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Online Course Marketing 10 Steps To First/More Paid Students

Online Course Marketing - 10 Digital Marketing Strategies to Get More Paid Students in Your Online Courses

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Have a system for growing their paid online course sales using repeatable and scalable digital marketing strategies


Online Course Marketing - Get More Paid Udemy Students (Unofficial) - Digital Marketing Strategies for Online Course Instructors!

  • Would you like more Paying Students for your Udemy Courses?
  • Perhaps you have a few paid sales but would like more….every month?
  • Would you like to discover how Digital Marketing can sell your Udemy Courses?

Use easy to implement Digital Marketing strategies to start or accelerate the numbers of students who are paying to enroll in your Udemy Online Courses then this is the course for you!

There are lots of courses about Udemy….but this is the only one focusing on getting those first paying students into your courses.  You have done all the hard work…now its time to benefit from that investment of time and expertise!

Since publishing my first course on Udemy in July 2013, I have been constantly researching and refining my strategies for growing my course sales.  I know how difficult it is to get started.  I remember what it was like trying to get my first students.

In this course discover my 10 steps to success:

1. Making Clear the Pain

2. Optimising for Topics and Keywords

3. Getting Your First Five Star Reviews

4. Optimising Automated Messages

5. Following Up and Engaging with Students

6. Sending Your First Educational Announcements

7. Organising Your Rating and Review Programme

8. Planning Your Next Online Course

9.Creating Your Youtube Channel

10. Becoming An Influencer on Facebook

Engage and Take Action with the 10 Activities designed to maximise your results from every step of the Course!

Complete the Course Assignment and Win your place on the Course Roll of Honour!

Also don't miss my Initial Strategic Guidance - Setting Your Course Compass

  • Setting Goals for Your Online Course Business
  • What Udemy are Measuring About You and Why It Matters
  • Launching Free or Paid - What is Best?
  • The Only TWO Courses You Will Ever Need!

If you are a Udemy Instructor and you want to grow your Paid Student Enrolments using my Online Course Marketing strategies, then this is the course for you!

With 5 years and over 40 Courses under my belt, this course will show you exactly how I use these Digital Marketing strategies to start getting paid students into your course!

Not sure yet? Scroll down and watch the Free Preview Lectures!

Enroll with Confidence!  

Enroll Today and I look forward to working with you inside the Course!


Online Course Marketing 10 Steps To First/More Paid Students
Online Course Marketing 10 Steps To First/More Paid Students
Online Course Marketing 10 Steps To First/More Paid Students
Online Course Marketing 10 Steps To First/More Paid Students


Course Introduction and Welcome


Strategic Coaching - Some Initial Guidance to Set Your Course Compass

Launching with Free or Paid? What is Best?

Student Question: Do Free Coupons Influence Sales on Udemy?

Setting Goals for Your Online Course Business

What is Udemy Measuring About You?

The Only Two Courses You will EVER Need to Create

How to Get The Most Out Of This Course

Level 1 - Making the Pain Clear To Your Potential Student

Making the Pain Clear

ACTIVITY: Revise Your Course Positioning and Mark it Complete

Why is it important to remind Students of their Pain?

Level 2 Identify Your Course Keyword

Identify Your Course Keyword

ACTIVITY: Optimise Your Course for UdemY Topics and Keywords

Level 3 - Getting Your First 5 Star Reviews

Getting Your First Five Star Reviews

ACTIVITY: Feature in New and Noteworthy

Student Tip: Direct Linking to the Review Page

Why is it Important to get your First Five Star Reviews

Level 4: Optimising Your Automated Messages

Optimising Your Automated Messages to Get Ratings and Reviews

ACTIVITY: Optimise Your Automated Messages

Level 5: Discover the Importance of Student Engagement

Take Engagement to the Next Level with Personal Engagement

ACTIVITY: Set Up Personal Messages and Create Your Spreadsheet

Level 6: Engage with Educational Annoucements

Level 6: Prepare Your First Educational Announcement to Create More Engagement

ACTIVITY: Prepare to Send Your First Educational Announcement

Level 7: Organise Your Rating and Review Engine

Organise and Start Earning Ratings and Reviews

An Important Announcement About This Course - Example Video

ACTIVITY: Set Up your R&R Programme to Unlock a Jewel

Level 8: Plan Your Next Course to Discover Cross Promotion

Start Planning Your Next Course - Why and How!

ACTIVITY: Create Your Next Course Objective and Outline to Unlock a Jewel

Level 9: Create Your Youtube Channel

Set up and Create a Youtube Channel to find More Students

ACTIVITY: Create and Post to Your Youtube Channel to Unlock a Jewel

Level 10: Influencer Marketing on Facebook

Influencer Marketing on Facebook

ACTIVITY: Influencer Marketing on Facebook - Two Strategies

Getting on The Honour Role

Completing the Course Assignment

Udemy Instructor Updates and News

March 2018: Udemy Updates the Rating and Review System

March 2018: Udemy Market Place Insights adds Language Filters

Summary and Wrap Up

Summary and Wrap Up



Thomas21 December 2020

Great - thank you John. I am enjoying the course. As a fellow Udemy instructor I am learning valuable skills to market my courses in a much more effective way. I like the logical steps and levels throughout the course and I am taking action as I go along which is great.

Christian2 June 2018

Of course, it is the right choice and I am getting insightful information that helps me clarify some doubts or myths.

Dalibor15 March 2018

Great course. Lots of very helpful information for a freshly published instructor who is looking to start promoting it's course.

Kareem9 March 2018

I learned so much from this course. John is a great teacher and he really is giving very important and fantastic information that you can use to get more paid students. I recommend this course.

Techspring1 March 2018

John is extremely knowledgeable about the course subject which makes this an excellent course. He also has a huge amount of passion for teaching which shows. I would definitely recommend this course.

Darlene28 February 2018

This course is prefectly and provides excellent insight for Udemy course instuctors concerning the main key factors which all instructors should be aware of!

Christie25 February 2018

The instructor is very engaging and knowledgeable. I would definitely​ recommend his classes to others! Great information.


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