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PHP : Learn to upload files to Amazon S3 and use CloudFront

Learn to upload files to Amazon S3 using PHP and Serve them with CloudFront

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Jun 2018

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What you will learn

Learn to upload files to the cloud using PHP and Amazon S3

Learn to use Amazon S3 with CloudFront


This is a small course focus on uploading files to the cloud in this case Amazon S3 which stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service.  The great thing about S3 is that is very cheap and very scaleable. 

Wether you are building a blog, video or photo application as your application gets bigger you might need to start saving your data somewhere else rather than in your server. 

Hosting your videos and photos with S3 can really improve your application speed, hosting prices and even your SEO results.

This course focuses on Amazon S3 but after you learn how to do it wth S3 you will find easier to do it with other cloud space providers. 


PHP : Learn to upload files to Amazon S3 and use CloudFront
PHP : Learn to upload files to Amazon S3 and use CloudFront
PHP : Learn to upload files to Amazon S3 and use CloudFront
PHP : Learn to upload files to Amazon S3 and use CloudFront


First let's get some tools



Application files here

Let's build this now

Folder Stucture

Let's set up some files and folders

Index and upload markup

Requiring the SDK

Amazon account and keys

API Configuration

Instantiation of the client

Upload setup

Uploading files part 1

Uploading files part 2 - finished

Displaying files

Downloading files


Some extra lectures - Let's do some CloudFront with a video small app

Setting up CloudFront

Marking up the video page

Setting up the config code

Instantiating the client

Setting up expiration on videos

Video streaming

Multiple file Input example


EXTRA BONUS - Progress bar integration

Setting up jQuery

Setting up Ajax

The request object setup

Updating progress bar dynamically

Best practices and More


Ryan29 March 2021

I liked the teacher but ran into a number of technical obstacles when running the examples, most likely because they are outdated.

Israrul14 November 2018

even I don't know php but it seems to be interesting. Now, I am eagerly waiting to ahead deep into CloudFront.

Ludovic27 September 2018

Perfect, exactly what i was looking for! Edwin go straight to the point in this course and it's very easy to understand, i spend more time trying to figure how it works by myself than following this course and applying the concepts at the same time!

James3 November 2017

This course covers everything you need to know in order to upload files to an amazon s3 bucket and display the contents of the bucket on screen, including how to manage access to the bucket in the AWS manager and some example debugging. Edwin goes through everything in detail, but quite quickly so it is occasionally difficult to keep up, but that's OK as pausing the video or going back a few seconds allows you the time to catch up. Everything is in bite-sized chunks so you don't have to wade through loads of irrelevant material if you are looking for something particular when recapping. Note that (at the time of writing) Amazon have changed the S3 and IAM consoles so they look quite different to what's in the videos, but finding the functionality required is quite easy so it's not a big problem.

Linda21 August 2017

Edwin is hands-down one of the best PHP instructors I have ever have the privilege of learning from. highly recommended

Ed26 March 2017

Enjoyed the class. The information was very helpful in working with PHP and Amazon Web Services. Thank you.

Noel3 August 2016

I'm a student from PHP beginner course and this was a treat for me.. I learned a lot of new stuff.. Awesome course really enjoyed it.. Well explained and easy to follow even for a beginner like me.. got stuck in uploads there was help.. and the good old friend stackoverflow.. Thank you Mr Edwin for this course greatly appreciate it..

Emmett19 July 2016

I had to do some research for an upcoming project relating to uploading and delivering effecient video content to many users. This was exactly what I needed


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