How To Outsource SEO With Fiverr

Learn How To Build a Business Online By Offering SEO Services You Can Outsource With Fiverr

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What you will learn

By the end of the course you will have learned how to outsource and profit from providing SEO Services you can Outsource using Fiverr

We will show you what providers to use for outsourcing the SEO services

Where to find buyers for SEO services

How to evaluate current SEO Rankings for clients

How to create Image Ads for advertising your services

How to charge clients with Paypal


This course shows you how to find clients that are looking for SEO services. 

Once you find these clients you can charge your own price for the services and outsource the work for a fraction of the cost using Fiverr and other outsourced workers we provide. 

We show you how to offer great customer service for your clients and generate profit by outsourcing all of the SEO work. These customers also can potentially turn into repeat buyers earning you profit month after month. 

We additionally show you how to evaluate customers websites, create your own advertisements for offering services, how to use Paypal and essentially create your own SEO outsourcing business. 


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Introduction To Outsourcing SEO

Intro To The Course
Taking Action
Need Help?
SEO Outsourcing Content

Method One - eBay

eBay Introduction
Real Quick..
eBay Easy Feedback Part 1
eBay Easy Feedback Part 2
eBay Feedback Notes
eBay Research
Choosing eBay Services
Listing eBay Services

Method Two - Freelancer

Freelancer Introduction
Freelancer 1 (overview) L18
Freelancer Video 2 - Lecture 19

Method Three - Internet Marketing Forums

Internet Marketing Forum Introduction
Selling On Forums Part 1
Selling On Forums Part 2
Selling On Forums Part 3
Selling On Forums Part 4
Selling On Forums Part 5

SEO Evaluations, Tools & Customer Service

Introduction Video
SEO Evaluation Process
Rank Tracker Tutorial
Common SEO Q&A
SEO Tools & Resources
SEO Evaluation Extras

Creating Image Ads (OPTIONAL)

Image Ads Introduction
Image Ads Video 1
Image Ads Video 2
Image Ads Video 3
Image Ads Video 4
Image Ads Video 5

Extra: PayPal Setup

Setting Up Your Paypal Account
PayPal Invoices
Direct Paypal Buttons
Bonus: How I'm Landing $1000 Clients Every Month


April 1, 2017
The contents are outdated no timely updating. Things are changed now the course is recorded almost 5 before.
March 28, 2017
The instructor is quite clear and seem honest enough to teach us about certain pitfalls and caveats about real-life situations.
November 24, 2014
There is a bit of duplication in some of the videos, but all the information is there. Some of the services being offered may not work so well nowadays, but it's not a big deal to change these for your own custom packages. All in all, the course is a good introduction to setting up your own SEO arbitrage business.
November 12, 2014
A course which should roll out very well and make a real difference. Top quality . I received a wealth of knowledge from the course. It was professionally run and well presented thanks for Vincent Boccalino and John Shea
February 19, 2014
This is an extremely clear and practical course. Everything is explained so well that you simply cannot fail! Great material, fantastic examples and guidance. Well, you have to know what SEO is, but the rest is explained here. Highly recommended for anybody who wants to get serious with SEO business!
February 4, 2014
This is a wonderful course assisting anyone regardless of skill level (i.e. newbie vs. advanced) to be able to offer SEO services to a variety of clients. You're taken by the hand and shown how to create a REAL business model. And for those who are new you'll get various downloads to assist you in offering your services.
February 4, 2014
When I first heard of this course, I thought that the approach of the course was going to be something else, the process of selling in this video is as old as the hills, but it works. The whole premise is, selling your services high and then finding someone to do the work for a lower price and you get the to keep the difference as a profit. The only difference here is that you’re selling SEO services. Assuming you know what SEO is and how it works, the course walks you through different ways that you can advertise your services starting with reliable like Ebay and moving on to lesser known like Freelancer. Once you’ve gotten a bit of experience, and you’ve gotten a hang for the process, The course then suggests you take a step up and stat advertising in internet marketing forums. Throughout all this the course explains the best way to present your ads to attract new customers, how to make image ads, how to stand out from other sellers and how to get testimonials if you’re staring out new. Lastly the course goes through different ways you can do SEO evaluations for customers, and in this way, get new customers and stand out as an expert in this field. Really applying the techniques in this course can apply to any service that can be done on fiverr, you’re not limited to SEO, but if you like SEO and understand it, there is definite money to be made here, and the course definitely shows you the way to do it. The great thing about Udemy is that if at any time you have questions, the authors can jump in and clarify additional things in the video. This is a unique and interesting course, with the object of making money. I definitely know that if you apply the principles here, you will make money.
February 4, 2014
This is a good course which is very easy to understand and implement the strategies, explained. It is perfect from newbie point of view and even though few of them are already known to me (I'm already an SEO expert), the course still grabbed my interest till the end. It also stresses on different modules in various aspects and is perfectly learnable :)
February 2, 2014
This is a course that will really allow you to make money online. Unlike most MMO type courses that only make money for the seller, this course shows you step-by-step how to start making money online literally within a few days. (Maybe even hours) One of the things I like about the training is that everything you need to get started right away in given to you. Perfect for lazy marketers like me. For example you get salesletters, outsourcers details, templates, pre-made packages. All you need to do is take the material, create your package and list it. Then just deliver the service and spend the cash. This course is worth way more than $40. You will get your course fees back with your first gig. You can't fail!
February 1, 2014
I really enjoyed this course, it was thorough and to the point, with very actionable strategies to make money by selling SEO services. This course literally takes you step by step and shows you exactly what you need to do to sell SEO services, shows you what services to sell, how to promote those services, and how to outsource the entire thing. This is a sustainable business model that you can get started with right now. You can literally be halfway through this course and know enough to start making money immediately. It's also a very scalable method, you can make this a part time business or a full time business. Highly recommend.
February 1, 2014
Detailed and easy to follow, covering lots of extras that the newbie might have struggled with otherwise! Love that it covers creating good ads in detail, I've always found that a difficulty. I think anyone could follow this course and start seeing sales pretty quickly, just put it into action! I'm not new to reselling services this way, but with the extra pointers I picked up here I can ramp it up from a trickle to a steady stream of income. Thanks Guys!



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