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Complete course Microsoft Teams for IT and users MS-300

Office 365 Teams for Admins security and compliance inlcuding Sharepoint and Onedrive

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4 hours


Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Plan for a Microsoft 365 Teams deployment

Configure Office 365 for Teams

Create Teams and Channel

Use Policies to setup Teams

Manage and create meetings

Security and Compliance

SharePoint Online



This couse will help you to pass the Ms-300 exam and is part of 4 courses (soon ready)
I have added in this course 3 others videos for FREE
Sharepoint, Onedrive and Teams for end users. So fantastic time for you to jump to collaboration

In this course you will learn how to plan, deploy and manage Microsoft Teams. Specifically, this course

discusses the relationship of Teams with SharePoint, OneDrive and Office 365 Groups. It provides best

practices for the adoption and deployment of Teams within your organization. It also covers how to

establish guest policies and data governance for your Teams data.

The Microsoft 365 Teamwork Administrator learning track which helps prepare for the Microsoft 365

Certified: Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork (exam MS-300) is composed of the following courses:

● MS-300.1 Managing Office 365 Content Services

● MS-300.2 Managing SharePoint Online

MS-300.3 Enabling Microsoft Teams for Collaboration (this is the actual course)

● MS-300.4 Enabling Office 365 Workloads for Collaboration

Goals :

● Plan for a Microsoft 365 Teams deployment.

● Configure Office 365 for Teams.

● Configure teams and channels in Microsoft Teams.

● Manage user access to Teams.

● Configure Teams for meetings.

● Establish a data governance strategy for Teams data.


Complete course Microsoft Teams for IT and users MS-300
Complete course Microsoft Teams for IT and users MS-300
Complete course Microsoft Teams for IT and users MS-300
Complete course Microsoft Teams for IT and users MS-300




What is Office 365 TEAMS and how to TRY

Integration with SharePoint and Onedrive

Where are the files stored ?

Get Ready for TEAMS tools and best practices for IT administrator

The clients

How to make PSTN calls

Office 365 groups

Create a team and change setting

The channels and chat

Authentication how to add licences with GUI and Powershell

How to enable GUEST Access

Teams Setup UP Messaging policies

Teams the other policies to setup

Teams Apps, Tabs and Connectors

Meetings with Teams

The Teams global Network or how to optimize the quality of teams

Security and Compliance

SharePoint Online and One Drive

SharePoint online presentation and Hub Site

SharePoint Online settings

One Drive Presentation

One Drive part 2


Danen29 January 2021

The course is very basic and not a dive into or a good explanation into any of the features or settings. Most of the time the presenter just points at each setting or feature and says "you have this" and "you can turn this on or off". Youtube has better tutorial material in general. Nothing personal, but for those hard of hearing, presenter is ESL english second language so it may be tricky for some to understand.

Ricky23 January 2021

Extremely unpolished presentation. Could use some editing. 20% of the course seemed to be the instructor simply reading off the screen rather than teaching.

Tim23 November 2020

The slides were not prepared before the lesson. The section on guest access did not talk about the subject at all. The section spoke about different ways to authenticate

Chris20 August 2020

Decent course so far. I wasn't able to execute the same Powershell Scripts on my laptop, so that was a bit disappointing.

Bledi18 August 2020

Thanks, a very well put together course covering all main important access across the Microsoft 365 services.

Cortez1 August 2020

Just early on (lesson 4). The biggest issue is clarity. The narrator rambles with a casual speech. This slowness is amplified by the lack of editing. The speaker fills time fixing powerpoints and loading screens with chatter that should just be edited out. It seems unedited in order to create a longer runtime. There is no objective at the start or summary at the end. There is no organization to the flow of the overall course. It would make sense to divide the course into use cases, such as establishing and managing a team, file organization strategies, and security. Instead, the format is mostly random with policy and security placed near the end.

Paul23 May 2020

To begin with i thought there was too much jumping around. As the course progressed i got to like the presenter who was very enthusiastic about the products. Excellent knowledge and great course. I would recommend this.

Abdul29 April 2020

This course was very informative and most helpful for admin people to have online conference with multiple users. Ms Team is the latest platform for all the well known organisation where they can easy share their work with other people using the same software.

Chandy14 April 2020

Half way through and still very basic, General Overview. Will complete the course to give final rating.


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