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PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project

Learn how to use the Most Popular PHP MVC Framework and create the best applications, easily, securely and fast.

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Learn to use CodeIgniter

Learn to build Web Applications

Have a new PHP Skill that would increase income


UPDATED as of March 2016

BIGGEST CodeIgniter Course in UDEMY!

Hands on Real Life Project inside!

Do you want to really master PHP dynamic applications and website development?

Then this course will speed up the process by allowing you to learn how to use the most popular PHP framework in the planet, "CodeIgniter".

Coding in PHP or any other language can be time consuming, especially for common tasks. Using a framework is the best way to apply common tasks, like:

  1. Security
  2. Form validation
  3. Database configurations
  4. Database queries (CRUD)

If you want to be a head of the competition and get paid more, then using a FRAMEWORK is the way to do.

High paying jobs require knowledge of frameworks, since speed and accuracy are crucial for the development team and company.

Having knowledge of using frameworks will allow you to find a hight paying job, or find a job easier than not having the skill at all.

My Personal Experience

My first job interview required a codeigniter knowledge and because I did not have the skill, I did not get the job even though I knew how to code in PHP.

That jobs started at 75K per year in the US and that could've propelled big time in my career, it wasn't until after I acquired this skill that jobs were pouring in from everywhere.

I created this course with the intention to provide you with the knowledge you need to use codeigniter to develop applications fast and efficiently. I also create this course to help you provide a great skill that will propel you in your web development career.

Why Codeigniter?

Because is the most popular PHP framework and is on demand for jobs and freelance projects.


PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project
PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project
PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project
PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project


CodeIgniter Basics

Intro to the Course

Exercise Files

What is code igniter and how it works?

Installing CodeIgniter

Get Into the file structure

Using methods in views

Creating custom controllers

Creating a model and a database

Creating the users controller and creating a user model method

Auto-loading Model

Processing a result from a model in a controller

Transferring data to views

CRUD with CodeIgniter

Intro to the CRUD

Helper function examples

Selecting Data in our DB table based on parameters

Conditions in our Queries

Inserting Data

Updating Data

Deleting Data

Project # 1 : Login Application

Intro to the Login APP

Downloading Assets

Creating Main Template

Creating main file structure and loading main content

Loading sidebar view

Starting our CodeIgniter Form

Creating the username input and attributes in the CodeIgniter way :)

Creating the password and submit inputs

Form processing methods

Project # 1 : Login Application - Form Validation with CodeIgniter

Intro to Form Validation

Form Validation Part 1

Form Validation Part 2

Form Validation Part 3 and using sessions

Form Validation Part 4

Setting up the else condition for validations

Creating login user method in the user moded

Giving our user some sessions with CodeIgniter

Setting up notifications

Displaying form based on conditions

Creating the logout form

Creating the logout method

Creating an admin view

Wrapping this up

EXTRA LECTURES - Project #1 = Extended


Modifying index.php

Project #1: User Registration

Creating more users columns

Creating register view

Creating register Method and Challenge

Validations and Solution

Navigation and Links

Testing and setting up create user method

Creating the user model code

Testing and Creating User

Password Encription

Updating Login Code with password encryption

Project #1: Projects


Projects Home Page

Creating the projects table

Access to projects page code

Projects model setup

Displaying projects - bootstrapping part 1

Displaying projects - bootstrapping part 2

Displaying projects - bootstrapping part 3

Displaying projects - bootstrapping part 4

Displaying specific projects part #1

Displaying specific projects part #2

Displaying specific projects part #3

Displaying specific projects part #4

Creating the create method part 1

Creating the create method part 2

Creating the create project method in models and view

Creating Projects

Creating our projects controller edit method

Creating the edit project method in the model

Creating the get projects method in the model

Editing projects

Deleting projects

Notifications and custom delete link

Displaying projects part 1

Displaying projects part 2

Fixing Home page and a little bootstraping

Project #1: Tasks

Intro to Tasks Section

Creating the tasks table in the database, plus tasks controller and model

Coding the tasks display method

Displaying individual tasks

Create task method 1

Create task method 2

Create task due date and CI URI class

Task display links

Edit task method in the controller

Setting up important needed methods in the task model

Display data in the edit task view

Displaying date and BUG Fixing CHALLENGE

Solution to BUG and more fixes

Editing Tasks BUG and Solution

Edit Task View Explanation Lecture

Joining Tables

Intro to joining tables

Joining table code part 1

Joining table code part 2

Displaying Joined Tables

Tasks Display View Page


Deleting tasks

Redirecting after deletion

Deleting tasks with projects

Projects Display View


Displaying Completed and Incomplete tasks

Mark Complete Method part 1

Mark Complete Method part 2 and Completed

Notifications for tasks status

App Home View


Creating the get all tasks method

Displaying all tasks

Displaying project name and tasks styling

App Cosmetic Styling part 1

App Cosmetic Styling part 2

App Cosmetic Styling part 3

Re-populating forms

Fix for Firefox Date Input Field

Taking our Application ONLINE

Hosting setup

Displaying errors online

Uploading files and database

Importing and configuring online files

Configuring Sessions and more

Application testing and final edits if needed

Displaying projects for specific user only, in projects home page

Extra Lectures!

Dynamic active navigation


Nagarjuna1 September 2020

It is very useful for the real time development. I think no one can teach this kind of real time project in course. I'm very lucky to get it. Thank you very much dear Edwin. By this my self confidence is also improved. I wish god must give the more energy for you to make these wonderful courses

Jean31 August 2020

EdwinDiaz is really an amazing instructor. I have learned from him the basic of php and now I follow this course about PHP CodeIgniter. He really know how to teach the basics and after that practice in a project. Continue Brother... I Re-command to you guys his course. 5stars from me

Asad28 August 2020

Great Course for the beginners who want to learn this amazing MVC Framework. Edwin is a wonderful teacher and is always willing to help his students. The other great thing is, whenever you have any difficulty in any lectures you can ask to the Edwin and his team via Q&A section and you surely will get the prompt assistance. Thank you Edwin for this wonderful course :)

Saurav16 August 2020

I love the way Edwin sir teaches us .whatever i have learn in php is just beacause of Edwin sir and still learning.

Vijit3 July 2020

Edwin is outstanding at helping you understand all of the information. He is very fast to respond to questions. I got stuck in many chapters, but the response of my query was super fast which helped me to clear my doubts and make my projects run. I really learnt a lot about CodeIgniter in this course.

Ryan5 January 2020

Edwin is outstanding at helping you understand all of the information. He is very fast to respond to questions. I learned a lot about CodeIgniter in this course and look forward to using it on my own projects.

Rushit27 December 2019

That is a good experience that way you explain like I did it before Thank you and i hope you will upload projects for CodeIgniter 4

Jayesh21 December 2019

Hello Edwin, Good Explanation. Keep going..!! I love the way you teach the students and get some online errors and fix those at the same time. Looking forward to have more courses from your side on the latest framework of web development technologies. Thanks, Jayesh

Joachim15 October 2019

Einer der schlechtesten Udemy-Kurse. Der Dozent verbreitet ein unglaubliches Chaos. Habe noch nie gesehen, das einem Dozent so viele Fehler passieren über die er dann stolpert und die er dann beheben muss. In geringerem Umfang mag das für den Schüler noch lehrreich sein, aber so ist es unfassbar langweilig. Vieles wiederholt sich immer wieder und von CodeIgniter wird eigentlich nur ein Bruchteil dargestellt. Ein bis zwei Stunden hätten lock gereicht. Ich kann den Kurs nicht weiterempfehlen und verstehe nicht die vielen guten Bewertungen.

SURAJ11 October 2019

Very nice series of lecture, I was not having any knowledge about Codeigniter, but now I do have decent knowledge in Codeigniter, thankyou Edwin

Courtney3 October 2019

Amazing teaching skills. I enjoy the personality that comes out in the videos! The short videos make it really easy to debug any issues and watch back and not take all day. I have learned so much to make me better at my job! I am very grateful for this course and the breakdown of the CI framework... I never thought I'd understand it so clear.

Hafizullah1 October 2019

Great course, if anyone wants to have more knowledge of codeigniter framework then this is the course.

Rahul15 September 2019

I loved the course, the explanation and making understand the concepts is very remarkably done by Diaz, Thanks and keep up the good work.....

Patricio21 August 2019

The teacher is awesome!! This course is very complete and I couldn't have spent my money in a better way!!

Nicolas20 August 2019

Bon cours dans l'ensemble, détaillé, bien pensé. Dommage quelques erreurs dans les appels des fonctions, très vite corrigées par le formateur. Mais cela n'entache en rien la bonne qualité du cours.


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