Party Planning and Events Management

Making and managing successful and memorable events

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Jul 2016

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What you will learn

Know the elements to make a successful event

Plan an event


This Party Planning and Events Management course is aimed at all of those who have thought about making this activity a hobby or as a serious business proposition. Who do you need to be to be the hostess with the mostest? What do you need to know to make a good party planner? How do you go about organising an event? What do you do? What is possible? What isn't possible? Is anything impossible? How do you stretch the budget? Make less, be more.

How do you do a good childrens party? A good launch party? A leaving do? A hen party? A wedding? A birthday? A surprise party? A funeral? A barmitzvah? A baby shower? A business seminar? A christmas party? A stag do? A house party? Do these things all have something in common? Yes! You will be getting a group of people together!! And you want them to leave, having had the best time ever! You want the time to fly, and for them to be kicked out through the door - reluctantly leaving because they were having such a great time!! YOU can do this! You can be that person that makes it possible! YOU can be the host, that YEARS later ... everyone is still talking about it, because it was a 'legendary event' a 'memorable event' ... Just don't forget the photographer!

This course gives you food for thought, plus there is an event planning checklist at the end. If you've always fancied yourself as being an events organiser or you have a party to organise, then this course is for you. The course will take approx 1 hour to complete. 

Your host and tutor, Lisa has many years experience of attending events and is the Chief Networker for her organisation. She was the volunteer 'Network co-ordinator' for one organisation and won 'Networker of the month' as she invited 1/3 of the total guests that attended attended the launch party - (if it wasn't for her, the whole thing would've flopped)! Lisa is also the co-director of a seminar-hosting business. 

"The best events are those where like-minded people got together and had a laugh" she says. The sign of a good event, is when no-one wants to go home!

Make no mistake - event organisation and events management is 'a skill'. A great party / event doesn't just 'happen' - it takes careful organising and planning and management.


Party Planning and Events Management
Party Planning and Events Management
Party Planning and Events Management
Party Planning and Events Management


Introduction to events management and party planning

Introduction to the course

Events Management

Party Type ideas

Theming, Types, Tips

Theming an event

The psychology of parties

Childrens parties

Qualities needed

Shoestring budgets

Home party tips




Bruno25 April 2020

Poderia ter sido criado uma tabela para desenvolvermos os passos que devemos seguir para planejar um evento de forma memorável. Talvez um checklist.


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