Oracle SQL : Mastering Oracle SQL Performance Tuning

Oracle SQL Query Tuning and Architecture | Solve critical Oracle SQL query performance issues | Advanced SQL Tuning

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Oct 2019

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What you will learn

Step by Step approach on troubleshooting badly performing SQL queries.

Identify how internal Oracle components affects the performance of the SQL query.

Identify potential performance bottlenecks by reading the Explain plan of the queries.

Tips and Tricks to make the Oracle SQL query run faster.

Compare BAD vs GOOD Queries with Examples.

Understand how STATISTICS and CARDINALITY affects the performance of the SQL Query.

Implications of JOINS and ACCESS Methods on the performance of the Query.

Oracle Performance Tuning on both Oracle11g and Oracle12c Environment.

Advanced SQL Query Tuning Steps.


*** This Course purchase includes video lectures, practice files, quizzes, & assignments, 1-on-1 instructor support***

Please note that this course will be continuously getting updated with more videos to keep you up to date on Oracle SQL Tuning. You will find lot of new lecture covering new features in the area of  Oracle SQL Tuning. Best part about this course is that, You can also demand a lecture on a specific topic of  SQL Tuning, which comes under the scope and I will make sure that the section on that Topic is added .

This course is designed to take the Oracle SQL Developers, Analysts, DBA to next level in SQL Query Tuning. You will find Various ways to optimize and tune the queries in the Production Environment. The professional who wants to start with the tuning of Oracle SQL queries and have  basic idea of writing and reading queries, will find it extremely easy to understand.

How many times have we seen this. A Production batch job or a SQL Query  is hung or consuming more time. Majority of the times we are clueless on what needs to be done or how it has to be troubleshooted.

I will Guide you through a STEP by STEP approach on how to troubleshoot the badly performing SQL Queries. We will also talk about the Oracle components that need to be checked and looked at. This course will also teach you how to interpret various components and identify the actual reason why the SQL Query is taking time. We will not stop there. We will also look at what fixes could be applied to make the SQL Query work faster.

I have taken a systematic approach in identifying , analyzing and troubleshooting badly performing SQL Query and will provide you with the skills required to write highly efficient Oracle SQL queries.

There is a separate section on most commonly seen problems in SQL Queries and have provided TIPS and TRICKS on correcting those SQL queries . So, next time, you do a Code review or write your own code, you can follow some of of the BEST Practices mentioned to proactively solve the SQL Performance Issues.
You should be able to complete this course in a week time, if you dedicate 2 hours of your time daily and this journey will take you from Oracle SQL Tuning beginners to expert Level.

Important Topics covered:

  • Gather statistics for the bad SQL

  • Understand the Cardinality and Execution Plan

  • Advanced Query Tuning Techniques.

  • Understand the Various components of the Execution Plans and interpret them

  • Understand the Index in depth and its impact on Performance

  • Guide Oracle Optimizer to choose a better execution Plan.

  • Tips and Tricks to tune the SQL Queries.

  • Gain Oracle performance tuning knowledge on Oracle11g and Oracle12c

  • Adaptive Cursor Sharing

Briefly, The knowledge of SQL Tuning is a must for IT professionals and this course is one stop shop for gaining this necessary and in-demand skill.

Trust me, I will make sure you have an awesome learning experience and will hold your hand and take you step by step!!! 

Happy Oracle SQL Tuning :-)


Oracle SQL : Mastering Oracle SQL Performance Tuning
Oracle SQL : Mastering Oracle SQL Performance Tuning
Oracle SQL : Mastering Oracle SQL Performance Tuning
Oracle SQL : Mastering Oracle SQL Performance Tuning


Course Guidelines


Oracle Architecture

Introduction to Oracle Architecture

Oracle Storage

Oracle SGA

Oracle Background Process

Oracle PGA

Oracle Terminology

Physical and Logical Storage


Explain/Execution Plan

Explain Plan and it's contents

Generate and View the Explain Plan

View Explain Plan and Statistics in SQL * PLUS

Analyze the Explain Plan


SQL Processing

Soft/Hard Parse

SQL Statistics and Cardinality

Oracle Statistics

Generate Statistics

Importance of Cardinality

Statistics/Cardinality Feedback

Extended Statistics


Index and it's Types

Index and its types

B-Tree Index

Descending Index

Key Compressed Index

Reverse Key Index

Function Based Index

B-Tree Clustered Index

IOT Index

Bit Map Index


Oracle Access Methods

Access Methods

Full Table Scan

Index Fast Full Scan

Index Full Scan

Index Range Scan

Index Unique Scan

Index Skip Scan

Oracle Joins

Overview of Joins

Nested Loop Join

Sort Merge Join

Hash Join


Query Tuning Tips

Parallel Hint

Append Hint

CTAS Statement

Union Vs Union ALL

Multiple Scan Statements

Expression on Index Columns

Truncate Vs Delete

Unnecessary Sort

Bad Usage of * in Select

Having in Group By

Use of Alias

Advanced Tuning Topics

Bind Peeking Problem

Adpative Cursor sharing (Part 1)

Adpative Cursor sharing (Part 2)

Bind Aware Hint

Dynamic Sampling

Appendix: Oracle Installation 11g and 12c

Oracle 12C Installation

Oracle 11G Installation

Unlock HR Schema

Installation of SQL Developer

Installation of Training Schema

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Alexander15 June 2021

Please, please fix subtitles. Starting from about section 4 they contain weird mistakes like parameters -> barometers, SQL -> sequel, etc.

Kundan27 April 2020

Good Coverage of important topic,explanation is precise & simple.It would be good if AWR reports explanation would be included in the course.

Shubham21 April 2020

I am very disappointing to take this course because i'm not getting my question reply here and second thing is that some topic are missing here like partitioning, Hints and global indexing etc. which is vital as perspective of performance tuning.

Bogdan7 April 2020

Partial. O sa vad mai departe. Subtitrarea merge greu, parti intregi sunt sarite. Accentul este puternic, si faptul ca lipsesc subtitrari, fac greu de urmarit parti importante

Rodrigo2 April 2020

Seria bom ter legendas em tudo. Alguns trechos nçao temos a legenda em ingles. Como não tenho ingles fluente, a legenda ajuda a entender melhor o que é falado em ingles.

Mark13 July 2019

Excellent course. Well paced. Dense with good information, but not overwhelming. Having gone through the course, my knowledge of optimization has been bumped up to the next level.

Vishal25 May 2019

The Course was a good refresher of the concepts. I would recommend to add more topics on tuning such as SQL Profiles.

Sarella7 April 2019

Detailed content and great presentation. I have learned a lot on these optimization techniques. I would recommend this course for others too ...

Vishal2 April 2019

well structured course and the thing which I loved the most is everything is explained with easily understandable examples.

Jayanti29 January 2019

Excellent course on SQL tuning,short and to the point with ample examples to clear the concepts. Just one request to him, kindly add few lectures on "SQLT" tool as it's one of the main tuning tools for poorly performing SQL's.

Maurizio27 January 2019

English is not always super clear and easy to follow, but contents are great and the course is very well paced

Aramis25 January 2019

O Curso aborda de forma geral os conceitos que envolvem performance Tuning. É recomendado que o aluno já saiba alguns conceitos básicos sobre o assunto.

Vijay22 January 2019

It is a great course and instructor way of teaching is really engaging and interesting. I highly recommed it to those who want to master in SQL tuning.

Training20 January 2019

Till now, the concepts are very well explained. The architecture of Oracle is very well explained. I see instructor possessing very good knowledge on the subject. Hoping to complete the full course and provide the final feedback.


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