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PhotoDirector 8 - Photo Editing Made Easy

Learn how to edit professional photographs on Mac or PC with this Cyberlink PhotoDirector Complete Tutorial Course!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Import and organize photographs in a professional manner.

Adjust and crop photos to get better compositions.

Edit the colors and contrast of photos to make them pop.

'Beautify' people with whiter teeth, brighter eyes, and fewer wrinkles.

Manipulate images to create panoramas, face-swaps, and more.

Share photos directly and easily to Facebook, Flickr, and to files for storage.

Use the NEW Video Snapshot tool for face swapping, multi-exposures, and panoramic photos from video

Use the NEW multi-exposure tool

Use the NEW blending modes

Use the NEW blur tools

Use the NEW overlay features

Use the NEW express projects tool


Start editing your own photos with one of the best PC and Mac photo editing software out there, PhotoDirector!

If you're looking for a easy photo editing application that will allow you to edit professional quality photos, Cyberlink's PhotoDirector is a great tool. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started editing.

Learn the NEW PhotoDirector 8 Features:

  • Use the Video Snapshot tool to create face swap, multi-exposure, and panoramas from your videos
  • Use the Express Project tool to instantly stylize your photos
  • Use the new overlay, blending, color splash, and blur tools to make modern and professional photos

Make photos look the way you envision - better! If you want to crop, white balance, adjust contrast, add effects, and share better photos than ever, this is the course for you.

Here are the main topics in this course:

  • Easily import and organize photos in PhotoDirector
  • Crop and rotate your photos
  • Apply one-click presets
  • Correct white balance
  • Adjust tone, add HDR effects, change contrast
  • Apply edits to only certain parts of your photos
  • 'Beautify' people with teeth whitening, eye brightening, wrinkle removing, and body shaping
  • Remove unwanted objects in your photos
  • Merge photos, create panoramas, and face swap to get the best smile
  • Add custom watermarks to your photos
  • Create slideshows out of your photos
  • Publish photos easily to Facebook and Flickr
  • Export high quality files for sharing and printing

Why is this the course that will make you successful?

Taking online courses isn't easy. It takes work and action. This course will help you succeed with concrete practice lessons. We'll walk you through each exercise. By the end of the course, you'll have a fully edited video montage that you can share with the world.

Who teaches this course?

Phil Ebiner is a professional photographer and video creator who has edited thousands of photos. His photos have won international contests, sold in art galleries, and captured stories around the world. Phil strives to teach students not only the technical skills of a photo editor with this course, but also the philosophy of photo editing. You'll love learning from Phil like thousands of other Udemy students.

Are you ready to edit professional-looking photos?

With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!




PhotoDirector 8 - Photo Editing Made Easy
PhotoDirector 8 - Photo Editing Made Easy
PhotoDirector 8 - Photo Editing Made Easy
PhotoDirector 8 - Photo Editing Made Easy


Introduction to PhotoDirector

Course Overview

Join the Official Student Photography Group

Download the Course Photos to Follow Along

Overview of PhotoDirector

Quick Exercise: Download the Practice Photos and Jump Right In

Quick Exercise: Walkthrough

New Features in PhotoDirector 8

Using the Video Snapshot Tool to Create a Panorama

Using the Video Snapshot Tool to Take Photos from Video

Using the Video Snapshot Tool to Create a Perfect Group Shot

Using the Video Snapshot Tool to Create a Multi-Exposure Photo

Using Express Projects

Adding Photo Overlays

Using Blending Modes

Using the Color Splash Tool

Using the Blur Tool

Using the Multi-Exposure Tool

Importing & Organizing Photos in PhotoDirector

Section Intro

Import Photos from a Camera

Import Photos from your Computer

Create a Photo Album

Ways to Manage Photos - Face Tag, Tag, Flag, Rate, and Label

Section Conclusion & Challenge Exercise: Import and Organize

Adjust Your Photos: Basic Photo Editing in PhotoDirector

Section Intro

How to Crop & Rotate a Photo

Apply One-Click Photo Presets

Correct White Balance

Adjust Tone

Adjust HDR Effects

Using the Curve Tool

Using HSL / Color Tool

Noise Reduction

Lens Corrections

Adding a Vignette

Using the Regional Selection Tools - Red Eye, Spot Healing, Adjustment Brushes+

Exercise: Edit a Photo & Section Conclusion

Exercise Walkthrough - Editing My Photo

'Beautify' People in PhotoDirector

Section Intro

How to Whiten Teeth in PhotoDirector

How to Brighten Eyes in PhotoDirector

How to Eliminate Wrinkles in PhotoDirector

How to Change Skin Tone in PhotoDirector

How to Reshape a Body in PhotoDirector

Exercise - Brighten Eyes and Teeth & Section Conclusion

Exercise Walkthrough - Improving my Photo

Manipulating Your Photos in PhotoDirector

Section Intro

Remove an Unwanted Object Using Content-Aware Removal

Create a Panorama Photo

Use Face Swap to Merge Photos with Best Smile

Adding Grain to a Photo

Adding a Sepia or Color Tint

Remove the Background from an Image

Layers in PhotoDirector

Exercise - Create a Panorama & Section Conclusion

Exercise Walkthrough - Create my Panorama

Share Your Photos with PhotoDirector

Section Intro

Exporting Photos as High Quality Files for Printing and Sharing

Adding a Personalized Watermark to Photos

Create a Slideshow Video

Publish Photos to Facebook

Publish Photos to Flickr

Printing a Grid of Photos

Exercise - Post Your Photos & Section Conclusion

Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion - What Have We Learned?


Bob18 May 2020

Course appears to be well organized. Course has practice exercises which is great. I would hate to do this course without the practice photos. Instructor has a good pace and walks through features step-by-step. He seemed a little disinterested going over all the adjustments which I can understand because of the number and variety that do similar things. Once we were done with all the adjustments Phil's interest level definitely went back up. I thought it was amusing when he was going through the different ways you can adjust a person For example get rid of wrinkles Body shape and he is not a believer in this and I am not either but we all know it happens so I just like the way he presented it because people had to ask But really didn't believe in it great course would highly recommend.

Roberta8 May 2020

I got this program because Photoshop elements is kind of lame. I can do some things but want a more in depth understanding of all PD can do.

Lissa9 March 2020

I have had Photo Director for awhile and used it mainly to touch up photos that I used for videos. I had never delved into all that the program could do, and I knew that I could do more by taking the time to learn it better. Phil's course jumpstarts this learning curve and helped me immensely to learn the many nuances of Photo Director. Thank you so much!!

David2 March 2020

Good course so fare a little early to rate a course but hey here I am lol good teaching still and very simply explained without any crazy professional terminology.

Michael26 November 2019

Just getting started. I like the information so far. You have been helpful in taking the mystery out of how to use this program.

Lisa16 November 2019

It’s good to see what it can do but I’m eager to jump in and learn with some step by step guides that I can work through with you

Ernest1 August 2019

I am a video hobbyist. Wanted to learn how to improve photos (photos from Video) to improve my productions.

Hilary20 July 2019

Good intro to PhotoDIrector, but I would classify it as an overview on using the software on a basic level even though it's outdated by 2+ versions. Would appreciate a more thorough instructional video for the current versions similar to what you can find for PhotoShop from SimonSez, ie selection tools/options and how to use them, masks, layers, more in depth details of the various tools available in the tool palette, etc. PhotoDIrector seems like an orphan as to any available detailed instruction

Chris17 May 2019

so far so good! Curious to know if there is a "hit" to image quality when using video to create panorama. I know there likely isn't one answer, depends on camera, etc. Will experiment...

Dennis14 February 2019

Enjoyed the course, learned a ton of things I did not know. I have had the software for over a year and did not know that I could a lot of the things you taught. Thanks. I will be looking for more of your courses to take, you are very easy to listen to.

Donald26 November 2018

I recently purchased PhotoDirector 10. I had previously used PhotoDirector 8, but I never really learned it. I was not comfortable with it. Already, there are some big differences between your version 8 and my version 10. Nevertheless, I think I will learn a lot from your course. I am finished except for submitting some photos. I was disappointed that the layers sections is missing. I feel more able to use Photodirector now that I have taken the course.

Bing25 November 2018

The version used here is an earlier version of what I have now. I just thought the basics would be the same and I was right. The teaching style made learning easy. Everything was direct to the point and simplified. Great job.

Jeffrey18 September 2018

I am learning the things that I came here to learn. This course is very applicable to my goal of learning product photography and using CyberLink PhotoEditor as my photo tool of choice.

Geoff6 September 2018

Well done. Perfect for those with little to no experience. Be nice if you did an advanced course as well.

Celissa14 April 2018

I am a beginner and I find that the instructor is easy to understand. Shows great examples and easy to follow along. Good photo editing course. Happy with this course.


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