OpenStack Architecture and Administration

Deploy and operate your IaaS with OpenStack

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OpenStack Architecture and Administration


10.5 hours


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

OpenStack Cloud Components

Deploy OpenStack on 5-Nodes

Managing VM’s with OpenStack Compute

Distributed Cloud Storage Object Storage with Swift

OpenStack Cloud Orchestration, Monitoring and Metering

Operate your openstack cluster from dashboard

Operate your openstack cluster from CLI

In depth understanding of object and block storage options

Cloud computing background


Linux Foundation ranked OpenStack® as the most popular open source project.

It's market is projected to grow at 30+ percent in the upcoming several years.

Openstack is gaining  more and more attraction in private cloud market and also serves  as the foundation for public clouds. Organizations throughout the world have aggressive.

OpenStack adoption plans, but they list IT skills as their #1 challenge to getting started.

This course has been designed for IT professionals seeking to develop a solid understanding of OpenStack and it's core services. It will help any IT professional or manager who want to find out if OpenStack is the right solution to meet the needs of their organization.

  I will teach you how to setup a "multinode" OpenStack cluster using the KVM.

  After this, you can practice hands-on, at your own pace, by building out several real-world lab   scenarios.

The points below will be addressed:

• The basic configuration of the physical server as well as its virtualization with KVM then

the deployment of the virtual nodes (Compute, Controller, BlockStorage, ObjectStorage).

We will have a multi-node architecture.

  • Manual deployment and configuration of OpenStack services:

Keystone, Glance, Placement, Neutron, Nova, Horizon, Cinder, Swift, Ceilometer, Heat.

  • The deployment of an instance that will be accessible from the Internet.

  • IaaS public (Internet) access.

  • The simulation of a client who will connect from the Internet to the IaaS and create its own VMs.




Training plan





Training environment

Architecture HLD LLD

Environment setup

Order physical server online

Additional subnet request

Server security and SSH passwordless

Server virtualization with KVM

vSwitch and Nodes (controller, compute, object, block) creation

Host networking, NTP, Additional virtual hard drive

OpenStack installation IAAS

Openstack Prerequisites packages

Identity service - Keystone

Image service – Glance

Placement service – Placement

Compute service – Nova

Networking service - Neutron

Dashboard – Horizon

Block Storage service – Cinder

Administation I

Add Images

Manage Flavor

Security group

Provider network

Networks and instances creation

Router and external network

Acces Instance with key pair and floating IP

Access from internet to platform

OpenStack installation IAAS+

Object storage service - Swift

Orchestration service - Heat

Data collection service - Ceilometer

Alarming service - Aoh


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