Fiction Writing: A Complete Novel Outline Chapter by Chapter

A Bestselling Course - Learn this Hollywood secret and complete a comprehensive novel outline in as little as 2 weeks!

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Sep 2017

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What you will learn

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive whodunit mystery novel outline ready for your first draft

You will learn how to stager scenes from character to character to maintain tension

Understand what a comprehensive novel outline should look like to give you the best chance at writing a complete first draft

You will understand character traits and how to use them to create meaningful characters

You will have a comprehensive Whodunit outline that can be modified for future novels


September 19, 2017 - Now updated to include the 10 Scene Templates download!

Want to write a mystery/thriller/detective novel and publish in the quickest amount of time possible?

I thought so. ;)

Do you have an idea for a full length novel, but don't know where to start?

Do you want to write full-time, quit your day job, and follow your passion, but the dream seems so far away?

Have you ever said to yourself, I could write a novel but I don't want it to take me all year!

Oh man, you're so in the right spot.

I freaking get it.

See, I used to be in your shoes. Spending hours per day on writing and seeing little to no progress day after day. Staring at pages and pages of notes full of good ideas, but having virtually no idea what to do with them. Wishing I could write this darn novel already, but feeling overwhelmed at the investment of time and sacrifices to get there.

But then, things changed.

I developed a system - one that actually worked - in order to turn my ideas in a complete novel outline and eventual manuscript in the shortest amount of time. In less than a year, I was able to write 3 full length novel outlines and manuscripts. In less than two years, I had seven full length novel outlines and manuscripts.

Now, I've taken that system, a system used by Hollywood writer's for decades and compiled it into a step by step novel outline called Fiction Writing: A Complete Novel Outline Chapter by Chapter.

Brett Bacon published his book after taking this course and the genre will surprise you!

Brett took this course and published his first novel titled: The President's Neighbor: Comedy Script. 

Yes, you read that right. It's a comedy and it's getting great reviews on Amazon! Go to Amazon and search for the title and you'll see Brett took this course and it was a success! Buy it while you're there ;) I did and its a great book, plus you can see how Brett built his story around this outline!

What this course is all about, my friends!

Announcing Fiction Writing: A Complete Novel Outline Chapter by Chapter

Forget about how to structure the plot. Don't worry about characters and subplot. Because once you know the outline secrets inside this exciting course, you'll never again have to deal with how to structure your book.

Why? Because this course is a detailed, step-by-step, chapter by chapter, no-fluff story arch that will show you exactly how to put that novel idea swirling around your head, to use. Just imagine:

· No more studying about plot!

· No more studying about how to structure the novel!

· And never again will you have to deal with coming up with enough information to fill an entire full length book!

Go ahead, imagine how you'll feel when you finally get that idea down into a comprehensive novel outline. Just imagine your completed story, ready for the rough draft. And just think of what your friends, family, and colleagues will say once they see you accomplishing your dream!

You can bet you'll feel the same way as Ashley Erickson, who now has the ambition and drive to get her story on paper. Here her story in her own words:

“I've wanted to write a novel for years and with this course, I'm excited to give it a try!"

Or maybe you'll feel like Chris Schwab, who is a beginner with a dream of writing. Take a look:

“For me being a beginner that is writing on the side with no writing degrees, Michael does a fantastic job guiding you through the outline process. The program course is easy to follow and well structured. Michael is a true professional and I would recommend his course to any writer of all levels."

Look, you could be the next success story. You could be just like Ashley Erickson and Chris Schwab. Because…

In as little as 2 weeks, you too could have a comprehensive novel outline ready for your first draft!

Best of all, you don't need much to start the course. All you have to do is click the “Take this Course" button to the right, and in just moments you'll discover:

· At last, you'll finally discover outlining a novel isn't difficult at all! Need to get a snap shot of the course? Then see page lecture 3, "The Purpose Of This Course" for the simple course instructions that will blow your mind!

· Short on time? Then you'll love that this course is work at your own pace!

· How to create tension tips in nearly every lecture – you won't find these secrets anywhere else!

· What some literary agents WANT you to understand about outlining a novel!

· A surprising trick for slowing down time in a book – no extra study required!

· Outlining mistakes and how to avoid them!

· A simple little way to create the characters you need required for each novel – you won't believe how well this archetypal character trait guide works!

· The little-known strategy for changing point of view to increase tension – this one works so well you'll think it's magic! And so much more!

By the time you watch the final lecture of this exciting outline course, you'll have a comprehensive novel outline – and at last, you'll finally have everything you need to finally complete your first draft with little effort!

Listen, if you're looking for some rehashed theory or a pile of fairy dust, this isn't it. But if you're ready to roll up your sleeves and find a surefire way to complete your novel outline, then this is the last course you'll ever need to get it done!

But wait, it gets even better. Because…

Buy it Now and You'll Also Get My One on One Help!

Tired of purchasing a course only to have it not meet your expectations?

Looking for another perspective from a writer who's been there?

Then my one on one help is exactly what you need to nail down your mystery idea so that you can start working on your outline! In fact, it's the easiest way I know to get started on the right track – and that says a lot, because I've tried almost every method out there!

Here's a sneak peek at what you get:

· You'll get my one on one feedback to your current story idea before you start the course!

· Get hung up in a particular area as you're working through the course, that's what I'm here for! Ask for my help. It's free and I've helped literally hundreds of people with their story outlines. So let me ask you…

What is having a Comprehensive Novel Outline Worth to You?

If you're like a lot of people, you've already spent hundreds of dollars on writing books and novel software. But none of those gave you the results you wanted. And that's because they were all missing one crucial ingredient…

Hundreds of hours of study time!

That's what makes this course different. For the first time ever, you'll finally be able to get your comprehensive novel outline completed without all the study time required to get it done right, and that's a promise.

That's right – your own novel idea, solved.

You know this is an absolute steal, so click “Take This Course" and start now.

And just to ease your mind…

You Get A 100% Guarantee You'll Finish With A Comprehensive Novel Outline – Or You'll Get Your Money Back!

Look, you don't even have to say “yes" today. All you have to say is “maybe." Because when you order now, Udemy automatically extends to you their 30 day iron-clad, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

If this course doesn't deliver a comprehensive novel outline, or if you're unsatisfied for ANY reason, simply cancel your purchase within 30 days and Udemy will refund every penny.

Fair enough?

Then there's just one thing left for you to do.

Take advantage of this Hollywood Secret and Outline Your Novel!

Your next step is easy – take out your credit card and click the order link above. And do it now, because this price can change at any time!

P.S. All you have to do is come with a basic story idea and some creativity, and this course will take care of everything else. So make that decision right now, and then click “Take This Course" to change your life!


Fiction Writing: A Complete Novel Outline Chapter by Chapter
Fiction Writing: A Complete Novel Outline Chapter by Chapter
Fiction Writing: A Complete Novel Outline Chapter by Chapter
Fiction Writing: A Complete Novel Outline Chapter by Chapter




Seat of Your Pants Writer or Outliner

The Purpose of this Course

Outline Your Whodunit Mystery Novel

What is a Novel Outline

Basic Outlining vs. Comprehensive Outlining


Character Trait Explained

Let's Get Started

The Outline

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31


Final Thoughts

Course Transcripts

10 Scene Templates

10 Scene Template Download


Amy11 September 2020

Only just started and am half way through the introduction but it is confirming that it was the right choice for where i have been struggling with my ability to start my novel. He explained me perfectly in the opening talking about seat of your pants writer or outliner. I have tried to be a seat of my pants writer and have, what i think is, a great idea .... but I get stuck and give up - thinking writers block, but now know it is actually lack of preparation.

Andrew8 September 2020

To be honest, I was unaware this course was going to be specifically about a whodunit (I think that's more my fault than anything as I might not have read the description closely enough). Nonetheless, the course has been very entertaining and offers a new facet to my own creative process that I didn't realize could be useful. Thank you for the pleasant surprise!

Carol30 July 2020

The way the class is broken down chapter by chapter is very helpful. It simplifies the flow and methodically builds the story. I'm anxious to complete the next chapter.

Inbal24 May 2020

the instructor is very interesting and i really feel that i learn a lot in this course. He is also inspiring.

Deborah28 April 2020

The outline presented was very detailed but if you complete it, you'll be all set to start writing. The resources were excellent and complimented the presentations.

Edwin8 February 2020

I have been working on a novel for years, but keep getting stalled because I don't have a workable outline. I believe if I can get through this barrier, I will have a successful mystery novel.

Mark3 December 2019

As I continue further I may be corrected, but when I bought the course I do not remember it being specifically for a Whodunnit. All I saw was it being about outlining a novel. I will continue to see if the contents of the course will speak to all outlining.

Jonny1 November 2019

I think overall this was a good start. I feel at times he could have been clearer. I feel he could have been more confident as well (if I'm paying for a course I don't like to hear the instructor questioning if he's explaining something properly, I'd prefer to view him as an expert if I'm paying him). I am about to take my lecture notes and have a stab at writing a cohesive outline. I will say if he polished his presentation a bit and managed to do this with other genres he could do very well for himself with this concept.

Barbara11 October 2019

I am taking this course simply as a refresher. I have already written and published a novel but it has been a while so I needed to refresh my outlining skills. Thank you

Gwyn12 September 2019

I've had this course for a couple years, but I wasn't ready and needed to learn and hone my writing craft. Jessica Brody's Save the Cat Writes a novel and Rayne Hall's series of writer's craft books I feel confident. This class is what made me, a novice, want to write a who run it with the flavor of a thriller. I would highly reccomend this course. It's treasure, pure gold, but you have to do the work and not give up!

Julles13 April 2019

Excellent so far, wish I could hear it better on my laptop. Might be on my end, but if not - Udemy - please ensure all uploaded courses are at a good volume. Thanks.

Tracy2 April 2019

It's exactly what I was looking for. (btw my husband does the same thing in knowing what's going to happen in a movie - sheesh annoying ) Tracy Essam

Richard16 December 2018

Good content. The instructor is 80-90% clear, but at times, since the chapters are broken down chapter by chapter, he references things that do not belong in the chapter. It takes a bit of re-watching and re-reading the transcripts to understand the instructors intent. Overall very effective though.

Ce12 December 2018

It's a good course, but the instructor is not engaging enough. Excellent information, could be used in infinate ways.

Stephen7 December 2018

Can't say it was what I expected because I have never seen Mike before. Having come this far with the course I can see the deeper value of the course, even on the first pass. I am looking forward to finishing the first pass and going back a second time. Nice relaxed style Mike... makes it enjoyable from a listeners POV. (Mike, you stay on message, that's great, but I can see a funny side bubbling under your serious face - let the fun out). Thanks. Stephen Jennings


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