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Pay-Per-Call Mastery-Step by Step training

Generate more income from fewer clients | Implement Pay Per Call For Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2020

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Oct 2020

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What you will learn

Lead Generation- How to generate LIVE phone call leads for your clients. No more focusing on "website optimization" or generating clicks to a website that may not convert. You will learn how to bring your client a live call from someone who needs your clients services right away.

Digital Marketing- Step by STEP how to create a pay per call digital marketing agency.

B2B Sales-How to prospect and contact potential clients for your agency without cold calling

How to generate leads for your clients as well as how to filter, and determine which phone calls count as leads.

How to generate leads without needing a strong social media presence.

How to create Google Call Ads step by step

Become a Digital Nomad


You don't have to limit yourself to monthly retainers anymore.  I saw an significant increase in income after switching to this model for my Digital Agency.  I got really tired of needing to close several clients in order to just skip by with my agency each month. This was the point when I looked into to the pay per call model.

I figured out that pay per call not only got me past initial client objections such as them bieng cautious  about to paying upfront especially when they have been burned by other agencies but it also worked out for me to start getting paid on a weekly basis instead of monthly.

Ask yourself which one is better, getting paid once a month for your results OR getting paid weekly for each of one of your individual results?  If your answer is the latter then pay per call is for you.

Am I a millionaire because of it yet ? No!  but I am on my way and living very comfortable.

Do you find it hard to obtain clients and scale your business at the moment because:

  • Potential clients don't want to fork over thousands of dollars to someone they don't know

  • Its hard to acquire potential clients because you do not have a large online/social media presence

  • You are on a budget and have almost no money to spend on advertising

  • You are an introvert and do not have the time or patience to do cold calling

  • You want to become a master of generating leads for a niche

  • You have taken other courses and ended up more confused then before you took them

  • You want to generate results for your clients without having to build up a social media presence

Then this business model is for you. Start your agency off in 2020 with a FRESH start.

You need to work smarter not harder.

If you have not yet found success in Digital Marketing it could be because you need to attract your potential clients in another way. Many of the old sales tactics with having a customer pay a retainer upfront are getting harder to push through especially if your agency does not have s strong reputation. The pay per lead business model helps you push through those objections and help you land more clients

In my course you will learn:

  • Why pay per lead is more profitable and easier to implement than the traditional monthly retainer model.

  • How to search and acquire pay per lead clients.

  • How to invoice them.

  • How to set up Google Call ads for your clients-Step by Step

  • Bonus Cold email template

  • Bonus voice messaging template

  • What to look for and when to follow up with a potential client

    The amount you charge per lead/phone call is up to you.

This course is however NOT for you if:

  • You want to make fast money without putting in time or much effort

  • You think you will get results over night


Pay-Per-Call Mastery-Step by Step training
Pay-Per-Call Mastery-Step by Step training
Pay-Per-Call Mastery-Step by Step training
Pay-Per-Call Mastery-Step by Step training



Introduction- Pay Per Call / Lead In a Nutshell.

Switching to pay per call/lead for your agency

Monthly Cost / How much does it cost to start ?

Criteria for choosing a profitable niche / What qualifies as a lead

Choosing a niche for your agency

How to Qualify A Lead For Your Client

How to Qualify a potential client for your PPC agency? Are they a fit for you?

Client Acquisition

Finding potential clients for your agency with D7 lead finder

How to upload contacts from D7lead finder to Sendgrid

Analyzing the cold email campaign results. Who to follow up with next.

Using Loom to follow up with contacts.

What to do when a potential client says " Let me think about it"

Bonus Material-Using Voice Messaging To Acquire New Clients

Tips and guidlines to follow when charging your clients

Active Prospecting FOR FREE With Google Tag Assistant

How to prospect activley with Google Tag Assitant

Bonus material- When you should outsource / Coldcalling

When to outsource your follow-ups- Hiring someone to cold call

How to do keyword research for your first client.

How to use spyfu to gain an edge on your competition and help your client

What are Google Call-only Ads and how do they work

Google Call only ads intro

How To Create Google Call Ads + Tips On Bidding

Bonus material-Email copy that works

Your first email copy


Still Need Help? Watch this!

Bonus lecture: Just one more thing before you go !


Farrukh2 March 2021

I loved the way Garette has delivered this course. Obviously it was educational but was also entertaining and involving. I believe I have learnt too much today and will help myself in the future.

Derwin19 November 2020

Unlike other paid courses on Udemy this guy knows what he is talking about, because, he has done it for a living. You can tell. Sincere, doesn't hide anything, Lays it out there, the good and the bad experiences in pay per call. Lots of golden nuggets. I feel guilty, getting so much out of his training and not paying for it. No , I am not his friend, never met him in my life. But I know great content when I watch it.

Clayton22 May 2020

Garrett gave some great information about how you can run a pay per call type of agency. However, I do feel it was lacking a few steps and explanations on a few topics. The training was worth the money spent on this course.

Gav6 April 2020

Great course all the way through. There is no time wasted on "fluff" or things you don't need to know. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking at Google Pay Per Call/Call Only. I am looking forward to another "next level" course. Well done and thanks! Gav

Derrick5 April 2020

new subject so it did give background but not enough detail compared to other courses I have taken. Needs to explain a little more on how the customer is to set up their google ad words campaign and if they do that how does the pay per call add to the google ad words. seems confusing.

Comron17 March 2020

Yeah, this is a very helpful course. The author is an expert and genuinely cares about his students. I loved the course and I will follow through with it.

Joeseph,28 February 2020

This is a mind blowing course thanks Garret Jackson for sharing your knowledge. I am in love with PPC not pay per click but Pay Per Call!!!! the lecterure is awesome and straight to the point. I totally enjoyed this course and really learned a lot. I would reccommend any one looking to provide services to local businesses to take this course. Pay Per Call is the way to go and you can provide it to many different niches. There is no one better to teach you this but Garret Jackson very awesome.

Bruce29 January 2020

Best Course ever! - No BS - Very practical - Humorous and authentic lecturer - 80/20 approach - Quick implementation If you struggle to find the perfect course to start a business or if you want to add a valuable service for your existing clients you will be amazed what the implementation of this course will do for you. Thank you, Garrett!

Carletus11 December 2019

Super informative and very straight forward... Refreshing approach - no fluff - no hype - all content Consumed the whole course in one day.

Todd20 November 2019

A very good step by step tutorial on providing Pay-Per-Call marketing for any business person who wants to talk to more prospective customers or clients. Importantly, this tutorial includes how to get and retain clients for yourself. Thank you!

Jack20 November 2019

Succinct covering all the essentials of pay per call advertising. Good resources and liked that outbound email copy examples were provided. Would have appreciated an over the shoulder walk though of creating a loom video with video content. Garret condensed much that is covered in other courses to just 60 minutes. This was a good use of my time.


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