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OpenCV Python For Beginners | Hands on Computer Vision

Hands on Practical Examples with OpenCV & Python

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Oct 2019

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What you will learn

Basics of NumPy

Face Detection with OpenCV

Draw shapes on images and videos with OpenCV

Smoothing, blurring, thresholding, and morphological operations with OpenCV

Objects Tracking with OpenCV

Histograms with OpenCV

Find Car Lane lines with OpenCV


Welcome to this on OpenCV Python Tutorial For Beginners. OpenCV is an image processing library created by Intel and later supported by Willow Garage and now maintained by Itseez. opencv is available on Mac, Windows, Linux. Works in C, C++, and Python. it is Open Source and free. opencv is easy to use and install.

The goal of this course is to provide you with a working knowledge of OpenCV with Python. We'll start with the basics, starting from installing OpenCV with Python on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. Then we will see how to create your first OpenCV python script. Then we will dive deep into the amazing world of computer vision Using OpenCV and learn the most important concepts about computer vision using OpenCV .

So Let's get started !!!


OpenCV Python For Beginners | Hands on Computer Vision
OpenCV Python For Beginners | Hands on Computer Vision
OpenCV Python For Beginners | Hands on Computer Vision
OpenCV Python For Beginners | Hands on Computer Vision


Install and Setup Python

How to Install Python 3 on Windows 10

How to install Python 3 on Mac

How To Install PyCharm In Windows 10

How To Install PyCharm In Mac

How To Install PyCharm In Ubuntu 18.04 + Create and Run First Python Project


Introduction + Installing numpy

Python List Vs Numpy Array

Basic properties and Methods in NumPy Array

Creating specific arrays, Reshape and more

Introduction to OpenCV

Introduction to OpenCV

Install OpenCV

How to Install OpenCV for Python on Windows 10

How To Install OpenCV 4 for Python on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

OpenCV Basics

How to Read, Write, Show Images in OpenCV

How to Read, Write, Show Videos from Camera in OpenCV

Draw geometric shapes on images using Python OpenCV

Setting Camera Parameters in OpenCV Python

Show Date and Time on Videos using OpenCV Python

Handle Mouse Events in OpenCV

More Mouse Event Examples in OpenCV Python

Core Operations

cv.split, cv.merge, cv.resize, cv.add, cv.addWeighted, ROI

Bitwise Operations (bitwise AND, OR, NOT and XOR)

How to Bind Trackbar To OpenCV Windows

Image Processing in OpenCV

Object Detection and Object Tracking Using HSV Color Space

Simple Image Thresholding

Adaptive Thresholding

matplotlib with OpenCV

Morphological Transformations

Smoothing Images | Blurring Images OpenCV

Image Gradients and Edge Detection

Canny Edge Detection in OpenCV

Image Pyramids with Python and OpenCV

Image Blending using Pyramids in OpenCV

Find and Draw Contours with OpenCV in Python

Motion Detection and Tracking Using Opencv Contours

Detect Simple Geometric Shapes using OpenCV in Python

Understanding image Histograms using OpenCV Python

Template matching using OpenCV in Python

Hough Transform

Probabilistic Hough Transform using HoughLinesP in OpenCV

Hough Line Transform Theory

Hough Line Transform using HoughLines method in OpenCV

Circle Detection using OpenCV Hough Circle Transform

Road Lane Line Detection Mini Project

Road Lane Line Detection with OpenCV (Part 1)

Road Lane Line Detection with OpenCV (Part 2)

Road Lane Line Detection with OpenCV (Part 3)

Face and Eye Detection

Face Detection using Haar Cascade Classifiers

Eye Detection Haar Feature based Cascade Classifiers

Detect Corners

Detect Corners with Harris Corner Detector

Detect Corners with Shi Tomasi Corner Detector

Stand Alone Executable

Creating a Stand Alone Executable


Van7 May 2021

Excellent course for beginners! Only thing I would add is that the lecturers could make it clear where we can download the sample data for the course.

Volodymyr17 October 2020

In the course there are many too elementary common (not about OpenCV and that should be known for programmers) things explained. Also considered some examples with changes only one number. Explanation of elementary things of OpenCV can be shorter. Also videos contains author mistakes and its corrections. This things consumes time and makes course less interesting. But in general course is good point to start with OpenCV!

Berkay8 September 2020

This class is free on youtube. it was directly copied from there. Therefore, some stuff on the videos are missing such as image files, links.

Olga23 July 2020

This course doesn't give you a solid foundation. The instructor is basically going through OpenCV examples. May be a good use of your time if you're too lazy to test all examples yourself and prefer watching someone else doing it. I have an impression that the instructor does not know Python well, for example, he does not show good language practices, does not use dicts nor list comprehensions, and a lot more stuff which differs an experienced Python user. It could be a good idea start with Anaconda installation which already contains numpy, and use Jupyter Notebook to test results (Python knowledge improved about class #40)

Edi27 June 2020

Gives a good overview of OpenCV, but it's very technical, showing lots of examples without explaining theory a little bit further. Talking very slowly, even at speed of 1.75x, I need to press on the forward key all the time.

Karan23 March 2020

for beginner it is perfect course. but you won't get any reply of your doubt so you need to take help of google for any doubt ..

Karan18 February 2020

it was poor experience with this instructor, many of the image and video resource are not given , many things are not explained properly and some topic are skiped like face detection using webcam and many more

Vaibhav14 October 2019

Good teaching but it would more helpful if you explain everything in more detail. And also it would be great if you provide more free courses.

Mohamed4 October 2019

Very nice and useful course thank you a lot, lecturer was very good in explaining and all lectures are easy to understand , I recommend this course for those how are interested in image processing and machine learning.


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