Online Authentic and Effective Communication

Become an Effective Communicator And Find Your Authentic Self, Learn How to Succeed with Effective Communication Skills

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Online Authentic and Effective Communication
2 hours
May 2023
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What you will learn

Communication skills for all business and personal situations

Effective Listening Skills

How to Look (and Be) Your Best on any Video Call! (Zoom, Meet, Facetime, Skype, etc...)

Online Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills

How to be Authentic

Communicate and Influence people

Communicate in a memorable way

How to Setup Your Online Workspace

Public Speaking

Emotional Intelligence


If you want to effectively communicate online and offline with your co-workers, employees, boss, family and friends, then this is the course for you! Online Authentic and Effective Communication introduces you to the key techniques and information you need to effectively communicate.

Now more than ever we need to build our foundation and find new tools to survive and succeed in the world we are living in. When used effectively and authentically, communication is a tool that leads to deep connections with other people. And how you connect with people is the one thing that has the chance to truly change your life.

I’m not ONLY going to teach you about what I’ve learned after Facilitating discussions that matter with over 10,000 people across 3 continents or being on the TEDx stage.

I’m going to share those insights with you, But more than that, I will also let you know what it takes to be a great public speaker, how to use your body language, and how to find confidence in yourself along the way. Both online and offline.

The way we communicate shapes our relationships, determines our success, and is one of the only tools that we have with us 24/7. I want to help you communicate who you want to be to the world.

I have a big secret, a lot of it comes down to truly listening. Taking in what the other person is saying, making eye contact. And in the crazy world we’re living in today, learning how to do that through the screen or through the webcam as well.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to be Authentic and Why Emotional Intelligence can Be Your New Superpower

  • How to Look (and Be) Your Best on any Video Call! (Zoom, Meet, Facetime, Skype, etc...)

  • How to Make Authentic Connections using Active Listening

  • Learn to Use Every Element of Influence to Reach the Best Outcome

  • The Ultimate Presentation Structure

And more!

This course is also full of examples and activities that allow you to practice what you are learning to improve your effective communication skills!

Online Authentic and Effective Communication skills improve your professional life and give you the tools necessary to lead your team through good and bad times. This is a critical skill for leaders and anyone working with a team or group of volunteers striving towards a goal.

Online Authentic and Effective Communication can be difficult, especially with technology constantly changing and industries shifting. To excel, you'll need to build the skills to communicate in any environment, online or offline to reach the best possible outcomes, and this is exactly what this course will teach you!

After taking this course you will be able to be confident in yourself and your ability to effectively communicate online. Because of that you'll live a better life, build deeper relationships, adapt to the needs of today, and succeed in your future.

See you inside!



How to Learn from this Course
My Background and Why I Made this Course
Why Authentic and Effective Communication is so important now

How to Be Authentic

Find Your Authentic Self
The Challenge of Authenticity
A Story of Showing Up
Vulnerability Is NOT Bad!
[Assignment] Finding Your Voice
Emotional Intelligence is Key
Take an Emotional Intelligence Test and see how you Score
Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
Activities to Increase Emotional Intelligence
EQ and Authenticity

Getting Comfortable Online

Why This Section Alone is Worth the Price of the Entire Course!
Why It's So Important to Be Comfortable Online
The right Equipment (HINT: It shouldn't cost much at all)
My Room is So Noisy!? What Should I DO?
Remove Background Noise! [TOP SECRET]
Camera Angels and Lighting
Communication, Attitude, and Best Video Call Practices
Body Language Online

How to Make Authentic Connections

The Key to Authentic Connections
Types of Listening and Why You Should Master Them All
It All Starts With...
Example of Summarizing for Clarity
[Assignment] Time to Connect
The Danger Zone!! And How to Stay Out of It...
Benefits of Active Listening
Ready to Create Authentic Connections?

Becoming a Masterful Communicator

Effective Communication Skills
Perfecting Persuasion and Influence
The 3 Pillars
Persuade with Me
The Ultimate Speech Structure
Starting off Strong - The Introduction
Keeping Them Engaged - The Body
Ending with Action - The Conclusion
Ultimate Speech Structure Resources
Using These Skills In Everyday Interactions
Body Language Essentials

Final Thoughts: Online Authentic and Effective Communication Conclusion

What We've Learned and Next Steps
[Exclusive Invite] Join Us and Practice Your Skills!!


Nervous About Public Speaking? No, I'm Excited! Beat Public Speaking Jitters


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