Offensive Cyber Operations

This course teaches student to write their own pentesting tools in python and hands on binary exploitation techniques.

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Network & Security
Offensive Cyber Operations
6.5 hours
Aug 2020
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What you will learn

Python and Bash fundamentals

Python TCP and UDP sockets

Writing WiFi Pentesting tools using RAW Sockets

Writing Python Backdoor and manage its sessions

Linux Binary Socket Exploitation

Backdooring PE and creating a Decryption routine in Assembly


This course is 100% hands on for security developers or anyone interested in offensive security. In this course you will be able to create your own custom backdoor using python and control its sessions. You will also learn how to write Wifi pentesting tools with raw sockets. A hands on binary exploitation and backdooring PE is also covered.


Linux Command Line Fundamentals

Linux Filesystem Heirarchy
Linux which command
Linux locate command
Linux Netcat essentials
Linux find command
Linux grep command
Linux apt command
Linux manage services
Linux environment variables
Linux redirection and piping
Linux Awk and cut and manage processes

Bash scripting fundamentals

Bash scripting variables
Bash scripting read user input
Bash scripting if statement
Bash scripting for loops
Bash scripting while loops and reading files

Python scripting fundamentals

Python data types
Python string manipulation
Python lists
Python loops
Python functions
Python try-except

Create Python custom backdoor

Python udp socket
Python tcp socket
Python multithreaded socket
Python manage sessions
Python subprocess module
Python inject shellcode into a running process
Python LasPlagas backdoor demo

Create WiFi tools using raw sockets in Python

Python WiFi - basics
Python WiFi - Wireshark basics
Python WiFi - scan Access points with Scapy
Python WiFi - scan Access points with Raw Socket
Python WiFi - detect connected clients with raw sockets
Python WiFi - channel hopping
Python WiFi - send deauthentication frame with raw socket

Man in The Middle Attacks

Bettercap - SSLStrip Attack
Bettercap - File Replace Plugin
Bettercap - Beef-XSS Attack
ShellCloak and Beef-XSS

Linux X86 Binary Exploitation

X86 Architecture Fundamentals
X86 Assembly - Calling function
X86 Assembly - stack frames
Buffer Overflow Part1
Buffer Overflow Part2
Buffer Overflow Part3
Buffer Overflow - Brute force ASLR

Backdooring PE

Backdooring PE - Basics
Backdooring PE with Code Caving
Backdooring PE - Encrypt and Decrypt shellcode


August 17, 2021
Very nice techniques and real world examples. I found fundamentals section a bit too detailed. From section4 onwards, the content is very good!!



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