Online Course Creation: Complete Course of Blunders to Avoid

Learn from These Online Course Creation Mistakes, Misjudgments and Errors

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Online Course Creation: Complete Course of Blunders to Avoid
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Oct 2023
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What you will learn

Avoid stupid mistakes when creating and designing Udemy courses

Avoid costly blunders in producing and marketing Udemy courses

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--- ### **🎓 Course Title:** Online Course Creation: Complete Course of Blunders to Avoid ### **🚀 Course Headline:** Learn from These Online Course Creation Mistakes, Misjudgments and Errors! --- **Introduction:** With the digital landscape constantly evolving, creating a successful online course can be both an art and a science. It's a journey filled with potential pitfalls and learning curves that can either make or break your venture into e-learning. That's where seasoned course creator, TJ Walker, comes in - guiding you through the minefield of common yet avoidable mistakes in online course development. **What You'll Learn:** - **The Pitfalls of Misjudgment**: Discover the top blunders that course creators often fall into and how to steer clear of them. - **Real-World Examples**: Learn from TJ Walker's personal anecdotes, where he outlines his own errors in creating online courses. - **Strategic Insights**: Gain a deeper understanding of what not to do as you embark on your online course creation journey. **Why This Course?** Unlike other generic Udemy courses, this one offers a candid and transparent account of the trials and errors TJ Walker has encountered firsthand. It's a unique opportunity to learn from someone with extensive experience in the field - both in creating successful courses and those that didn't hit the mark. **🛑 Important Notes:** - **Not Your First Course**: This course is not intended as your initial dive into online course creation. It's designed for learners who already have a foundation in this area and want to refine their strategies by understanding common mistakes. - **Technical Focus Absent**: If you're looking for advice on the latest gear, this isn't the course for that. The focus here is on strategic blunders and how to avoid them. - **Complementary Learning Tool**: This course serves as a supplement to your existing collection of online course creation guides. It aims to round out your knowledge and enhance your skills before advancing further in the field. **From the Instructor:** "This course is not created by an 'official' Udemy employee, but I dare say that even those who work for Udemy might find it difficult to argue with the insights shared here. It's a candid look at what many online course creators learn the hard way, now offered as a shortcut to your success." - TJ Walker **Course Highlights:** - **Avoidable Mistakes**: Learn about the mistakes you should definitely avoid when creating online courses. - **Saving Time and Money**: Shorten your learning curve by understanding the blunders that can drain both resources. - **Expert Insights**: Glean insights from a course creator with a track record of top-selling communications courses. - **Real-World Application**: Apply these lessons to your own course creation endeavors for immediate, practical impact. **Final Thought:** This course is your blueprint to sidestep common stumbling blocks in the realm of online course creation. It's a guide that could potentially save you from making the same mistakes countless others have made before you. Embrace this opportunity to learn from blunders - it's a smart move for any online educator looking to make an impact. --- Enroll now and take the first step towards creating online courses that not only resonate with your audience but also stand the test of time! 🚀📚✨


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--- **Overview of Course "Blunders to Avoid When Creating Online Courses"** Rating: 4.70 This course, taught by TJ Walker, is geared towards individuals looking to create online courses. It provides valuable insights and tips from an experienced instructor's perspective. The content is not solely technical but focuses on common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when designing and delivering online content. **Pros:** - **Expert Guidance:** TJ Walker's experience shines through, offering practical advice that can save time and earn money. His perspective is considered highly valuable by students who have taken multiple courses from him. - **Real-world Applications:** The tips provided in the first two videos have been immediately useful for many students in their own course creation processes. - **Insightful Content:** Even though some students did not pay for the course, they found the content insightful and worth the time invested. - **Professional Presentation:** The course delivery is appreciated for its professional touch, including TJ Walker's accent-free English, lighting, and demeanor during presentations. - **Useful Strategies:** Specific tips on how to utilize Udemy's metrics and other courses for research are highlighted as particularly useful. - **Honesty and Openness:** TJ Walker's admission of past mistakes and his practical advice are seen as refreshing and educational. His transparency is noted as a significant strength. - **Solid Content for Instructors:** The course is recommended mainly to those who are already online instructors, as it could help them optimize their course creation process. **Cons:** - **Overemphasis on Promotion:** Some students felt that the emphasis on promoting Udemy was overdone and that some suggestions, such as using TikTok, raise security concerns due to data practices. - **Lack of Technical Detail:** A few students suggested that the course could benefit from more detailed information on technical aspects like cameras, mics, and lighting. - **Background and Accessibility:** Some viewers found the white background challenging to watch at night and suggested alternative background options for better comfort and eye relief. - **Potential Competition Backlash:** A viewer cautions that some negative feedback might stem from competing instructors attempting to undermine the course's value. - **Desire for Practical Examples:** A couple of students expressed a desire for more practical examples within the lectures to complement the verbal advice given. **Suggestions for Improvement:** - Incorporate mini-exercises or interactive elements to engage students more deeply. - Use written slides with bullet points to aid in visual learning and reinforce lecture content. - Provide additional technical details on equipment setup for video courses. - Offer different background options to enhance viewer comfort, especially for night viewing. - Possibly include real-time demonstrations of course creation as a case study. **Final Thoughts:** Overall, the "Blunders to Avoid When Creating Online Courses" is a well-received course that provides a solid foundation for both new and experienced online instructors. The course's strengths lie in its practical advice, expert guidance, and real-world applicability. While there are some areas for improvement, such as the inclusion of more technical details and practical examples, the course remains a valuable resource for those looking to successfully navigate the online course creation landscape.



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