Partnership Income Tax (Form 1065)

Learn to enter tax data for a Partnership into tax Form 1065 from a CPA

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Dec 2019

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What you will learn

How to enter tax data for an Partnership into Form 1065

How to use tax software to input a Form 1065

How to use an Excel worksheet to support tax data input for a Partnership tax return Form 1065

How to enter and track Schedule K adjustments

How to enter and track M-1 adjustments

How to enter and review data for Form K-1


This course currently consists of a comprehensive problem showing the data input process of a Partnership into tax Form 1065.

This course will put together a systematic format of entering data into a Form 1065 that will minimize errors, isolate problems as they happen, and remove the possibility of having to start the process all over again.

We will enter each M-1 adjustment individually into both the tax return and an Excel worksheet so that we fully understand how they work.

We will start by reviewing the data for the comprehensive problem.

Then we will enter the data into an Excel worksheet that will be used to help us organize the information.

We will be using Lacerte Tax software to enter the tax data into Form 1065. However, we will also provide PDF files of the tax forms so learners can enter the data directly into the tax forms as we go. The tax forms can also be found on the IRS website.

The course will demonstrate how to enter the data into the tax forms in stages to reduce potential mistakes and to identify mistakes as they happen so they can be fixed as easily as possible.

We will start the data input with the balance sheet.

Then we will enter the income statement as it is formatted in the adjusted trial balance.

Next, we will systematically go through Schedule K and M-1 adjustments. We will isolate these adjustments, reviewing them on the tax forms, in the software, and using our Excel worksheet.

We will then review the tax forms.

Next, we will review the Form K-1s and basic calculations.

The course will demonstrate the exporting of the K-1 Form to the individual Form 1040 for an owner of the Partnership, showing the flow through process.


Partnership Income Tax (Form 1065)
Partnership Income Tax (Form 1065)
Partnership Income Tax (Form 1065)
Partnership Income Tax (Form 1065)




Comprehensive Problem

Documents To Download

Comp 1 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 1 Review Data

Comp 2 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 2 Excel Worksheet

Comp 3 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 3 Review Tax Return

Comp 4 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 4 Enter Beginning Balances

Comp 5 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 5 Depreciation Schedules

Comp 6 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 6 Balance Sheet

Comp 7 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 7 Income Statement

Comp 8 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 8 Balance The Balance Sheet

Comp 9 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 9 Purchase of Equipment

Comp 10 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 10 M-1 Depreciation

Comp 11 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 11 M-1 Sale of Equipment

Comp 12 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 12 Sch. K Dividend Income

Comp 13 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 13 Sch. K Interest Income

Comp 14 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 14 Sch. D Sale

Comp 15 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 15 Sch. K Contributions

Comp 16 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 16 M-1 Tax Exempt Interest

Comp 17 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 17 M-1 Meals

Comp 18 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 18 COGS

Comp 19 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 19 Sch K-1

Comp 20 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 20 Diagnostics & Review

Comp 20 Partnership Comprehensive Problem Part 20 Diagnostics & Review


Adam30 March 2021

Would like more information about how the k1 feeds into the 1040. I thought some information feeds into schedual E??? Also if you could do a video on form 8995 would be really helpful!

Ada28 March 2021

I have purchased several courses from this instructor and all his courses has been excellent. He knows his topic very well and he explains it in a simple way that anyone can understand. I like this course.

Rahul8 November 2020

Its was a good match for me, however the learning experience could have been little better. I encountered the 'pause & play' problem in the last 3 slides.

Gerald8 February 2020

This course is great for my own accounting business. I love the Excel and Lacerte connect to each other. The connection is efficient for my own practice. I will do those and QuickBooks to effectively do my accounting practice.

Michael8 January 2020

This class gave me the tools to start an entry-level job preparing a 1065 and take the next step after compiling financials in QuickBooks. I'm currently enrolled in a MST program and have wanted to see how to take client information (trial balance) and prepare a partnership tax return in a systematic way from scratch. This class also showed me how to prepare a professional supporting workpaper in Excel.

Jason2 January 2020

This is the only tax course that teaches you how to solve the real problems you may get in your practice! Your problem may be easier or more complicated than those presented in this course but the way to solve them is the same. Great course!


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