PHP Server Side - Form Validation

Creating MySQL Databases

Database Administration with PhpMyAdmin

Administering Database Users, and Defining User Roles

SQL Statements - Select, Where, And, Or, Insert, Get Last ID

MySQL Prepared Statements and Multiple Record Insertion

PHP Isset

MySQL - Updating Records


Welcome to the PHP & MySQL Certification Course for Beginners.

This course offers a comprehensive guide to learning how to code in PHP. We also explore integrating MySQL Databases into your PHP Projects for dynamic, user driven functionality.

We start with PHP basics, including variable declaration and data output. The lessons then transition into working with objects, conditional statements, loops, functions, arrays, form validation, sorting, and much more.

After the PHP Section, students learn to unleash the true power of dynamic page development with MySQL database integration. We start with table creation and user management. From there we progress into commonly used SQL statements for database administration. Students are also taught how to create database connections and to execute SQL statements directly from PHP scripts. Our coding style keeps script security, and execution efficiency in mind at all times.

If you are interested in embarking into the world of PHP Development with Database integration, don’t wait another second. Enrol today in this exciting new course.


PHP & MySQL - Certification Course for Beginners
PHP & MySQL - Certification Course for Beginners
PHP & MySQL - Certification Course for Beginners
PHP & MySQL - Certification Course for Beginners


PHP Development

PHP Introduction

PHP Preparation

PHP File Test

PHP Syntax

PHP Variables

PHP Variable Scope

PHP Global Keyword

PHP Static Keyword

PHP Echo vs Print

PHP Data Types

PHP Objects

PHP Strings

PHP Constants

PHP Operators

PHP Conditional Statements

PHP ElseIf Statement

PHP Switch Statement

PHP While Loops

PHP For Loops

PHP Functions

PHP Functions Continued

PHP Arrays

PHP Multidimensional Arrays

PHP Sorting Arrays

PHP Superglobal Variables

PHP Forms Introduction

PHP POST vs GET Basics

PHP Form Output and Validation

PHP Form Required Fields

PHP Validation Continued

MySQL Database Integration

Introduction to MySQL Databases

Introduction PhpMyAdmin

PhpMyAdmin Interface Overview

MySQL Security and Root Superuser

MySQL Creating a Database and Table

MySQL Creating a New User

MySQL Database and Table Specific Privileges

MySQL Modifying and Deleting a Table

MySQL Modifying and Deleting a Database

Introduction to SQL

SQL Statements in PhpMyAdmin

Connect to MySQL Database using PHP

MySQL Database - Import Data

SQL Select

SQL Distinct Keyword

SQL Where Clause

SQL And Operator

SQL Or Operator

SQL Order By

MySQL Insert Into

MySQL Get Last ID

MySQL Insert Multiple Records

MySQL Prepared Statements

MySQL Delete Records

PHP Header Function

PHP Isset

MySQL Update Records


Nathan9 October 2020

Good, very short lessons good for navigating between which things you want to learn, but makes it feel occasionally a bit too brief.

Tilak7 October 2020

It was great for a newbie! I personally am not knew to the basic stuff like "Hello World" since I learnt how to design a website early on and I used some other system but this is really helpful!

Shyam24 September 2020

this tutorial is very easy and learns, your help to how to improve your skills in PHP programming language .

Ram27 August 2020

Now, I'm happy because this course is very imp. for me . easy to learning on this side ? Great job on making it halfway....

Dilusha7 August 2020

I am trying to broaden my knowledge in IT. This course of PHP is really well structured and makes the subject very understandable.

Obinna24 January 2020

The course is precise and covers the basics. Very good for beginners and experts who left out the basics.

Pablo22 January 2020

Está muy bien, las explicaciones se pueden seguir bien, pero me faltan ejercicios para poder practicar

Dan20 January 2020

This course has good information that wasn't covered in other courses I looked at. The course goes over using similar concepts that all of php courses contain but is done differently using unique examples. It is cut and dry and too the point so if you looking to get really in-depth this isn't the course for you.

Bhargav7 January 2020

It’s very good teaching methods and i love thi all video and i learned more and more and gained my knowledge Thank you udemy!!

Srdjan7 January 2020

php was done quite good, but stick around for the sql part of tutorial. sql as well as php forms and database management were very informative.

Gary5 January 2020

The material knowledge of the lecturer is worse than mine in some areas he does not explain simple things like an array starts at 0 thus the length is always one more than the max key. and a couple of other areas I picked up. Very dry lecture sort of monotone.

Aliul31 October 2019

from my own point of view this course is an outstanding one.through this course we able to learn PHP scripting as a programming language , and anyone can easily learn PHP through this course because of it's beauty of examples with database and font-end page. thanks sir so much for giving us a precious one

Marika8 July 2019

Great course. Pitty that here are not file download folder. Please update this feature. As well would be nice to get answers if any message to teacher is sent.

Ganthier24 June 2019

Yes. Explanations are clear, easily understandable even for beginners. I just think that we should have developed at least one or more projects.

Brett21 June 2019

This is a nice introductory course. It doesn't seem to come with downloadable example files, so you may have to pause the video periodically to create the files. Everything in the course is solid and works exactly as the instructor presents.


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