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PHP - Advanced Features

Learn some of Advanced Features of PHP

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PHP - Advanced Features


40 mins


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Some advanced PHP Features


On this course you will learn some advanced features in PHP that every PHP developer should know. First I will give you an overview of each feature then we will jump into the editor and create a functionality that explains the feature.This course is targeted to those students who are very familiar with PHP. This is a small course to show you the following features in PHP.

  • NameSpaces

  • Interfaces

  • Traits

  • Abstract classes





Namespaces Overview

Creating and Using Namespaces


Interfaces Overview

Creating and Using Interfaces


Traits Overview

Creating and Using Traits

Abstract Classes

Abstract Classes Overview

Creating and Using Abstract Classes


Hoho12 July 2021

It gives little exposure to OOP concept of PHP. But it didn't go in depth to the usage of concept in real working example. Overall is good for a free course.

Veloxnet17 May 2021

I think maybe this course should be part of the PHP OOP course. Not sure tho, since I know that OOP course is for beginners. The point is Im glad that now I also have this advance knowledge on OOP PHP. My only concern here is that Im still mixing up these for topics with each other: Namespaces, Interfaces, Traits and Abstract classes. I think it would be great to see more usecases and examples, and also talk about when to use which, what are the core differences between these four techniques. Thank you for the FREE knowledge!

Charika26 March 2021

I am trying to build MVC project and wanted to know the advanced bits in OOP php. Edwin's courses are always clear. It is good if he can put another session comparing the Interfaces and Abstract methods in use for more understanding. But so far so good. Thank you Edwin

Marvin3 December 2020

This was a good refresher into some advanced PHP topics after being away from the language for awhile. Thanks Edwin!!!!

Abhinandan2 October 2020

I am sorry but this is not what its expected in the PHP Advance courses. Study Material and topic is also in very small amount

Glenn11 June 2020

Decent explanation of the covered topics. This is definitely more of a 'quick guide' to the mentioned topics and showing you how they work with PHP, especially if you are coming from the likes of Java and already know the basics of OOP.

Oluwagbamila7 May 2020

Very good Course and excellent explanations. Anyone with a basic idea of PHP should be able to understand easily.

Petar25 April 2020

Thanks for insight. Nice to see that PHP moving towards older role models. It becoming more mature over time

Alberto17 March 2020

Excelente, comprendí nuevas cosas que no había entendido hace tiempo sobre funciones avanzadas de Php. Gracias por este curso 10/10

Mostafijur4 January 2020

Hey Edwin, Thanks for sharing these awesome stuffs on PHP. Could you please explain "Interfaces" a little more specific, because I don't understand the uses of it.

Parminder20 December 2019

This is abviously something the tutor threw together in an afternoon. Its got some good bits for someone who does not know some of the concepts such as myself, but he spends about 25% of the video correcting or re-writing his code which makes you realise that even the examples he shows are done on the fly. Very bad examples aswell. Huge new advanced concepts shown in such a simple way that you dont actually learn any real world implementation of them. Sorry nice guy but massively underwhelmed with this.

Shahar30 October 2019

Thank you for this course, This course provide info ( in a nutshell ) about advanced concepts of OOP. Thanks again!

Sunwarul13 October 2019

Thank you, honorable instructor, for this free course. This course is helpful for beginners who learning OOP PHP and want to take ideas on PHP Namespace, Trait, AbstractClass, Interface, etc. Thanks again!

Gul2 August 2019

yes, it's good, but that course is a very basic detail they should explain how the real framework like Laravel and Magento using these Advanced Features

Ipeleng3 July 2019

Yes. I'm well-versed with the concepts in this course as I've been programming for years. But I come from a background of C# and how things are done are conceptually the same, but how you *actually* do them isn't because of syntax, etc. So, I like the pacing and explanations because he's giving concrete examples and not dawdling or waffling. I just feel he should perhaps script his lessons a little better so the lesson is nice, tight and more coherent. Otherwise, it hit the spot.


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