Phonegap & Ludei - Build HTML5 CSS & JS Apps

Learn the basic Phonegap/Cordova API's and get an insight into Ludei's CocoonJS canvas+ view for accelerated graphics!

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Dec 2015
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What you will learn

Understand the hybrid app architecture

Have a better perspective and outlook of app development

Setup Phonegap / Cordova on Mac, GNU and Windows

Setup wifi testing

Setup iOS simulation (Mac only!)

Setup Android emulation on Mac, GNU and Windows

Understand all the basic Cordova API's; Battery Status, Camera, Contacts, Device Info, Network Info, Status Bar, Accelerometer, Compass, Vibration, InAppBrowser, Dialogs (notification), Geolocation, Globalization, Media Capture, File System, File Transfer, Whitelist

Understand how to debug and review returned content from Cordova

Installing third party plugins

General app store guidelines and principles

Understand basic security and privacy guidelines

Learn the different aspects of the Android and iOS platform's

Understand the CocoonJS canvas+ view for accelerated graphics

Compile Cordova app's locally and on the cloud

Compile CocoonJS app's

Have a general understanding of iOS and Android app store submission process


This course will cover all standard Cordova API’s in a clear, well structured way. Each lecture will guide you through how the hybrid app model works so you really get to understand what’s going off under the hood. You’ll be learning the most advanced API’s, also I tell you what an API is, such as the file system API that can be complex. However I’ll break every single API down and go into detail about how each API works. On top of that I’ll give you some general understanding of the hardware sensors such as the accelerometer, compass and geolocation sensor’s.

All in all this course is here to take you from a web developer and give you the skills to develop hybrid app’s. Also this course is not only giving you understanding of the API’s we go further than that! As an app developer I know what it’s like coming from a web developer background. Most people have to gain certain experience whilst they become an app developer. This course gives you real world knowledge of what you should and shouldn’t do; it gives you the correct perspective of UI and UX principles and finally gives you general understanding of security and privacy. The revolution of Edward Snowden and many scare stories makes understanding privacy and security and how to deal with your user’s is most important for any app developer today.

On top of all this you’ll learn how to use the CocoonJS platform which allows acceleration of HTML5’s 2D canvas element and WebGL for 3D graphics. This is impressive and really goes to show how developing in the hybrid app market is going to change rapidly. The future truly is bright for us hybrid app developers.

In short this course is an all rounder and will give you a massive leg up. Not just showing code and giving a general overview, but teaching you how your code is executed and how Cordova and the hybrid app model works under the hood. On top of all that you’ll get some real life experience! Not just coding but principles, guidelines and best practices for security or otherwise.


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Introduction & Setup

Introduction to Hybrid Architecture
Installing Phonegap OSX, GNU & Windows PDF
Phonegap Testing
OSX Wifi Testing
OSX iOS Simulation
OSX Android Emulation
GNU Wifi Testing
GNU Android Emulation
Windows Wifi Testing
Windows Android Emulation
Phonegap or Cordova?
Best Practices
Phonegap Project
Building our App Interface

Cordova API

Battery Status
In App Browser Part 1
In App Browser Part 2
Status Bar
Compass Part 2
Contacts Part 2
Camera Part 2
Media Capture
File System
File System Creating Directories and Files
File System Reading and Writing
Directory Entry Methods
File Entry Methods
File Transfer Upload
File Transfer Download
Special Links
Installing Third Party Plugins
Phonegap Security Guidelines

Ludei, CocoonJS & Cordova

Introducing Ludei & CocoonJS
Running CocoonJS Projects

Building your app

Phonegap Build
Android Distribution
iOS Distribution
Compiling a CocoonJS App
Conclusion & Goodbye


June 4, 2020
It was a little rocky as a bit things were outdated but still very nice and beneficial to creating an application.
November 7, 2018
npm should never be used with sudo as this course describes. It can really mess things up. Also node has changed a lot since the course was made, so some of the setup information is incorrect. The course discusses the globalization API, which does not exist in the latest version of cordova. However, the content is clear and well explained and I'm still learning useful things, so I'll keep going...
October 9, 2018
Grande corso semplice da comprendere e spiega nel dettaglio tutti i plugin di cordova. Corso che consiglio a tutti
January 22, 2018
The content for the SDK he uses is outdated, since the version he is using is no longer available and the new one requires to do everything from the command line (No GUI available). But this is only for the emulation, so it is not needed to be able to follow the course. Apart from that you can tell he knows what he is doing and explains everything clearly.
December 25, 2017
It was hectic and deep. Gets you up to speed with hybrid app development. I have to go through this course 2 more times
September 21, 2017
Its clear that this course was created a while ago and phonrgap has changed a bit. Not a huge deal, as im still getting good info out of the videos!
June 14, 2017
This course should be watched by anybody who is new to app dev and wants to begin hybrid app def. You will need all of this information at one point and this is the best source to get the information from. Very clear and down to the point. Does not go deep into actual UI designing which shouldn't be too hard to get started without.
March 3, 2017
Had a Phonegap app developed by a former employee and didn't know where to start in updating it. This course took me through all the important knowledge a seasoned web developer would need to get cracking!
December 13, 2016
This is good course covered almost all topics for PhoneGap, with good examples. Hald star is less as I was expecting Create your own Custom Plugin as well in this course. Also it will be good if you can cover PushPlugin Example as well.
September 24, 2016
So far awesome. Instructor has explained everything in detail. probably the best Phonegap course out there.
July 26, 2016
Very clear so far. However I had an issue installing the phone gap module for node js. This took some time to resolve.
March 12, 2016
Just started, but its just like I expected from this tutor, concise, useful and right to the point lectures. And this is the only recent Phonegap course available anywhere.



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