Personal Knowledge Management with TheBrain Software

Learn and Get Started Using the Most Important Skillset You've Never Heard Of!

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What you will learn

Understand the value of personal knowledge management in today's world

Know where to dig deeper into personal knowledge management

Know how to get started with TheBrain software

Understand the many ways that people use TheBrain software


Carla O'Dell, a "mother" of knowledge management once noted, "if only we knew what we know."  Most of us are being deluged by information, but we have no way of holding on to and organizing the information that would serve us well in the future.  As a result, we misplace or forget a lot of the information that might have served us well in the future if we could just remember it.  

Personal knowledge management (PKM) is probably the most important skill in today's information-deluged world that you were never exposed to in school (at any level).  We all practice some kind of PKM, even if only by sticking files in a directory on our computer that we never end up looking at again.

Personal knowledge management software tools can deliver substantial personal and professional benefits, and quite a few of them exist. This course focuses on just one, TheBrain software, one of the simplest yet most flexible and powerful PKM tools available to you. And the FREE version may be all you'll ever need!

In the course you’ll get introduced to the importance of and the literature surrounding PKM. You'll see some of the many ways that TheBrain software is being used for personal knowledge management by individuals and organizations. And you'll see how easy to use and powerful TheBrain software is.

The course is intended for anyone from high school on up interested in utilizing personal knowledge management to be more productive in their personal and professional lives.


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Introduction to the Course


Exploring Personal Knowledge Management

Introducing Section 1 of the Course
What IS Personal Knowledge Management?
Why is Personal Knowledge Management So Important in Today's World?
PKM in Action - Introducing TheBrain Software
Personal Knowledge Management Resources for Digging Deeper

Examples of How TheBrain Software Is Being Used

Introducing Section 2 of the Course
An Example of Managing Personal Knowledge With TheBrain
Have a Medical Condition or a Hobby You Collect Information On?
Want to Make Your Social Media Presence Much More Time Efficient?
TheBrain's Most Famouns Brain - Jerry's Brain
Tackling Wicked Problems with TheBrain
Exploring Aviation with TheBrain
Publishing a Book Online with TheBrain
Exploring the USA with TheBrain
Teaching with TheBrain
An Interesting Use Case - Track Hundreds of Topics with Pre-Set Search Terms
Teaching Thoracic Surgery With the Brain
James Burke's Knowledge Web Built with TheBrain

Exploring the Details of TheBrain Software

Introducing Section 3 of the Course
Getting Started with TheBrain
Adding Materials to Your New Brain
Reorganizing Your Brain Whenever You Choose
Using TheBrain On-Line vs. Locally
Desktop vs. Mobile Versions of TheBrain
Free vs. Paid Versions of TheBrain

Conclusions and Take Aways

Wrapping Up the Course
Bonus Materials


July 4, 2022
This course is an excellent intro to PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) with TheBrain software. I've been using the pro-version of TheBrain for many years, but there is one feature I missed, and that's using pre-set search terms. That alone made this course worthwhile for me (and was the reason for buying the course). Thanks, Mark, for pointing that out. Also, I'm looking forward to the new lectures coming up in the next little while.
June 27, 2022
This course isn't (and doesn't pretend to be) a how-to on using The Brain software. Instead, it provides a good intro to the capabilities of The Brain and the various ways you can put it to use, within the broader context of knowledge management.



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