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Photoshop for Entrepreneurs - Design 11 Practical Projects

Learn Photoshop from scratch. Create 11 graphic design projects in Adobe Photoshop specifically for entrepreneurs.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Create 11 different and practical projects that can be used to help your business or brand.

Build specific graphic design elements for social media, web design, and the internet by utilizing only the tools that are needed.

Save time and money by easily creating your own artwork, quickly and efficiently.


This online course will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop to create PRACTICAL REAL WORLD projects for your business or brand.

  • Do you want to create your own graphics for social media or the internet, but don't know where to begin?
  • Have you spent time and energy Googling Photoshop tutorials online only to find out that it never covers exactly what you need?
  • Is outsourcing your graphics to a 3rd party a hassle, especially when you have to go back and forth to make changes before the project is completed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place! 

We know that it can be frustrating and time consuming to create artwork for your business. You can spend hours or even days trying to find the right tutorial online. Outsourcing the work can be an even bigger challenge just to find the right candidate to do what you need done, and expensive!

That's why we created this course - to teach people just like you how to easily get started with Photoshop.

Phil Ebiner and Jeremy Deighan have been using Adobe Photoshop for years to grow their business and have developed a system to allow you to learn just what you need to know, only when you need it. 

Have fun while learning! Learn by actually doing!

After enrolling in this course, you'll be taken through 11 projects you'll need to run your business. Follow along and practice while learning!

Downloadable project files make it easy to follow along and practice.

The best part about a course like this is that you won't waste time learning tools and functions inside of Photoshop that you will never use. Most courses will tell you about every little part of the program, which is daunting to most people. 

Photoshop for Entrepreneurs will show you the necessary tools as you apply them.

Course Projects You'll Learn How to Create:

  1. Create a Social Media Graphic (this first lesson is free to watch with no purchase necessary)
  2. Create a YouTube Thumbnail
  3. Design a Product Mockup
  4. Create Social Media Channel Art
  5. Improve Your Profile Picture with Beauty Retouching
  6. Design a Simple Logo in Photoshop
  7. Web Design Mockup in Photoshop
  8. Edit Photos to Make Them Look Better
  9. Design an Infographic in Photoshop
  10. Create an Animated GIF
  11. Object Removal in Photoshop

Whether you just want to enhance your Photoshop skills for business, or have a specific project you need done right this instant, this course is for you. We will guide you every step of the way and are here to make sure you succeed in your ventures. Both instructors are always available to answer any messages, discussions, questions, or feedback that you have.

Get a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course!

With our 30-Day 100% money back guarantee, there's no reason hesitate!



Photoshop for Entrepreneurs - Design 11 Practical Projects
Photoshop for Entrepreneurs - Design 11 Practical Projects
Photoshop for Entrepreneurs - Design 11 Practical Projects
Photoshop for Entrepreneurs - Design 11 Practical Projects


Welcome & Project 1 - Social Media Graphics


Dive Right In - Create a Social Media Graphic Part 1

Adding Text and Adjusting the Photo

Exporting Your Photo for Uploading

Exercise 1: Post Your Own Inspirational Quote Graphic

Project 2 - Create a YouTube Thumbnail

Section Intro & Project Files

Find the Right Image

Adding Images and Text to Your Photoshop Project

Make Your Text Stand Out

Save Your Photo

Exercise 2: Create a YouTube Thumbnail

Project 3 - Design a Product Mockup

Section Intro & Project Files

Examples of Product Mockups and Where to Find Templates

Using Clipping Masks

Edit a Product Mockup Template

Using Smart Objects with Product Mockup Templates

Exercise 3: Create a Product Mockup

Project 4 - Social Media Channel Art

Section Intro & Project Files

Use Our Template Files

Add and Edit Photos

Add Text and Finalizing YouTube Channel Art

Repurposing and Creating Other Social Media Art

Exercise 4: Create Your Social Media Channel Art

Project 5 - Improve Your Profile Picture with Beauty Retouching

Section Intro & Project Files

Remove the Background from Your Image

Color Correct Your Photo with Adjustments

Use Beauty Retouching and Airbrushing for Smoother Skin

Resize and Save Your Profile Picture

Exercise 5: Create a Stunning Profile Picture

Project 6 - Design a Simple Logo in Photoshop

Section Intro & Project Files

Basic Logo Design Theory & Starting Your Project

Add Shapes, Find Icons, and Place Your Icon

Add Text to Your Logo & Finishing Touches

Saving Your Image with Transparent Background

Exercise 6: Create a Logo for Your Company

Project 7 - Web Design Mockup in Photoshop

Section Intro & Project Files

Researching Websites for Design Ideas

Writing Down Ideas for Your Website Design

Formatting Your Photoshop Document

Designing Your Website Mockup

Adding UI Graphics to Your Design Mockup

Exercise 7: Create a Web Design Mockup

Project 8 - Edit Photos to Make Them Look Better

Section Intro & Project Files

Editing RAW Photos in Photoshop

Saving RAW Photos and Prepping Them for Re-edits

Editing JPEG Photos in Photoshop

Exercise 8: Edit Your Photos

Project 9 - Design an Infographic in Photoshop

Section Intro & Project Files

What is an Infographic?

Setting Up the Infographic Document in Photoshop

Beginning the Infographic Project

Adding Icons and Information

Exercise 9: Create Your Own Infographic

Project 10 - Create an Animated GIF

Section Intro & Project Files

Start Your Project and Place Your Video

Adding Text to Your GIF

Save Your Video as a Looping GIF

Exercise 10: Create an Animated GIF

Project 11 - Object Removal in Photoshop

Section Intro & Project Files

Using the Clone Stamp Tool

Removing Objects with the Healing Brush Tool

Patch Tool and Content Aware Tools for Object Removal

Exercise 11: Remove an Object from an Image


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Anmol27 July 2020

Sometimes they do some little things for which they do not explain how they did that, that is something a little annoying because they are doing it but I am unable to do it. Otherwise, everything else is good. They are explaining very well.

Destinee15 May 2020

It is exactly what I was looking for. I took a Photoshop course later in my high school career that taught through the same breakdown. I was saying to myself cleaning my house today, if only I had those step by step packets Mr. Davis had. Creating my own version or projects works perfect for me! Very pleased!

Mohinish9 May 2020

My wife and I are loving this amazing and simple course. This has made us fall in love with photoshop.

Paulo25 November 2019

It would be nice to show where to get the controls as the UI`s don´t look the same. Other than that, everything is great

Eriz3 June 2019

Very well explained but also basic... Enterpreneurs don't get a lot to know in order to get answers to their real problems.

Faisal27 April 2019

I think this course discusses effective photoshop tools & could enhance the knowledge of participants.

Vedanta5 April 2019

It is a Good Course, The Concept is really good but it needs to be updated according to the latest Photoshop Features And Requirements of Social Media Platforms.

Arefin28 February 2019

Very good course for beginners with real-world exercise and to-the-point topics. Hope to see an advanced version course form these authors in future.

Arkoh29 December 2018

Is amazing, i will recommend it to every one who was to start graphic designing as a career. easy to learn.

Nolton5 December 2018

Great course for those who want to start making money with Photoshop. The instructor is clear and direct on point. if you ask me that I liked the course, my answer would be: I loved the all full course. Good luck for you, who want to start with this course!

Sara20 November 2018

it was a really good match for me, because i understood it and applied very well. I've just made my first design!

Joseph6 November 2018

The enstructor's walk you through the project and give detailed explanations of the steps needed to achieve the finished project.

Tejas17 August 2018

hi there it is a very good tutorial(i am intermediate) however something about "logo"(section 6) made me a bit uncomfortable so 4.5 stars :)

Elias13 August 2018

Learn Photoshop from scratch. Create 11 graphic design projects in Adobe Photoshop specifically for entrepreneurs.

bhavya8 June 2018

I enjoyed a lot making this along with the course. Now, I will try to make one for my own and post it on social website. Thank you very much.


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