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PHP for Beginners: How to Build an Ecommerce Store

PHP Ecommerce: in this course you will learn how to make full Ecommerce websites to build your own home business.

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PHP for Beginners: How to Build an Ecommerce Store


15 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

At the end you will be able to build any E-commerce application with PHP

At the end of this course you will be able to upload your application online


Hands on Real Life Project inside!

On Demand E-commerce Skills Inside

After creating a very successful PHP for beginners course, I'm back with another Amazing course that will take your basic PHP skills to another level.

This course comes packed with new tricks and code format that would take your basic PHP skills to different heights.

On this course you will learn how to make a complete e-commerce store that will communicate with Paypal to send requests for processing and will also receive data back to the admin for sale reporting.

If you have taken my other PHP courses, you will notice that this course's project is more function based, more secured, we have more techniques, more organized and we upload our final application to the web.


Completing this course will prepare you to build E-commerce stores online for clients that would gladly pay really good for your work.

My first PHP course prepares you with all the knowledge but this course will polish all that knowledge and at the same time show you new tricks and grow your skills.


Setting Up Some Things!


Local Delopment Environment Installation

Code Editors I recommend (OPTIONAL)

Course Exercise FIles

E-commerce System - FRONT- END

Downloading Assets

Defining Paths with Constants

Defining Paths and Database Connection with Constants

Creating Database and Testing

Making Index.php Parts Modular

Slider and Navs Snippet Creation

Creating the Category Table

Displaying Dynamic Categories

Useful Custom Helper Functions

Product Function

Creating the Products Table and Data Insertion

Starting the Get Product Function

Display Products

Product Button Link to Single Product Page

Category Page and Funcion

Single Product Page Setup

Displaying Dynamic Data in Single Product Page - CHALLENGE

New Column and Data Insertion - SOLUTION

Displaying Products in Category Page

Displaying Products in SHOP Page


Login Page and User Table Creation

Login Page Setup and Function Part 1

Login Page Function Complete and Session Helper Message Function


Contact Page Setup

Sending Messages


Setting Up Quantity and Procedure Explanation

Removing the function that destroys sessions

Creating the CART page and the Add Product Session Code Part 1

Session destroy - (Edwin from the future)

Add Product Session Code Part 2

Add Product Session Code Part 3- Limiting with quantity

Remove and Delete Items from cart

Testing our Remove and Delete Functions

CART - function part 1

CART - function part 2

CART - function part 3

CART - function part 4

CART - function part 5

CART - function part 6 - getting total

Cart Unsetting Values

Paypal API for Payment Processing

Introduction to the Developer Paypal Site

Paypal form Explanation

Creating PHP form code

Submitting Info to Paypal

Fixing product total for paypal

Thank you Page Part 1

Thank you Page and Creating Orders Table Part 2

Session Destroy And Paypal Button Functionality


Improving Paypal Button and more

Making admin Index.php Reusable

Including Admin Content based on Condition

Including Orders Page

Fixing Page Problem and Moving Pages - CHALLENGE

Setting up the rest of the pages - SOLUTION

Admin Security Code

Moving Cart Pages and Setting up New Paths

Reports Functionality

Insert New Column in the Orders table - CHALLENGE

Creating a Reports Table and Testing in Thank you page

Inserting data into reports with PHP and testing

Pulling Last order and Insert it in reports -testing

Function report finished

Orders in Admin

Displaying Orders

Deleting Orders

Products in Admin

Displaying Products in Admin

Adding Edit Link and Delete Link to the Products Page

Delete Product page and Setting Session Message

Adding Products Function part 1 - CHALLENGE

Adding Products Function Part 2 - SOLUTION

Adding Products Function part 3 - upload directory setup

Adding Products Function part 4 - Insert Query

Arranging Form Fields in the Add Product Page

Adding products and fixing some bugs

Showing Dynamic Categories in the select HTML element

Relating Products Table and Categories Table to show Categories

Displaying Images in Products Page and Home Page

Displaying Images in the Checkout Page

Updating Product function Part 1

Updating Product function Part 2

Displaying Data in the Edit Product page

Debugging the our Update Product Function and Image Feature Safety Net Code

Displaying Default Category Name in the Select Element

Categories in admin

Displaying Categories

Creating Categories

Deleting Categories

Category Messages Fix

Users in Admin

Displaying users and deleting them

Add User Function

Add User Function Testing and more

Reports in Admin

Displaying Reports

Deleting Reports and WRAPPING IT UP

EXRA FEATURE - Uploading it ONLINE :)

Intro and online host setup

Intro to C-panel Software

Creating Database in C Panel and Exporting and Inporting our Localhost Database

Compressing and Uploading Files to Online Server

Viewing our application ONLINE

Displaying Images

Moving Cart Page

Fixing Paths

Fixing Cart.ph Links for the Checkout page and more

Fixing the rest of the templates path

Adding Products and Deleting

Cleaning Up a Little and Logout Redirect

Fixing Quantity for Paypal

Processing Payments with Paypal

Taking off the echo in Thank you page.

Changing UPLOAD_DIRECTORY Constant to display and Upload Images

Fixing User Page Message

Backing Your E-commerce System

Showing Products Based on Quantity

Updating Other Functions

Delete Functionality Improvement (LOCALHOST)

Delete Functionality improvement (ONLINE SERVER)

EXTRA FEATURE - Dynamic Slider

Functions setup

Slides Table and File HTML Slide Page Upload

Get alll Slides in Home Page

Get Active Slide

Add Slide Function Part 1

Add Slide Function Part 2 and Complete

Adding Current Slide to Admin Slide Page

Showing Slider Thumbnails in admin

Styling Thumbnails

Deleting Slides

Deleting Files and Records - CHALLENGE

Deleting Files and Records - SOLUTION

Jquery Delete Feature

Jquery reload page and title addition

PHP 7 information

Quantity and styling issues!



Part 1 - Setting up some variables and checks

Part 2 - More variables and page one links

Part 3 - Creating last page and middle links

Part 4 - Creating links for after page two and limit feature

Creating previous and next links

Displaying links and finishing up


Vinod7 October 2020

So far, so good, a bit fast at times, but it's ok. I like the examples which are mentioned for both Windows and Mac. Since I have windows...

Brandon2 October 2020

Edwin always try to keep his lectures 5 to 7 min and thast's just amazing because some teacher's make their lectures up to 20 min wich is way too complicated. Also, his code is amazing, very short and understandable... 5/5

Bruno21 September 2020

Entrei neste curso porque dizia que era para iniciantes. Descobri que o meu nível é inferior ao que eu pensava. O Edwin, por vezes explica o que determinado comando faz, outras vezes procuro no google a explicação. Tenho aprendido muito e descoberto muita coisa útil para mim. Parabéns Edwin! 5*

Vikram12 September 2020

He is not building a professional website. Neither backend authentication system nor a useful ui. If your wanna building ecommerce, this will not gonna help you too much. Often he used to promote his other courses. I just waste my time and money.

Fezekile14 August 2020

This was an amazing beginners course. The lecturer is very clear, the pace is just right to be able to follow and understand the work.

Leonel21 February 2020

Great explanation for a real ecommerce site including deployment to a real hosting. This is very helpful because in most cases courses only show how to develop but not how to deploy the project.

Janek14 February 2020

Der Kurs eignet sich perfekt für mein Vorhaben. Mit Vorkenntnissen in Programmierung und SQL ist alles beim ersten mal zu verstehen. Schaue den Kurs auf 1.5x Geschwindigkeit und bekomme trotzdem alles mit, dank einer sauberen Aussprache des Lehrers.

Christopher6 January 2020

I felt that this course is great for developers of all experience levels. It gives you the base knowledge of creating the website from the ground up. There is great support in the chat that solves most issues that may occur. There are some things that I would have done differently but this gives you something that works.

UnaVilcane4 January 2020

Every step is explained in detail. Instructor is patiently doing building it all, testing code line by line.

Vincent30 November 2019

You do the whole course then you get to Section 15 Uploading it Online and you discover he has no idea what he is doing. If you buy this course watch Section 15 first then when you are doing section 1 to 14 you will see you are wasting your time. Money making scam

Douglas23 November 2019

uma boa introdução demonstrando aquilo que será visto durante o curso explicando detalhadamente os detalhes iniciais para a preparação do curso. 10/10

Greta11 November 2019

So far its very good- he explains everything step by step and shows how to get it done. Understandable english language and what i really love is that he shows how to set up everything for different operating systems.

Tom30 October 2019

Edwin has such a great gift for teaching. He is really good at making difficult areas of php programming easily understand. Also it is pretty good to have a teaching that can laugh at himself when he makes a mistake. I highly recommend any of his courses!

Dave28 September 2019

As always really enjoyed Edwins engaging communication style, took this course following on from his PHP Basics, and continued to learn PHP development in increasing complexity.

Zoran26 September 2019

The course is worth the money spent. Course teacher is quite profound in the PHP knowledge and has a very good approach to the topics that are teaching. However, the course can be from time to time very difficult to follow if you have no previous knowledge of PHP coding as some content was added afterward (Edwin from the future) and the student needs to pay attention to details that can present problems but are sometimes solved in the next lesson. So in a big-picture, it looks a bit messy and could require a detailed revision for those most frequent questions. Also i think that this course could have more extra features with small and short lessons on for example rating system with stars, comment section, dynamic wishlist, saved in cart or stuff like that.


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