Online Arbitrage - Buy Products Online to Resell

Get inventory shipped right to your door! Turn around and sell it back online. This course shows you how.

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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

By the end of the course, you'll be able to find and evaluate products online for potential resale.


Ever wondered how online sellers are able to get the hottest products at the best prices in order to resell them for a profit? This course will show you exactly how they do it!

Online Arbitrage is the practice of purchasing items online to be resold online for big profits.

In this course, we'll look extensively at ways to do research online, from home, so that you know what products are in demand. We'll also look at ways to monitor and track prices and stock levels so that you always get the best deals.

By the end of this course, you'll have a firm understanding of the Online Arbitrage business model and the confidence to consistently find profitable products to resell for big profits.


Online Arbitrage - Buy Products Online to Resell
Online Arbitrage - Buy Products Online to Resell
Online Arbitrage - Buy Products Online to Resell
Online Arbitrage - Buy Products Online to Resell


Online Arbitrage - Sourcing Profitable Inventory to Resell for Big Profits

Online Arbitrage - Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Getting 94 UPS Delivery Notification Emails at one time from Disney Store

Finding Deals on the Homepage of CamelCamelCamel iPad Keyboard & Case

Online Arbitrage - Amazon Sports & Outdoors 80% Clearance Buys

Full Deal Revealed

Online Arbitrage - Dino Zoomer - Fourth Quarter 2014 Breakout Hot Toy?

Introduction to Online Arbitrage

Introduction to Online Arbitrage

Be Aware of Your Amazon Browsing History

Retail Stores vs. Buying Online

Buying Online – Where to Start?

Tools, Hardware, Extensions

Equipment & Browser Extensions

Bonus Browser Extensions

Using Graphs – Highlight: KEEPA

Example of using KEEPA.com to quickly find and evaluate deals

Use Keepa.com to identify Online Arbitrage opportunities on Amazon.com

Bonus Keepa Video: What is Keepa?

Using Graphs – Highlight: CamelCamelCamel

Online Arbitrage - CamelCamelCamel walkthrough for resellers, tracking

PriceZombie Price Comparisons and Tracking

TheTracktor Movers

TheTracktor.com, finding deals, quickly evaluating them, setting up alerts

Social Media and Google

Social Media (Follow & Search)

Google is your Friend

Learning about My Little Pony toys from Toys R Us, Target, Amazon, and Hasbro

Sourcing on Amazon.com and Deals vs. Duds

Sourcing on Amazon.com

Online Arbitrage - Amazon Suppressed Buy Box

Movers & Shakers, Keepa, Alerts, Frustration Free Packaging, Oversize, and MORE

Quickly evaluating items from the Amazon Movers & Shakers list – TOYS

Amazon Movers & Shakers - NERF Toys on sale

Paw Patrol Research and Alerts from Amazon Movers & Shakers Pages

Searching for Out Of Stock (OOS) Paw Patrol Toys on Amazon.com

Online Arbitrage - Finding the Amazon Listing for Sold Out Amazon Items

Deals vs. Duds

Online Arbitrage - When a good deal isn't as good as you think

Online Arbitrage Deal Due Diligence - TheTracktor.com

Rabbit Trails

Rabbit Trails

Online Arbitrage Rabbit Trails - TheTracktor Almond Joy Candy Replenishables

Online Arbitrage Rabbit Trail - CamelCamelCamel Dog Treats

Online Arbitrage Rabbit Trail - Keepa Deals to Wal-Mart Starburst Candy

Amazon Movers & Shakers Rabbit Trail to eBay - NERF GUNS

BOLO Hunting with Pricenoia, Keepa, CamelCamelCamel, Google, and ToyWiz

Online Arbitrage - Rabbit Trail Deals, Lawn Mowers, and $1,000 American Flags

Learning New Product Lines

Learn a Line

TMNT April O'Neil Online Arbitrage, Google Searches, and Rabbit Trails

Learn a Line: Highlight LEGO

Stay Current: Highlight ZOOLERT

Learn Your Favorite Websites

Email Lists & Clearance Sections

Timing the Market (Buying and Selling)

Timing the Market

Seasonal Sourcing

Deals Aggregate Websites

Deals, Tracking, & Discussion

Deal Website Spotlight: FatWallet.com

Deal Website Spotlight: SlickDeals.net

Deal Apps

Buying Strategies: Coupons, Rebates, Cashback, Payments

Get the Best Price COUPONS

Get the Best Price REBATES/CASH BACK

Get the Best Price PAYMENT

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Advanced Alerts IFTTT

Setting up an alert through IFTTT from an RSS feed - Online Arbitrage

LEGO Ferrari, Product Searches, EBay, Amazon, IFTTT, Craigslist

Advanced Alerts HTML Monitors


Private Tour of Prime Zero Prep with Brenden Sullivan

Online Arbitrage - Dymo 450 XL from Amazon $116, Finding, Friends

Inventory Sources

Daily Deal Sites – Highlight WOOT.com

Online Arbitrage from Daily Deal Sites like WOOT.com

Amazon Warehouse Deals


Sourcing on eBay.com

Sourcing from Craigslist

Shopgoodwill.com Sourcing


Bonus Tips and Tricks

Bonus Tips & Tricks

Online Arbitrage - Commentary on TWO Easy Money Making Deals

Sharing Deals

Sharing Deals & BOLOs - Commentary

Online Arbitrage - Deals, BOLOs, VALUE, ScannerMonkey, BOLO Exchange

Online Arbitrage - Sharing Individual Offers from Amazon

DealsDoneRight DDR Example Members Only Video

Making Tax Exempt Purchases Online

Making Tax Exempt Purchases – Online

Vendor Spotlight: ScanPower

Vendor Spotlight - ScanPower RSS Reader and ScanPower WebScout

What is ScanPower WebScout?

What is ScanPower WebScout? Product Evaluation

What is ScanPower WebScout? Product Matching

What is ScanPower WebScout? Product Tracking

Bonus Materials

Bonus Video #1 - LEGO Lamborghini

Bonus Video #2 - Little People Toys, Movers & Shakers, Rabbit Trails, Wal-Mart

Bonus Video #3 - KMart in-store sourcing leads to Amazon Rabbit Trail

Bonus Video #4 - TheTracktor Movers Waffle Maker BOLO

Bonus Video #5 - Amazon Movers & Shakers to Target Sourcing

Bonus Video #6 - TheTracktor Weight Set, eBay, Price Mistake?

Bonus Video #7 - TheTracktor Movers, Food & Gourmet Price Drops, Rabbit Trail

Bonus Video #8 - Don't Stop at Keepa DAILY Deals; Check WEEK and MONTH

Bonus Video #9 - Buying Seasonal Products OUT OF SEASON

Bonus Video #10 - Keepa Twitter Alerts Lead to Online Arbitrage Rabbit Trails

Bonus Video #12 - Using Amazon Fire Phone to Scan Websites

Bonus Video #13 - Flipp, the New App for Reviewing Local Store Flyers

Bonus Video #14 - Chris Green on KTXD-TV In Dallas, TX

Bonus Video #15 - FatWallet Topic Alerts from Email

Bonus Video #16: Learn a Line Example - Black Widow

Bonus Video #17: Parent/Child Listings and Finding Deals

Bonus Video #17: Identifying Amazon BLIPs

Bonus Video #18: Finding New Facebook Groups that Share Deals

Bonus Video #19: FInding Amazon Bestsellers Past the Top 100

Bonus Video #20: Finding an Easy Keepa Deal

Bonus Video #21: Finding Deals on Amazon Movers & Shakers Deal #1

Bonus Video #22: Finding Deals on Amazon Movers & Shakers Deal #2

Bonus Video #23: Setting Up Keepa Tracking Alerts

Bonus Video #24: FatWallet Deal Due Diligence

Bonus Video #25: Online Arbitrage Wrestling Figures

Bonus Video #26: Following the Keepa Twitter Account

Bonus Video #27: Online Arbitrage Makeup Deals

Bonus Video #28: Adding Up the Value of All of Your Amazon FBA Inventory

Bonus Video #29: Sorting an Amazon Seller's Storefront by FBA Only

Bonus Video #30: Sorting the Amazon Bestsellers Lists for LEGO Deals

Bonus Video #31: Learning About the Minions Toy Line

Bonus Video #32: Evaluating Deals From The Disney Store Website


Bakhtiyor25 December 2019

Very outdated(2013-2014) and repetitive contents. Was not updated since 2015. The other strategy was to promote his own scanning web.

Dave31 January 2018

This course seems to be very detailed and doable. Chris Green is one of the best mentors in the business. I have read his first book. I am reading his second book now. I believe that if I follow the information in his Udemy course I will be able to take my business to the next level.

Robert17 January 2018

I am a complete novice, but the introduction is impressive and just what I was hoping to experience. So far this 13 minute introduction has fulfilled what my expectations are. I am looking forward to the rest of this.

Steve14 December 2017

The amount of content here is unreal - and I am only half way through. However, it is getting outdated. Several of the sites he did mention are shut down or no longer in business. Also, considering this is the tech/e-comm space, things get out of date quickly. That being said, good place for me to start for a level 1 introduction into this business model.

Ann30 November 2017

kind of jumped around waiting to find the basis of how to do arbitrage. Cool deals for this guy. Lots to store in a garage though.

George28 September 2017

no strategy. just showing deals that have already happened. Videos like this are plentiful on YouTube.

Homer5 June 2017

Good lessons. I have learn a great deal thus far. However, I find that the material is not so well organized.

Eduardo27 April 2017

Am up to Lecture 11 and still feel like I haven't learned anything that unique or valuable. Several of the web pages recommended by the Instructor don't currently exist or work. Half of the lectures up until now have been PDF documents, not video, and I noticed copy pasted content in one of the PDFs files. I hope to increase my rating as I get deeper into the course.

Solomon25 April 2017

Because the material and sourcing needs to be updated, the content is descent but it needs to be renewed to fit 2017.

Greg11 March 2017

Great introduction! I have been trying RA and am getting frustrated because i am not finding deals in stores. I hope this helpsme find deals online.

Amy14 February 2017

I loved taking this course! The information was great and having the videos to go along was extremely helpful!

Alvin19 November 2016

lots of reading off the book.. no real tips just teaching how to use some tools.. having some tips on how to use the tools or what to look out for would be useful... have a layout of plan to find products would be useful as well

Gerard10 November 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris a while back and like in person his courses did not disappoint Thank you for the clear thought process and explanations behind your lessons, Jay.

Ahsan27 September 2016

Super exciting stuff, engaging style, high level of seriousness, easy to understand narration. Why would you wear sunshades though....

Ryan25 September 2016

Every course I have purchased from Chris Green, he has knocked out of the park. The amount and quality of information is top notch!


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