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Palo Alto Networks Firewall - Hands-On Cyber Security Course

Learn about Cyber Security Attacks and How to Defeat them with Palo Alto Networks Firewalls

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Learn about the Palo Alto Networks firewall security features such as Wildfire , Vulnerability Protection and DNS Security

Understand the methodology and motivations of cybercriminals and attackers.

Understand when, where, and how to use your Palo Alto Networks firewall to protect your network.

Learn how to optimize your Palo Alto Networks Firewall setup and avoid misconfigurations that could lead to a breach.


*** The only Palo Alto Networks Firewall course on Udemy 100% Ethical Hacking Oriented .***

Thousand of companies get compromised every year, and unfortunately many of them had no clue they could be the target of a Cyber Attack. Too often, they thought technologies like Firewall & IPS were not necessary in their network and underestimated the risk and damage of a breach.

In this training, you will learn why & how the bad actors target your network. You will also understand what cyber attacks are all about and be in a position where you can better protect your assets with Palo Alto Networks Firewalls.

The course will give you an introduction of the kill chain used by the bad actors to take control of a network and provide a method to successfully block every stage of a hack using Palo Alto Networks Firewalls. You will receive an introduction to the different features of Palo Alto Networks Firewalls such as Wildfire, Vulnerability Profiles, and DNS Security and learn where and how to use them effectively.

The course also comes with different demonstrations of ethical hacking activities and configuration of your Palo Alto Networks firewall.  Like a Cyber Range Training or Blue Team / Red Team exercise you will be in the position of the attacker and the Firewall administrator to get the big picture of what Cyber Security is all about.


Palo Alto Networks Firewall - Hands-On Cyber Security Course
Palo Alto Networks Firewall - Hands-On Cyber Security Course
Palo Alto Networks Firewall - Hands-On Cyber Security Course
Palo Alto Networks Firewall - Hands-On Cyber Security Course




Security Concepts

Anatomy of a Hack

Palo Alto Firewall Security Features

Reconnaissance and Scanning

Scanning the Target

Defend against Scanning

Scanning Summary


Enumerating the Target

Defend against Enumeration

Enumeration Summary

Exploitation and Delivery

Exploiting the Target

Defend against Exploitation and Delivery

Exploitation & Delivery Summary

Data Exfiltration

Data Exfiltration

Defend against Data Exfiltration

Data Exfiltration Summary

Lateral Movements

Lateral Movements

Defend against Lateral Movements

Lateral Movements Summary

Command and Control

Command and Control

Defend against Command and Control

Command and Control Summary

Bonus Section

Bonus lecture


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