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PHP Crash Course — Learn PHP in 90 minutes.

Learn PHP in less than 90 minutes with this fast-paced PHP crash course.

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Jun 2018

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What you will learn

You'll be able to install PHP on your computer, and write code on it

You'll be able to read and understand PHP

You'll be able to take on new PHP projects with more confidence

You'll be able to add PHP to your resume as one of your new skills


Welcome to a PHP crash course! 

This course is meant to be fast paced and quick, but also practical. That means there's a lot of information to absorb, but it's also helpful and you'll be done (and certified by Udemy) before bed time tonight. 

You'll learn:

  • How to install PHP on your computer
  • How to write PHP code 
  • Who is using PHP 
  • If PHP is growing or not (Hint: PHP powers over 30% of ALL websites; it's the most used backend language!)
  • PHP fundamentals that you can use to help learn other programming languages, such as:
    • Variables
    • Constants
    • Data Types
    • Loops 
    • Multidimensional Arrays
    • Functions
    • Super Global Variables
    • Forms 
    • And much more! 


PHP Crash Course — Learn PHP in 90 minutes.
PHP Crash Course — Learn PHP in 90 minutes.
PHP Crash Course — Learn PHP in 90 minutes.
PHP Crash Course — Learn PHP in 90 minutes.



Support Group

Introduction & Installation

Creating Your First PHP File

What Is PHP?

Very Important

Who Uses PHP?

Jumping In



Echo / Print

Code Comments

Quotes vs. Apostrophes

Data Types





Multidimensional Arrays

Conditional If Statements

Else Statements

Comparison Operators

Switch Statements


Super Global Variables


POST Forms




Gizem28 July 2020

Kalob is a great teacher and the course turned out better than I expected. It's to the point and clear, totally suitable for beginners too. Editing to add: I honestly love your reactions to the typos, can feel the frustration through the screen. Keep it up! ?

Marc28 July 2020

A quick overview that allows you to dive right into looking at, and updating, code. Also provides insight into the *context* of PHP. And a great introduction for those planning to dive in deeper.

Rachel23 July 2020

I've always wanted to learn PHP, but had no clue where to start. This is a great course for me to understand and apply basic concepts quickly. This will definitely help me advance my career.

Kinsey23 April 2020

I already know NodeJS but, looking at jobs, I see that a lot of them want PHP knowledge, so I wanted a quick course to get me accustomed to the language since I already know how backend scripting works, and this has been very to-the-point way to do that.

Kurt6 September 2019

Very easy to follow and I can already tell it's going to be structured nicely. Also, it's the perfect length I didn't need a 20-hour course.

Philip31 August 2019

so far, exactly as expected...Awesome, exactly what I needed as I have been learning bunches of confusing stuff, this course filled in some gaps.

Arienne30 August 2019

Great crash course! It is a great overview of the most basic things in PHP. It is a good start, but if you want to get into more complicated functions, and how PHP is used in Wordpress or other complex platforms that use PHP, you will want to get a more in depth course. This course is exactly what it says it is, a crash course. It's great for just starting out and will definitely get you reading PHP quick (might take more time to actually jump in and start coding the bigger stuff). Great teacher, great course!

Charlie20 June 2019

This is a great way to learn the basic syntax of PHP; it's ideal for someone who already knows one or more languages, but needs to be able to read some PHP code and understand the basics to know what's going on. For example, if you're a JavaScript client developer that needs to work on your PHP backend, this is a great place to start. However, this is only the start though; you only go through the basic syntax; it doesn't go into how to build real servers in PHP, such as a login form, a user permission system, connections to the database, templates, securities, scalings, etc. For those tasks, you need more advanced courses, but this is a great start.

Julian25 March 2019

I'm already familiar with the concepts of variables, data types and statements such as if else, while, for, etc I believe the course could just offer a documentation so that we could look these concepts up by ourselves, thus allowing this course to deepen into making something actually usefull in php. Nevertheless if it's your first time learning a programing lenguage, this would be good course to begin with since it is not overwelming. Btw I'll give this course an extra star for the post and get forms .

Tyler22 February 2019

Very good verbal instructions, clear, accessible, positive. Easy to follow examples, no complex setup required to execute.

Bruna29 January 2019

This is a great course if you are looking for a really crash course !! He explains very clearly some confusing steps on programming.

Timothy24 January 2019

i like this couse because it dosnt just tell you but it also shows you how to run and work PHP. i highly recamend this course to any young programers.

Joachim14 December 2018

Schnell und praktisch. Spricht etwas zu schnell für Non-English-People. Manchmal fällt es schwer, das Video im richtigen Moment zu stoppen um den Code zu studieren. Insgesamt viel und schnell gelernt.

Koryn3 December 2018

so far - this course is simple and easy to understand with clear direction and to the point info on exactly what you want to know

Dan30 October 2018

If you're a complete programming beginner there a better ways to get this information. If you are an experienced programmer this will be too basic. This course kind of straddles both groups and doesn't really serve either as well as it could. 3 stars because the information it does present is fine.


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