Web Development


Basic PHP Development with Bootstrap, GitHub and Heroku

Learn to develop a basic PHP application using Bootstrap 4, upload to source control and publish to the web with Heroku

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Basic PHP Development with Bootstrap, GitHub and Heroku


5 hours


May 2020

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What you will learn

Setup Apache Server using XAMPP Server

Setup PHP Environment using XAMPP Server

Understand the role of PHP in Web Based Programming Applications.

Build Data Driven and Dynamic Web Applications

How to Use Bootstrap 4 Framework

How to Use GitHub for Source Control

How to Deploy a Web Application using Heroku



This course is designed to equip students with the basic knowledge on how PHP works with HTML and CSS. It equips students with the fundamentals of PHP programming, teaches them about the benefits of using source control and ultimately allows you to publish your finished website to the internet.

Why Learn PHP

PHP was designed to make web development easier, and many beginners find it effortless to pick up and get started with. In fact, PHP code was so easy to pick up, many non-programmers end up being able to hack PHP code together without truly understanding the code.

The top 5 reasons to learn PHP are:

  1. Beginner Friendliness

  2. Designed to Scale

  3. Active Support Community

  4. Career Opportunities

  5. Future

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the PHP Application Flow

  • Understand how to use:

    • Variables

    • Print Statements

    • Arrays

    • Date/Time and String Manipulation

    • Functions

    • Loops

    • Decision Statements

  • Understand Bootstrap 4 CSS Framework

  • Use Visual Studio Code Efficiently

  • Deploy using Heroku Hosting

  • Manage Projects with GitHub




Environment Configuration and Account Setup

Setup a PHP Environment using XAMPP

Visual Studio Code - Web Development Add ons

Create a GitHub Account

Create a Heroku Account

Explore PHP Language

How PHP Works

IF...ELSE Statements

Switch Statements

FOR Loop


PHP Arrays and Manipulation

String Manipulation Functions

Date and Time Manipulation Functions

User Defined Functions

PHP Include and Require

PHP Website Layout - With Bootstrap

Deploy Your App

Add Project to Github

Deploy To Heroku

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Sapthaka17 March 2021

This course is actually for beginners. I highlight it again "only for beginners". If someone have at least an average level experience with another programing language I strongly suggest them to follow an advanced course unless if you want just to have a glance on PHP basics. "But for beginners, I never found a this kind of explainable and rich basic course. I highly recommend this course for people who learn a any programing or scripting language for the very first time". Thank you for the instructor for your all commitment. I used this course for just grab the basics of PHP.

Rahul30 May 2020

Guys, this course is Amazing and full of content. The instructor knows what he is doing, which to be frank a lot of other instructors on udemy don't, they are just here to make money, but this guy really seems to know his stuff and definitely knows how to deliver it. * Mr. Williams you're really doing a very good job.*

Paul25 May 2020

Eye opening. I enjoyed taking this course. Trevoir calmly and patiently worked his way through explanation of the instructions. I wished I had this course earlier when I began to learn PHP. Great job. Keep up the good work.

Gulam18 April 2020

The course very helpful for the beginners, precise to the topic, explained and showcase well. it's worth to take this course as a good start.

Natasha29 March 2020

The course was rather informative for someone that didn't know anything about php. Watched it multiple times for reference.

Jaime15 March 2020

I'm amazed how the course is able to impart connecting Heroku to Github. This will be very helpful to me

Zoltan14 February 2020

Clear helpful lesson about basics PHP and XAMPP, Github and Heroku. Helped me much to understand the algorithm of the language.

Olfia4 December 2019

The lecturer explains materials systematically and clearly and it really helps me, as a beginner in programming field, understand.

Diaz19 November 2019

19/11/19 I have completed 2 lectures. Previously,i had completed several php courses before. In this course, the instructor's voice is very clear and for the beginner learners i can see they will easily understand what he teaches. Looking forward to the upcoming lectures I will update my review as I finish this course 19/11/19 7pm on lecture 11 This is one of the best course for beginner who wants to learn php. The voice is very clear, so do the explanation. I recommend students to do what the instructor does This method will speed up your learning more 19/11/19 11pm ive completed this course. a lot of things i get here. thanks mr. Trevoir Williams for free the course :D

Bajrektarevic12 November 2019

The course was really good, straight to the point with basic PHP concepts, the instructor explained every detail in easy to understand plain English; I would recommend course to beginners with PHP, and I'm really looking forward to continue this journey on Trevoirs' Youtube channel.


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