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Udemy Online Course Creation Insights Made Easy (Unofficial)

Online Course Creation Optimisation using Analysis of Udemy Marketplace Insights Data & Information (Unofficial)

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Gain Advanced Knowledge of Online Course Creation techniques on Udemy from a detailed understanding of Udemy Instructor Insights

Identify the most appropriate Udemy Course Topic for your Online Course as part of your Online Course Creation process

Make a strategic decision in selecting the best Udemy Topic as part of your Online Course Creation system, including evaluating the relative potential returns from the course

Select and Apply Primary and Secondary Keywords from Udemy Insights to improve their course's listing on Udemy and potentially their organic ranking in Udemy Search

Better understand Udemy Online Course Creation using the valuable information and data provided in the Insights section

Be able to Evaluate, Interpret and Comparatively Judge the information in Udemy Insights and apply it to your Online Course Creation


Online Course Creation using Udemy's Insights section is a MUST: It is the MOST Valuable part of the Udemy Instructor Dashboard.  

If you are not looking at this every day as part of your Online Course Creation process, you are leaving money on the table. I want to fire you up, to make you passionate about using the INFORMATION - the MARKET INTELLIGENCE and showing you how to INTERPRET this to your advantage.  I want to show you how you can teach yourself to be a better Online Course instructor on Udemy.

This course is Unofficial - it is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.


Udemy provides all instructors with amazing data and intelligence on every Topic in Udemy to help them with Online Course Creation.  I bet that only a fraction of Instructors have bothered to look at this tab, let alone use the information to their strategic (and financial) advantage.

Up to 3 months ago, I had not either, despite being a Udemy Instructor since July 2013!

The time, effort (and small amount of money) you invest in this course will pay you back very quickly.




  • Discover WHY using Insights strategically gives you a major advantage over other Udemy instructors in Online Course Creation
  • Find out what Udemy is telling you about the Opportunity Overview for every Topic
  • Understand the balance between Course Supply and Student Demand on Udemy
  • Find out which Udemy Topic can maximise your Course Revenue
  • Understand why Organic Sales on Udemy are affected by Channel Enrollments
  • Why Conversion Rates Matter
  • Discover the most appropriate Keywords in your Topic and Related Topics for your Course
  • Find out why you should pay more attention to Related Topics than you probably do
  • Understand what you can learn from the Top Earning Udemy 


If you are a new Udemy instructor and Online Course Creation is new to you, you will be able to select the best Topic for your course and optimise your Course in Udemy to give your course the best chance of ranking well in organic search

If you are an Existing Udemy Instructor, you will want to go back through EVERY Course you have published and review and revise your course listing - to improve its chances of ranking highly in Udemy.

You will understand how to make the most of the amazing and very valuable information Udemy is providing in its Instructor Insights to your advantage, gaining an advantage over the vast majority of Udemy instructors who will not have taken the time to gain this valuable knowledge.


  • Excel Spreadsheet: Udemy Insights Analysis (My Data Sheet)
  • Excel Spreadsheet: Insights Related Topics (My Data Sheet and a Template for You)
  • Excel Spreadsheet: Insights Keywords ((My Data Sheet and a Template for You)
  • Excel Spreadsheet: Udemy Insights Template (For your Data)
  • Every lecture has a downloadable PDF of the Slide Deck


I am your instructor, John Colley and I have created some of the highest rated and engaging courses here on Udemy.  Over the past five years I have shared my knowledge and experience with over 50,000 students and I love sharing my knowledge of Copywriting with you.

I teach everything from my own experience and show you clearly what works and what does not.  I don't hold anything back in my courses so that you can have the sort of success that I have been fortunate to benefit from.

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Udemy Online Course Creation Insights Made Easy (Unofficial)
Udemy Online Course Creation Insights Made Easy (Unofficial)
Udemy Online Course Creation Insights Made Easy (Unofficial)
Udemy Online Course Creation Insights Made Easy (Unofficial)


Introduction to Udemy Marketplace Insights

How Udemy Marketplace Insights Can Help You Satisfy Students and Sell Courses!

Udemy Marketplace Insights - what is the Opportunity?

Marketplace Insights Initial Analysis - Information Intelligence Interpretation

Course Ranking Results - Look What You Could Achieve!

Udemy Marketplace Insights - What are Topics?

What are Udemy Marketplace Insights?

Udemy Marketplace Insights - Why Should You Use Udemy Marketplace Insights?

Udemy Marketplace Insights - How to Get Started with Udemy Insights

Before You Get Started - Download the Spreadsheet Template

Initial Insights - Lets Find Udemy Insights and look at the Opportunity Overview

How to Find Marketplace Insights and Opportunity Overview

ACTIVITY: Create an Initial List of the Topics

Now Open the Udemy Marketplace Insights Analysis Spreadsheet

Understanding the Balance between Course Supply and Student Demand

The Course Supply Demand Equation in a Topic

What is the Best Combination of Course Supply and Student Demand?

ACTIVITY: The Course Supply Demand Equation Data Collection

What is the Value of Your Topic and Opportunity?

Course Sales Revenues

Median or Average Monthly Earnings?

ACTIVITY: Collect the Course Sales Revenue Data for your Topics

Enrollments by Channel and Conversion Rates

Enrollments by Channel

Conversion Rates

ACTIVITY: Add the Channel Enrollments and Conversion Data to your Template

Inside Udemy Marketplace Insights: Course Competition and Market Opportunity

Course Competition

ACTIVITY: Use Your Data to Evaluate the Relative Competition For Each Topic

Market Opportunity

ACTIVITY: Evaluate the Market Opportunity for Your Topics

Inside Udemy Marketplace Insights: Understanding Keywords

How to Find Keywords in Marketplace Insights

How to use Keywords from Marketplace Insights in your Course to maximum effect

ACTIVITY: Collect and Collate the Keywords for Your Primary Topic

Inside Udemy Marketplace Insights: Why are Related Topics Helpful?

Why are Related Topics Helpful?

What Can You Learn From The Top Earning Courses?

What Can you learn from the Top Earning Courses in Insights?

ACTIVITY: Collect the information on the Top Courses in Your Topic

Udemy Marketplace Insights - Updates and News

March 2018: Udemy Updates the Rating and Review System

Mar 2018: Udemy Marketplace Insights Adds Language Filters

Summary and Wrap Up

Course Summary and Wrap Up

Bonus Lecture: What's Next - Don't Miss This!


Marina16 April 2018

A course which each Udemy instructor should take! It is thorough, professional and insightful. I've been teaching on Udemy for years and haven't had clue how valuable Insights were until John explained it in such a clear way. Highly recommended for both novices and experienced Udemy instructors!

Patrick26 March 2018

Just covered the first lecture on insights. Fascinating topic which I new nothing about when creating my first course. Invaluable, looking forward to the rest.

Jason25 January 2018

I watched the first video, so far, which is about 15 minutes of content. John’s coverage of the Insights tool is quite good and new instructors would be well served by viewing his explanations. I am looking forward to the rest of the course.

India23 January 2018

Really helpful information for someone in the planning stages of creating a course. The process is a bit overwhelming and there's a lot of information available, and this instructor really breaks it down into manageable pieces to clarify what's important to look at if you want to be successful.

Abdelwahab20 January 2018

First i need to thanks the instructor for the great course, it covers a subject that a lot of instructors miss when they create their courses. just watching the first video tells you that the John Colley is experienced and know what he is doing. I leaned a lot from that course and i definitely recommend that all new or even older instructors on udemy should watch it. I would watch any new courses about the topic from John Colley.

Tara19 January 2018

I have only watched about the first 20 minutes of this course and already I have learned things that should make my new course easier to find. I wish I had this before I started. I will be using John's course to work out exactly what to put in my next course and what to call it.

Andrew19 January 2018

Excellent insights into the use of Udemy Insights for improving an existing course or planning a new one.

John18 January 2018

Great instructor with a wealth of experience. The insights from John's course has really helped be not only to decide on which courses to create for the future, but also on how I can use the SEO to my advantage. Very much recommended!

Riyaz17 January 2018

Love the approach John takes to collate and study the wealth of data made available in the Insights! Highly recommended if you want to learn smart way of utilizing insights data.

Ian17 January 2018

Really easy to follow. John is a natural teacher and makes things really easy to follow. I like the way I can see him and follow what he is saying while there are simple steps on the slides.Very enjoyable and would recommend to others!

Bill17 January 2018

John is very clear and his course is well thought out and spot on. I really feel confident I and ready to create a real Udemy course. Also, John's information is critical to the design of the course and how to compare yourself to the competition prior to starting. Very excited! Thanks John.

Nancy17 January 2018

Just what I needed and found no where else. Thank you John Colley for this , excuse the pun, insights into a previously ignored by me Udemy tool. I hope i will be your top student one day as i will retake this course, follow your well thought out resources to analyse my forthcoming courses, and what i can do to further improve my courses visibility. Highly recommended. Nancy Thomas-Ward

Dave15 January 2018

The instructor has a great way of explaining how to use Udemy's insights tool for far more than just determining which course topic is good to create a course on. In just the first few videos, I have already learned how to use the Udemy insights tool as a competitive intelligence tool and how to use this same tool to improve my courses for Udemy SEO, Udemy relevance and how to be competitive within my topics.


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