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Pack Affinity Photo Designer Publisher the essentials

Discover Affinity softwares with the basics of Affinity Photo Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher in one course

Pack Affinity Photo Designer Publisher the essentials


10 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Discover Affinity Serie

Understand the use of each software

Start with the different softwares

Manage dashboard

Create save export

Use grid and guides

Create selections

Improve selections

Manage colors gradients and stokes

Master the main tools

Manage pages

Use master pages

Add filters

Add effects

Master layers

Use photo adjustments

Edit photo

Create vector drawing

Create graphic documents


Affinity pack discover all the basics

Affinity is a software suite that lets you do photo editing with Affinity Photo, vector design with Affinity Designer, and page layout with Affinity Publisher. Each software has a common base, and then specializes in photography, illustration and layout. You can compare this to the suite of Adobe and Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. By using these three software, you will be able to do all in graphic design.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is powerful photo editing and editing software. Less known than Photoshop, Affinity Photo does not have to envy the latter, especially since it has a more than affordable license. Affinity Photo is compatible with popular file formats like PSD. Features include RAW processing, color space options, live previews as effects are applied, as well as image stitching, alpha compositing, black point compensation, and corrections optical aberration. Apart from high quality image processing, it has features that allow it to work on all graphic designs, covers, card, flyer and more. It also has an advanced system for placing text and creating guides.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a powerful graphic design program for all your needs. It is software that allows you to work on vector format as well as photo editing. You can use it for logos, vector illustrations, graphic documents, but also photo editing. Affinity Designer allows you to work in two different modes, depending on whether you want to work in vector format or in raster format. Likewise, it is very easy to juggle between the two modes, and to combine the tools of one or the other on the same graphic design. The performance is impressive, the interface allows you to work efficiently with clear and precise controls.

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher is design software specializing in layouts, but also in the creation of graphic documents. It thus has advanced tools for managing pages, the use of models, or even advanced text modifications. Affinity Publisher has the same type of functionalities as InDesign software, offering an extremely ergonomic interface. If you want to make layouts with text and images, if you want to create books, requiring advanced page management, then Affinity Publisher is the right tool. But it does not stop there, you can of course work on graphic documents such as cover, flyer, business card, photo montage. It also has layer effects as well as photo editing settings.

Training video

In this training video, you will learn the basics of the three software. In each software, there will be a part to start well, a part with the main features, and a part with two training projects. This will give you a solid foundation for using all Affinity. This course is a pack that covers the basics of three softwares. To go into more details, I invite you to see the other individual training courses on each software.


Affinity Photo start with the software


Manage dashboard

Create save export


Affinity Photo essentials

Import and crop image

Manage layers

Use mask layer

Blend mode

Create selections

Refine selections

Remove defaults

Clone elements

Edit sharpness

Lighten and darken area

Manage photo adjustments

Main photo adjustments

Develop persona

Tone mapping persona

Liquify persona

Add shapes

Color gradients strokes

Manage guides

Manage alignments

Add text

Add effects

Add filters

Affinity Photo two trainings

Photo montage part 1

Photo montage part 2

Improve landscape photo part 1

Improve landscape photo part 2

Affinity Designer start with the software



Create save and export


Affinity Designer essentials

Manage artboards

Use pen

Manage layers

Edit nodes

Examples with pen

Manage brush

Create shapes

Shapes association

Object transformations

Color gradients and strokes

Grid and guides


Import images

Image inside shape

Add text

Curved text

Image inside text

Add effects

Pixel persona selections

Pixel persona adjustments

Pixel persona add blur on background

Pixel persona layer mask

Affinity Designer two trainings

Logo design part 1

Logo design part 2

Create visit card part 1

Create visit card part 2

Affinity Publisher start with the software



Create save export


Affinity Publisher essentials

History panel

Manage pages

Master pages

Manage layers

Import images

Pictures frames

Add shapes

Color gradients and strokes

Grid and guides

Alignments and distribution

Add text

Character style

Wrap text

Add glyphs

Edit letters

Create table

Stock image

Add transparency

Add effects

Photo adjustments

Designer persona

Photo persona

Affinity Publisher two trainings

Create cover book part 1

Create cover book part 2

Create interior book part 1

Create interior book part 2


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