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Online Course Creation Systems and Strategies For More Sales

Online Course Creation - Discover my Systems, Strategies and Templates for optimising my Online Courses for more Sales

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Understand the Best Seller Strategy followed by Leading Udemy Instructors

Manage their Udemy Course Creation using Key Performance Indicators

Understand how to prioritise their work based on data and analysis of their Udemy Online Course Sales

How to increase organic sales of their Udemy Courses by optimising their Udemy Course Organic Search Rankings

How to systematically earn more great Ratings and Reviews

How to use my Excel Template Spreadsheets to manage and grow their Udemy Online Course Sales


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What will you wish you know now in five years time - five years of creating online courses on Udemy?

Well, I wish I knew then what I know now - all the details of creating and selling courses on Udemy - this is something that, after creating more than 40 Udemy courses. 

I think I have become quite expert creating Online Courses - expertise I want to share with you, to fast track you to greater success!

This course shares with you the day to day management systems of my Udemy Online Courses

Let me ask you a few questions?

  1. Do you know how Best Selling Instructors become Best Selling Instructors?
  2. Are you using data and metrics to manage your Course sales?
  3. Do you have a system for improving your Courses every day?
  4. Do you know how to get your courses ranking highly in Udemy Organic Search?  
  5. Do you know why this is SO important?
  6. Do you know how to use Udemy SEO to improve your Courses' rankings?
  7. Do you have spreadsheets to manage all this?

If you can't answer these questions and you are serious about Udemy, then you really need my help.

This is a focused course, sharing with you my personal excel spreadsheets, showing you how I get more out of Udemy by proactively managing my online courses.

Of course, you can just leave everything to chance if you want to!

Discover in this Course:

  • The Best Seller Strategies followed by Leading Udemy Course Instructors 
  • Which Key Performance Indicators I use to mange my Online Courses Business and how
  • Why Daily Sales KPIs are a key to ensuring you keep focused on Sales and Profitability
  • How I optimise my Udemy Courses to ensure that they rank highly in organic search rankings 
  • My system for managing my Educational and Promotional Announcements
  • Why a properly structured course is an essential part of creating a course that students want to take
  • How to use your sales data to understand which courses to sell and how and when to sell them
  • How to take steps to improve an underperforming course
  • How to Increase Organic Sales by Improving Your Courses Organic Ranking
  • Why you have to work hard to constantly earn your Ratings and Reviews
  • How basic SEO can improve your course sales
  • Why Private Course still need careful pricing and how to get this right
  • The right formula for an effective promotional video
  • How to get the balance right between Free and Paid Courses

Complete these Activities:

  • Create your own Key Performance Indicators spreadsheet with my template to manage your Online Courses Business
  • Create your own Daily Sales KPIs spreadsheet from my template
  • Create your own Announcements Management Spreadsheet

I want to help you make your business systematic, use data for analysis to help your decision making.  

Either you can take control of your Udemy Revenues and Courses or not? Its entirely up to you!

Remember, If you measure it, it moves.  

Thats why my Sales are up 200% year on year and growing every month!

Join my Revolution to turn your Online Courses into a business you can manage

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Online Course Creation Systems and Strategies For More Sales
Online Course Creation Systems and Strategies For More Sales
Online Course Creation Systems and Strategies For More Sales
Online Course Creation Systems and Strategies For More Sales



Welcome to The Course - Preview What Is Coming Up...

The Best Seller Strategy Followed By Leading Instructors

My Essential Udemy Key Performance Indicators

Business Management KPIs

Content Creation Strategy and Productivity

ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Business Management KPI Spreadsheet

Why You Need Daily Sales KPIs and How to Manage Them

Daily Sales KPIs

ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Daily Sales Record

Discover How I Optimise My Udemy Courses to Maximise Sales

Introduction to Key Course Data Management

Course Optimisation Management

Key Stats and Sales Data Management

ACTIVITY: Creating Your Own Course Management Spreadsheet

Optimising Keywords and Topics to Improve Course Ranking

Make The Most Of Announcements for Maximum Sales

Promotional and Educational Announcements

Managing Announcements and ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Announcements Spreadsheet

The Essentials of Course Structuring for Creating Courses Students Want to Take

Structuring Courses, Sections and Lectures

How to Use Sales Analysis to Sell More to Your Students

How to Add your Revenue CSV to the Course Sales Analysis Template

Formatting and Collating the Data

Updating Sales Analysis

Which Day of the Week is Best for Course Sales?

How to Improve an Underperforming Course

How to Improve an Underperforming Course

Copywriting Course Improvement Interim Report

How I Optimised my Course Title for this Course

How to Increase Organic Sales by Improving Your Courses Organic Ranking

Organic vs Search Rankings in Udemy

Organic Course Rankings in Udemy

Course Ranking Results

Tracking Organic Course Ranking

How to Find and Measure Your Course's Organic Ranking

How to Increase Organic Sales by Improving Your Courses Organic Ranking

How to Get More Ratings and Reviews - Legitimately!

Telling Students about the Review System

Udemy's Introduces Weighted Ratings in the Review System

Systematic Student Outreach

Improve Your Courses Ranking with Basic SEO

Copywriting and SEO for Course Titles

Copywriting and SEO for Course Goals

Copywriting and SEO for Course Descriptions

What Happens to Private Courses?

How to Price Private Courses and Why

Creating an Effective Promotional Video

The Formula for an Effective Promotional Video

CASE STUDY: Copywriting Course Promotional Video

Free Courses vs Paid Courses - Whats the Best Strategy?

Free Course Student Take Up

Summary and Wrap Up

Course Summary and Wrap Up



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