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Udemy Masters: Learn Online Course Creation - Unofficial

Gain freedom with your own online courses & Udemy courses: idea, validation, production, & promotion. (Unofficial)

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Create online courses that actually sell.

Build an automated sales funnel to sell your course while you sleep.

Validate your course idea to make sure it will be profitable.

Design an engaging and high-quality course.

Launch successfully, even without an audience.

Grow a loyal following for your own brand.

Use YouTube, webinars, blogging, and podcasting to sell your courses.

Know exactly what equipment you need to teach your course.

Increase your income by re-purposing course content​​.


UPDATE FOR 2020 with Phil's latest techniques and best practices!

What is your ideal life? Does the word FREEDOM come to mind? 

Freedom from stress. Freedom from worry. Freedom from money. Freedom from bosses. Freedom to be with your friends and family.

Freedom to do what you love every day.

Ultimately, freedom is what this course is all about.

I want to show you how I've built a life of freedom by sharing my knowledge with the world. It's a wonderful thing to make more money than I've ever made before... by teaching others skills that will improve their own lives.

You want freedom, and you're either:

  1. Someone who has never created an online course before

  2. Someone who is trying to sell online courses, but isn't having as much success as you'd like

I can help you, no matter what situation you're in. 


  • Create online courses that actually sell

  • Come up with great online course topics

  • Validate your course idea to make sure it will be profitable

  • Design an engaging outline sure to get great student reviews

  • Understand the equipment needed to get started on any budget

  • Edit more engaging and super duper high quality videos

  • Launch your course successfully, even without an audience

  • Choose a platform(s) to put your courses on

  • Sell courses on marketplaces like Udemy and Skillshare

  • Self-host your courses with tools like Teachable and Thinkific

  • Build an automated sales funnel to sell your course while you sleep

  • Grow your own loyal following for your own brand

  • Use YouTube, webinars, blogging, and podcasting to sell courses

  • Increase your income by re-purposing course content

Along with the video content of the course, there are many bonuses.


  • Downloadable resources and guides

  • An audio version of the course to listen on the go

  • Q&A videos the answer your specific questions

  • Assignments that make you productive while taking the course

  • An instructor who truly cares about your success


These are techniques that I use every day to grow my 6-figure business (having sold over $1,000,000 in courses since 2012). They are techniques that other successful course creators are using to build their own businesses.


The key thing to know before starting is that you don't need anything to get started.

You don't need an audience.

You don't need to know how to make videos.

You don't need to know how to teach.

You don't need to know how market.

You just need to be persistent. You just need to believe in yourself. You just need to keep your eye on the goal (whatever that may be - financial independence, $100,000 per year, an extra couple bucks for coffee, an avenue to share your knowledge with the world).


Teaching online has changed my life. It's helped me pay for vacations around the world, pay off $107,000 in student loan debt, pay for our wedding, invest for a better future, and purchase our first home.

Now I want to give back. 

In 2013, I started teaching other people how to create and sell online courses. Since then, thousands of people have used my techniques to create their own online courses and change their own lives. 

A lot has changed since 2013 when I launched my first online teaching training course. I've spoken with and interviewed hundreds of other online instructors to learn what they're doing to grow their online course business. I started the Online Course Masters podcast to document some of these conversations. 

While the podcast, my blog, and my YouTube channel are all ways in which I give amazing, high-quality, and valuable training to people like you, online courses are still the best way to take a student from A to Z. 

That's why I created this course - to walk with you through the entire process.

With our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, there's no reason to hesitate.

I'll give you two more reasons why you should enroll right this second:

Your investment in this course will quickly be paid back even just by implementing some of the techniques I share with you. There are hundreds of gold nuggets to choose from, making this course the best investment in your own education and future success.

While today is still the best day you can get started with creating and selling online courses, it will get harder for course creators as the markets get more and more competitive. You want to start as soon as you can (like today) to take advantage of this growing market. Instead of struggling and trying to do everything yourself, just learn from someone who has already figured it out. 


In the first section, I give you 3 ways to improve your courses right now to get better course reviews!

See you inside!



Udemy Masters: Learn Online Course Creation - Unofficial
Udemy Masters: Learn Online Course Creation - Unofficial
Udemy Masters: Learn Online Course Creation - Unofficial
Udemy Masters: Learn Online Course Creation - Unofficial


Course Introduction

Welcome & How It All Works

Course Bonuses (7-Step Guide & Audio Version Download)

3 Ways to Make a Course Students Love

Assignment: Introduce Yourself

Proof of Success: 2020 Update

Validate Your Course Topic & Design an Engaging Course

Ideation - Choose a Course Topic

Validate Market Demand for Your Course

Validate with the New Udemy Insights Feature

Outline an Engaging Course

CASE STUDY: Outlining a Course

To Script or Not to Script - That is the Question

Create Your Amazing Course

Choose a Course Style

Assignment: Find an Inspirational Video

My Recommended Equipment - for ALL Budgets

Overview of Phil's Video Setup

CASE STUDY: Cheapest Course Creation Tools

Design Compelling Slides

Record Better Audio - In ANY Environment

3 Tips for Composing Talking Head Videos

Choose a Great Background

Light Your Video - It Will Make a HUGE Difference

CASE STUDY: DIY Video Lighting Setup

Use Editing to Make Your Course More Engaging

Best Recording and Export Settings

Assignment: Post Your Test Video

Make Your Course Available to the World

Publish and Promote Your Course

Choose a Course Platform

How to Self-Host Your Courses

Write Better Titles & Descriptions that Sell

Price Your Course to Make the Most Money

Launch Your First Course without an Audience

Launch Your NEXT Courses - the Snowball Effect

CASE STUDY: Phil's Promotional Messages that Work

Create a Sales Funnel that Automatically Sells Your Courses

The Tripwire Technique

CASE STUDY: Phil's Tripwire

Grow Your Brand & Income

KEY STEPS to Increasing Your Income

Create a Website that Works

Update: New Website and Sales Funnel

Assignment: Find an Inspirational Website

Email Marketing for Course Creators

Use YouTube to Sell Your Courses


YouTube Best Practices for Growing Your Channel

Assignment: Create a YouTube Video

Use Webinars to Sell Your Courses

Use Podcasting to Sell Your Courses

Assignment: Get on a Podcast

Convert Your Course for Amazon Kindle


Thank You & What's Next

Ask Phil - Student Q&A Videos

Incorporating Your Online Teaching Business

How to Make $200 Per Month with No Audience

Can You Make a Career of Online Teaching in 2017

When is a Niche Too Saturated with Courses?

Can You Promote Udemy Courses with Facebook Ads?

How Do You Accept Pre-Order Payments for Courses?

How Do You Deal with Lost Family-Time?

How to Start with NO AUDIENCE or LIST

Hiring Virtual Assistants and Freelancers to Help

Should You Create More Courses or Promote?


Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off


Valera4 October 2020

Yes, I feel it is a very good match for me in that the instructor is inspiring some new ideas and how to think about the online course that I want to create. Thank you!!

Kelly14 September 2020

Great content. Really helpful, I am feeling much more confident about creating my first online course.

Tram6 September 2020

Great, full of useful information for a begginer like me. Btw, do u want to translate this course into Vietnamese. Online learning market a new and have huge potential in VN this year. (That's why after 2 decades of on-site teaching and training, I am learning to create online courses :)

Terry31 August 2020

Thanks Phil. The entire class was very informative and I plan on putting what I learned to use in building my own courses. Great job!

Marla16 August 2020

I have watched over an hour of this course and still haven't got one single tip out of it. Very "promotional", but no actual "meat" to the presentations.

Corey16 February 2020

Honestly, I expected much more. It seems to be more of a general overview than detailed step-by-step information. To be a "Masters" course I assumed it'd cover more topics in depth like how to construct a course outline. Instead it feels like a cash grab. Most of this information could be Googled or found on YouTube. You're better off saving your money or spending it elsewhere.

Claire3 February 2020

This course has been so helpful to me as I've launched my first few online courses. I'm looking forward to going back and reviewing some of these lessons as I get more experience. Thanks, Phil and team!

Joy2 February 2020

Super thank you to Phil. He is amazing when he explains everything with his real life experience. I strongly recommend his course

Philip31 January 2020

Phil expertly delivers key advice in a succinct fashion but without foregoing helpful context and real examples based on his own extensive experience.

Guillermo30 January 2020

The price is low with high quality information. Very, good course. Good inversion on time and money Thx

Harshal29 January 2020

The course addresses exactly what is needed to be done right from the grassroot level. It is loaded with useful information and guidance. This course is not only good for beginners but also for those who have well established online tutoring business but want it to grow more.

Janice26 January 2020

I loved it. As I was watching all sort of new ideas on how to get my business going began to to filter through my head. I'm really looking forward to viewing the other sections.

Louis9 January 2020

I am a first time course creator and even at this early stage in the course content I have learned more that I would have expected. 5/5 would recommend.

Kendra@noblevestaldoodles.com9 January 2020

Can't get the strength to finish the course. Talks far too much about unless stuff. Too much filler conversation, just get to the point dude. Not even worth the $10.0 and especially not worth the loss of time that I can't get back. I can make another $10. I would spend $1,000.00+ for a great program. This one isn't worth the $10.00.

Martine9 January 2020

This is a very nice course on how to make money on udemy and other platforms. However, how to make CONTENT is very minimal to non existent. Doesnt get much further than how to make a title. I.m searching for something that goes further. You could even make the course more expensive and add all these very important topics like video presentation. How to edit (instead of just mentioning the best editing software) How to be enthousiastic. How to BUILD up a course, content wise.


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