Optmyzr 102: Managing Bids and Budgets

Learn about Optmyzr's Budget and Bid management tools

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to use Optmyzr to monitor your PPC Budgets

Apply One-Click Optimizations directly to your PPC accounts

Learn how to use Optmyzr to manage your bids

Use Optmyzr tools to optimize Target ROAS & Target CPA


Optmyzr is an award-winning PPC optimization platform for search marketing professionals. Founded in 2013 by a team of former Google executives, Optmyzr gives you the tools and insights to quickly execute strategies for accounts of any size, diversity, or complexity.

Optmyzr’s 102 course is meant to show you how you can reclaim the power of your advertising budgets and get greater control over your PPC bid strategy.

In this course, a team of Optmyzr experts will walk you through the tools that can help you optimize your budgets and the different One-Click Optimizations that can help you manage manual bidding, or gain control over your campaigns running on automated bidding strategies.

You’ll learn how Optmyzr can help you analyze spend forecasts, and how you can use these insights to reallocate budgets across campaigns, or even across different accounts from the same client, to help you reach your monthly targets.

We’ll show you how you can use Optmyzr’s One-Click Optimization to manage manual bids to help you boost conversions or reduce wasted spend in the account. And, if you’re running campaigns on smart bidding, well show you how can optimize them to help you reach your CPA or ROAS goals.

You’ll know more about Optmyzr’s tools to manage bid adjustments and how now you’re able to hack bid adjustments while doing Smart Bidding through the implementation of Value-Based Bidding (VBB.)

By the end of this course, you should be able to start integrating Optmyzr’s budget and bid management tools into your daily workflow.

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Monitoring Spend

Analyze Spend Forecasts

Working with Budgets

Optimize Budgets on Single Accounts
Optimize Budgets Across PPC Platforms

Working with Manual Bidding

Manage Bids to Boost Conversions
Manage Bids to Bring Ads to the First Page
Reduce Bids for Expensive Keywords

Working with Bid Adjustments

Hourly Bid Adjustments
Geo Bid Adjustments
Audience Bid Adjustments
Rule-Based Method

Working with Smart Bidding

Optimize Target ROAS
Optimize Target CPA
Find Non-Converting Search Queries

Value-Based Bidding

Why Value-Based Bidding in PPC Can Improve Results
How to Use Geo Bid Adjustments at the Same Time as Google Smart Bidding
How to Score Different Segments
How to Choose Value Rules for Google Ads
Which Segments Should Have Value Rules in Google



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