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OET Insights Reading: All Professions

Tips and Techniques for the OET Reading Test for All Healthcare Professionals

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

OET Reading Skills

Techniques useful in approaching the question types

Practice Questions

Watch how a teacher approaches the questions to learn best practice technqiues

Skimming and Scanning

Intensive Reading

Understanding opinion


Finding evidence

OET Reading Part A

OET Reading Part B

OET Reading Part C

Test-taking skills

Step-by-step help

Skill building


This course will give you an insight into the OET Reading sub-test and will guide you through it step-by-step. Each sub-section is worked on individually, with parts A, B, and C looked at in turn.

Stage 1

In the first stage for each of the 3 reading parts, the teacher will talk you through how to understand the texts efficiently and effectively. We’re not worried about time at this stage; just skill-building and technique-development - both aspects which are instrumental to scoring well on test day.

  • Practise test-taking techniques such as

    • skimming and scanning

    • activating schema

    • top-down and bottom-up skills

    • intensive reading and

    • critical thinking

  • Learn:

    • how to anticipate the type of answer required

    • how to avoid distractors

    • how to differentiate between main and supporting ideas

    • how to understand gist and global meanings

Stage 2

In Stage Two you’ll get some guidance to point you in the right direction, but you’ll be timed and get a chance to answer the questions yourself before going through the answers with the teacher.

Stage 3

Stage Three - and it’s over to you. Download the test and answer the questions under exam conditions by yourself. Check the answers and see how you’ve scored.

Extra Resources

There’s also a language library with handy vocabulary guides and learner-training guidance for further study.

Thanks for finding out more about us, and we look forward to seeing you soon on our course.  


OET Insights Reading: All Professions
OET Insights Reading: All Professions
OET Insights Reading: All Professions
OET Insights Reading: All Professions




Reading Overview

Stage 1: A Step-by-Step Guide to Part A

Part A: The Skills You Need to Do Well

Part A: Getting an Overview of the Texts & Answering the Matching Questions

Part A: Short Answer Questions Step by Step

Reading Part A: Sentence Completion Step by Step

Stage 1: A Step-by-Step Guide to Part B

Reading Part B: An Overview

Part B: The Skills You Need to Do Well

Reading Part B: Step by Step

Stage 1: A Step-by-Step Guide to Part C

Reading Part C: Overview

Part C: The Skills You Need to Do Well

Reading Part C: Step by Step

Stage 2: Timed Reading (with a bit of guidance!)

Stage 2: Introduction

Reading Part A

Reading Part B

Reading Part C

Language Practice

Language Practice Library

Stage 3: It's Your Turn: Full Reading Test

Stage 3: Full Reading Test

Full Reading Test: Part A Answer Key

Full Reading Test: Part B Answer Key

Full Reading Test: Part C Answer Key

Resources, Acknowledgements, and Thanks



Thomas14 August 2021

pls dnt select this reading course its jst a waste of time...its just a repetion of things that are freely available in youtube...

V8 April 2021

Too little content covered. Good enough for one days effort. There should have been more resources in terms of practice tests for reading comprehension.

Ishrat15 November 2020

not up to now as I understand skimming and scanning, however, there are no different techniques being told in these videos

Francisca13 November 2020

I am so glad to have registered for this course. it made every part of the reading test simple and doable. You are a good teacher

Lakshmi2 October 2020

yes, this is a very good programme for OET candidates for rading subtest. Very clear teaching, and the way she demonstrates is easy to understand. Thank you

Robin4 July 2020

Fantastic course! It is exceptionally well compiled and suitable for every healthcare professional. I would strongly recommend you purchase it. Absolutely worth the investment.


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