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Online Wellbeing & Self-Care Retreat

Find balance and calm with this 1 Day at-home retreat.


1.5 hours


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

How to feel more grounded using yoga

Guided meditation for self-love

Take time out of your day for some creative drawing

Nourish your body with delicious recipes

Find balance with a downloadable workbook to support your mental health


Find some balance and calm with this gorgeous Wellbeing Retreat! 

Join our expert team of yoga teachers, meditation guides, creatives and wellness professionals as we guide you through different activities to support your wellbeing. You could enjoy this course as a 1 day at-home retreat for the body and mind, or take the sessions at your own pace over a week or a month.

If you feel like things have been a little (or a lot) off balance recently, this online retreat aims to give you the tools to level off those scales a little. The course includes:

- Flow: 45 Minute Grounding Yoga Flow with Taylor Selby: feel grounded and calm with this yoga flow, suitable for all levels. No previous yoga experience or special equipment necessary.

- Meditate: 25 Minute Self Love Meditation with Dan Porter: Be kind to yourself with this guided meditation. Work towards showing your body, mind and soul some self-love, gratitude and acceptance.

- Create: Drawing workshop with designer and illustrator Fran Hotchin to create your own 'Calm' design.

- Nourish: 4 downloadable recipes to make at home (breakfast, lunch, dinner and a sweet treat)

- Find Balance: downloadable workbook with activities to support mental health and help you find your balance.


Online Wellbeing & Self-Care Retreat
Online Wellbeing & Self-Care Retreat
Online Wellbeing & Self-Care Retreat
Online Wellbeing & Self-Care Retreat




Suggested Schedule for a 1 Day Retreat

Guided Meditation for Self-Love

Guided Meditation

Nourish Your Body

Downloadable Recipes

Breathwork Balance Class

Box Breathing

Finding Balance Workbook

Balance Book

Grounding Yoga Flow

Yoga with Taylor

Get Creative

'Calm' Drawing Workshop

Final Reflections

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