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PHP For Everybody — The Perfect PHP Beginners Course (2020)

PHP For Everybody: learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer. PHP Homework and Project included.

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5.5 hours


Jan 2019

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What you will learn

How to install PHP

How to write PHP from scratch (no experience required!)

Different PHP data types (ints, strings, floats, null, arrays, etc.)

PHP Comparison operators

Conditional logic

How to write PHP for the web

How to validate PHP form fields


Course created for 2019-2020

Taught by a top premium Udemy Instructor...

I've taught over 130,000 students on Udemy....


Are you new to web development (or PHP) or interested in freelancing? Then course is the perfect match for you. You will learn all the core PHP fundamentals you need to get started as a beginner PHP developer.

I've started several startups using PHP and it's allowed me to:

  • Build my dream applications from scratch

  • Travel the world

  • Work from home (and work remotely around the world)

  • Find freelance work anywhere I go

  • Always have clients to work with

  • Always have money in the bank

PHP is one of the worlds most in-demand web languages. WordPress is a content management system that runs over 32% of ALL websites in the world, and it's built using PHP as its coding language. If you decided to learn just one coding language in your entire life, I would suggest PHP because of the high demand for WordPress websites. It's the money-making programming language.

If you know PHP, you can create: websites, content management systems, web applications and it will allow you to create startups like Facebook (Facebook actually used PHP!)

Everybody is excited to learn brand new languages, but the truth is: PHP runs so many websites it would be crazy NOT to learn PHP. Knowing PHP allowed me to travel the world and start a startup in Ireland — and it allows me to code from a beach! If you put economics, market demand and coding languages aside, this is the one language that's enabled me to have a better life.


Over 1 in 3 websites use PHP. 32% of websites use WordPress which is built using PHP, plus there are tonnes of sites that use other content management systems, or use frameworks like Laravel (also built using PHP).

You can literally find a job anywhere in the world if you know PHP. You can easily supplement your income, or change careers, if you know PHP.

Here are some of my students reviews (these are REAL 5 star reviews from my other PHP course)

Incredible PHP course*********

so far - this course is simple and easy to understand with clear direction and to the point info on exactly what you want to know

No fluff or nonsense*********

He is great! I love that he doesn't talk too much nonsense.

It doesn't take 37 hours*************

The instructor covered a lot of content in a fast but still understandable manner. Having the basics of PHP I can start making dynamic web pages. Thanks.

*********************End of Reviews *********************

My guarantee:

By the end of this course you will be a Junior PHP Developer. If you need help or get stuck, or just need further explanation... I am here for you (I don't have teach assistants to outsource questions to; you will get an answer directly from ME). I've created a free developer support group with over 13,000 web developer from around the world — that means 13,000 more chances for help, answers, clarity and support. But let's be honest: I'm a teacher, my success depends on your success... so I will make sure you succeed!

No nonsense or fluff:

Many other instructors like to talk your ear off, or tell unrelated stories, and say the same thing over and over again. Personally, I find that extremely boring and I won't subject you to that kind of nonsense. You're paying to learn a new skill, you're NOT paying to hear my life story. There's even a review from a student saying exactly this (above).

How I teach:

Every lesson is designed with a specific pattern to help maximize your learning time. It goes like this:

  1. Learn the theory

  2. Learn the code

  3. Practice the code

I will teach you about a new subject, we will then dive directly into some code so you can see how it works in real life, and there is a task at the end of every lesson for immediate practice. You can watch some free previews if don't believe me.

Other courses have a practice lesson at the end of a section — but I know you want (and need) practice right away, so every lesson has a practice task and it's up to you to decide if you want to do them or not.

Your investment:

You will be learning a skill that can set you free from a boring 9-5 job, help you change careers and help you make more money. If this course helped you earn an extra $1,000 this year, that'd be a great investment, right? Well... when you learn PHP, you can earn A LOT more than that. $1,000 is pennies compared to how much you could make. Or maybe money isn't your #1 motive... you can start a new company and make hobby websites and apps using PHP as your backend programming language.

Your risk:

Udemy has a 30 day money back guarantee. Don't like this course? Didn't have time to take the course? It doesn't matter what the reason is, you can request a refund. And I completely support this! I don't want your money if you are not going to learn from this course, that's an unfair trade in my opinion. You have NOTHING to lose by learning PHP with this course.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Should I learn PHP?


With over 1 in 3 websites using PHP and over 1,800,000,000 websites (1.8 billion websites as of 2018), it's the smart language to learn. That's over 600,000,000 websites using PHP. That's right. Six hundred MILLION websites.

Q: Can you make money?


When you know PHP, contracts literally fall into your lap. To be honest, I turn down a lot of freelance work because I don't have time for it! Go to indeed dot com and search for PHP: you will see tens of thousands of jobs in the US! These are actual jobs, not just contracts (remote jobs included!)

Q: Will PHP be around in the future?


According to the TIOBE Programming Index, it's the 8th most popular language in the world. And statistically speaking, it's the most popular backend programming language for websites. Remember, over 600,000,000 websites are using PHP (as of 2018).

In this PHP course you will learn how to write raw PHP, what PHP is, and how it works behind the scenes... here are just 22 of the topics you will learn (or check out the curriculum for a full list)

  1. What is PHP

  2. Where is PHP used

  3. How to install PHP

  4. What a backend developer is

  5. PHP syntax

  6. How to make a web page using PHP

  7. Coding comments

  8. PHP variables

  9. PHP super global variables

  10. PHP data types

  11. PHP data structures

  12. How to mix HTML and PHP together

  13. Type casting

  14. Conditional statements (if/elseif/else statements)

  15. Ternary logic

  16. PHP loops (while, for and foreach loops)

  17. PHP debugging

  18. PHP security

  19. How to make websites dynamic without needing a database

  20. How to accept custom user input

  21. How to validate a form (custom user input) to make sure it's usable

  22. How to read and understand PHP documentation

  23. And much more...

At the end of this course is a project you'll be able to finish.

Please look at the list of lessons in this course. And definitely watch some free preview lessons to get an idea of how I teach! I think you'll like it :)

Thanks for reading all of this!


PHP For Everybody — The Perfect PHP Beginners Course (2020)
PHP For Everybody — The Perfect PHP Beginners Course (2020)
PHP For Everybody — The Perfect PHP Beginners Course (2020)
PHP For Everybody — The Perfect PHP Beginners Course (2020)


PHP For Everybody — Learn PHP

How PHP Works

What You Should Already Know

Installing PHP

(Optional) Installing XAMPP

Downloading The Code In This Course

What Is A PHP File?

Who Uses PHP?

What's The Difference Between Frontend and Backend Coding?

Tools You'll Need


PHP Syntax


Code Commenting


Data Types

Mixing PHP and HTML

Unsetting Variables

Debugging Variables

Better Debugging

Type Casting

Arithmetic (Math)



Quotes vs. Apostrophes

String Replacement


Sorting Arrays

Conditional Statements

Else Statements

Else If Statements

Comparison Operators

Incremental and Decremental Operators

Not True

Ternary Logic

Implode / Explode

Switch Statements

While Loops

For Loops

Foreach Loops

Check If Variable Is Set

Is_* Functions

Checking If Variable Is Empty

Starting With Web Form Data

GET Requests

POST Requests

Required Form Fields

Final Project

Final Project


Course Summary


Crystal30 September 2020

I think that you would get more out of it if there were quizzes thrown in to test your knowledge. But this is a good beginner level course.

Harika7 May 2020

yes its good i hope it would be really better if you gave more explanation with exampless..and there is no information about code errors

Tamim13 November 2019

This is an exact quote from Kalob for this 5 hour course: "by the end of this course you will know everything there is to know about PHP and you will be a professional PHP developer by the end of this course" Seriously? within 5 hours? I really hate when developers really Frickin exaggerate their claim of what can be accomplished in just a couple of hours. His claims is so absurd it makes me think if he really believes in what he's saying. About the course.... From the get go, he doesn't even show you how to get the server up and running. He just shows you the installation process. That's it. To get it up and running I had to go online and figure it out on my own. Not a big issue, but not acceptable. This course teaches you the BARE MINIMUM. He just explains the main concepts of PHP. That's it. He didn't even create a project to tie in all those concepts together. When he did mention about A project, he did in the end of the course. But guess what, he doesn't even solves that. He only tells you what he wants, then ends the course. Not even an upload of the code on Github. This is an OK course. Not bad, not great, but OK. It will get you introduced to the major concepts of PHP. That's it. By the end of this course you won't be able to create anything functional. If you want to do that, then consider this as an appetizer if you wish to another, more in-depth course.

Kate27 August 2019

This course is what I was looking for - I needed to quickly learn basics of php so that I can start writing the code. Instructor explains concepts very well. Highly recommend this course! :)

Jason1 July 2019

Easy to understand and explains everything at a beginners level. Great for beginners, not so much for advanced php though.

Davide19 May 2019

I did enjoy the course. The basics of PHP are well explained. Perhaps I was expecting a bit more about mail form, but overall it's a good course to understand PHP syntax and basic concept.

Jerry2 May 2019

This course is a good introduction to PHP. The author presented each PHP concept in a straight forward manner while keeping it interesting. I had to use other sources for some of the code he presented to get a better comprehension of what was being taught, but this was only in the later lessons and only for small sections of the code.

Ivan22 April 2019

Simple and brief introduction to the basics of PHP. The teacher loses neither his or your time with unnecessary informations. The course has a good structure.

Mark11 March 2019

Kalob is an entertaining and enthusiastic instructor, and made the course enjoyable (as well as informative) Great job!

José27 January 2019

Really nice course i like how there is a task at the end of every video and also final project so you can get your hands dirty and learn from experience.


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