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Goals Achieved! Goal setting success made simple.

Achieve your personal goals, boost your success and happiness, and live the life of your dreams.

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Mar 2015

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What you will learn

Understand how goals are linked to your success and happiness.

Identify what you really want to do with your life.

Discover the changes you can make to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Set specific, achievable and relevant goals that excite and inspire you.

Develop skills to transform your attitude and mindset to position yourself for success.

Utilise resources to help build the skills necessary to complete your goals.

Put into action a plan to work consistently towards your dream lifestyle.


To have a truly happy and fulfilling lifestyle we need meaning in our lives. Goals provide that meaning, and the challenge and excitement to stop you being bored, complacent and mediocre.

This course will help you live life to its fullest potential. You'll learn to achieve inspiring bite-sized goals before preparing to take on larger more challenging, life changing goals.

Master a simple seven step strategy to consistently achieve your goals

  • Understand why goals are linked to success and happiness
  • Make the necessary changes to turn your life around
  • Take practical steps to set achievable goals
  • Develop skills to transform your attitude and mindset
  • Implement a plan to work actively on your dream lifestyle

We all set and achieve goals every day without even noticing. But they're generally routine life or work related tasks that don't always provide the excitement you need to remain happy and fulfilled.

Together we'll discover what really excites and inspires you. We'll look at how to set goals that are relevant to your future lifestyle. You'll discover how to achieve these goals whilst remaining motivated and craving of success!

I'll tell you about how I faced adversity before setting out on my two year “bucket list" adventure. I want to inspire you with my unique story so that you make the most of your life NOW.

Contents and overview

You'll advance naturally, step-by-step through this interactive course of 50 lectures.

First we'll figure out exactly what it is you want to accomplish in your life. Then, through a series of practical learning sessions you'll tackle your own real life goals from start to finish.

Goal completion is all about action, and action is what you'll take as you work with me. I'll be there every step of the way and you'll also be part of a supportive discussion group of other goal setters and achievers. There are plenty of extra resources to help keep you motivated.

By the end of this course you'll be perfectly positioned for success. You should feel confident, inspired and ready to embark on a lifetime of goal achieving adventures.

Procrastination is the number one reason why goal setters don't become goal achievers!

Come on - let's have some fun and go on a really effective, inspiring, goal achieving adventure together.


Goals Achieved! Goal setting success made simple.
Goals Achieved! Goal setting success made simple.
Goals Achieved! Goal setting success made simple.
Goals Achieved! Goal setting success made simple.




Course landscape

Resources landscape

My Background

A life for sale

100 goals in 100 weeks

An unlimited lifestyle

Learning Objectives

What can you expect to learn from this course?

The Importance of Goals

Dreams vs. goals

Dreams, goals, success and happiness

Defining Your Goals

A few important questions to ask yourself (inc practical learning)

Balance your goals

Practical learning

Seven Simple Steps – Number 1

Let’s get started

Set SMART goals for success

SMART detail

A simple start (inc practical learning)

Make a commitment

Practical learning

Seven Simple Steps – Number 2

Planning, preparation and progress

An easy starting point

Practical learning

Seven Simple Steps – Number 3

Mind over matter

Attitude and expectations

Positive thought processes

Inspirational input

Practical learning

Seven Simple Steps – Number 4

Knowledge, skills and abilities

Mentoring and accountability

Practical learning

Seven Simple Steps – Number 5

Positioned perfectly for success

Real action

Procrastination – the thief of ...?

The "perfect moment" myth

Practical learning

Seven Simple Steps – Number 6

Maintaining the momentum

The end is in sight

Overcoming obstacles

Failure is a stepping stone to success

No excuses!

Practical learning

Seven Simple Steps – Number 7

Reap the rewards

How lucky you are!

Practical learning

More inspiration

The end is just the beginning

Define you mission statement

Give to receive

Use visual reminders

Time management



Onward and upward


Khalid11 January 2020

very basic....seems he is reading from books of brian tracy or some other self help author..only definations no practical approach..again very basic..you can find better videos on you tube..sorry.

Stanley14 November 2017

I am glad i made it to completion, it is a nice course very practical. The instructor surely sold his life, thanks for life touching testimony and i loved the way you thought out of the box and overcame your obstacles

Daniel18 July 2015

Ian is engaging and detailed in his lectures. I find myself taking notes, revisit the lectures and even made a list of 50+ goals. Lectures are not too long and are well organized, lots of materials to support and achieve your goals. I love the quotes at the ends of some lectures as they are inspiring. Thank you Ian.

CHRIS16 April 2015

Loved Ian's story and his presentation style. Found this course easy to follow whilst gaining lots of tips and ideas to start and keep my goals on track. Together with the practical learning and resources I will be able to use the info from this course every time I start a new goal. Really helpful and all relevant. What's the next course Ian?

Terrie15 April 2015

For someone who has a big dream and does not have a clue where to start to achieve it. This course has been invaluable for me. It has helped me plan out and focus on the steps i need to follow in order for my dream to become a reality. using the provided worksheets i have managed to stay focused and am already beginning to get results. Everything is set out in an easy to follow, logical order, and Ian explains everything in such a way to keep you motivated and on task. Thank you so much.

Sandra13 April 2015

Ian and Vanessa's backgrounds qualify them to instruct a course on Goals Achieved since they themselves are living the lifestyle based on the principles they share in this course. I have my list of GOALS and am using the wisdom shared in this course to actually see a change in not only my lifestyle but also in myself as I follow the guidelines on how to set GOALS and more importantly, achieve them. Highly recommend the pursuit of living a goal-centered life and living deliberately while getting things done you've only imagined.

Jeanne3 April 2015

This is a well thought out and presented course. Ian is easy to listen to and with actionable information, he really does show you how to set and achieve your goals. It's a course that anyone at any stage of their lives will benefit from, even if it's just to reboot your own mental strategy of how goals can be achieved and what actions need to be taken to get there - Ian is a great guide.

Tim2 April 2015

This course has really given me the kick-start I needed to get myself organized. I'm now ready to get to work on my list of goals.

Julie31 March 2015

I was running a successful business, but working so hard I could not focus on reaching other goals. This course allowed me to ask myself the questions I needed to ask and with Ian's guidance I arrived in the end with answers and a step by step plan. I now have goals and a plan of action. I can see how simple it will be now, but before this course I was just overwhelmed.

Kathleen25 March 2015

I've learned so much practical information about setting and achieving my goals. Ian is a very professional instructor and the content is great. I've read many books on this subject but none have inspired me to take action. The lectures were very engaging and the downloadable resources really helpful. Thanks!!

Abdurahman23 March 2015

This is the best course I ever seen in this field. It has everything you need if you are serious about your goals achieving.

Carl23 March 2015

Ian's story is very inspiring. I feel humbled for getting to hear it, and I loved how he managed to do so much. It makes me want to do the same.


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