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VR Development Fundamentals With Oculus Quest 2 And Unity

Learn the basics of Virtual Reality Development with the mighty Oculus Quest, All-in-one VR headset from Facebook

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Virtual Reality Development Fundamentals

Oculus Quest 2 Unity Development

Side-Loading to Oculus Quest and Quest 2

Custom VR Avatar Models

Oculus Controllers and Hands

VR Shooting

Grabbing and Distance Grabbing

UI Interactions in VR

Run-time Debugging Tool

VR Scene Loading

VR Slicing

Controller Vibration

OpenXR Setup

Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit



---Now, this course covers Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit along with Oculus Integration----

In May 2019, Oculus Quest is released and humanity's hope for Virtual Reality raised again.  Finally, we can truly believe that the age of Virtual Reality has already come...


Because Oculus Quest is not an ordinary VR headset. It is the first successful, standalone VR headset that works without an expensive PC and a boring cable.

As developers, we are so lucky that a revolutionary product is released in our time.

So, it is the best time to develop apps and games for Oculus Quest.

If you agree with me, then this course is for you!  With this course, you can quickly get started with your Oculus Quest and Quest 2 Development.

By enrolling in this course, you will learn the fundamentals of VR development with Oculus Quest such as:

  • Configuring a Unity project for Oculus Quest with the latest XR Plugin Management.

  • Learning how to build VR experiences with Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit

  • Setting up Unity scenes for VR implementation

  • Installing apk files to Oculus Quest with side-loading

  • Teleportation

  • Oculus Local Avatar Implementation

  • Implementing Custom Hands and Controllers

  • Implementing Grabbing and Distance Grabbing

  • UI Interactions in VR

  • Scene Loading in VR

  • VR Shooting

  • VR Slicing

  • Vibrating VR Controllers

  • In-Game Debug Methods for Oculus Quest

And while learning, you will have so much fun with the game assets featuring Quidditch sport from the Harry Potter universe along with the Sword And Pistol VR Game Assets.

At the end of this course, you will be able to easily prototype your Oculus Quest and Quest 2 game/app.

So, come and join me on this journey to become a part of the Oculus Quest legacy.

Let's build together,



VR Development Fundamentals With Oculus Quest 2 And Unity
VR Development Fundamentals With Oculus Quest 2 And Unity
VR Development Fundamentals With Oculus Quest 2 And Unity
VR Development Fundamentals With Oculus Quest 2 And Unity





Introduction to Section

Installing Unity and Creating The First Oculus Quest Project

Importing Oculus Integration And Game Assets

OVRCameraRig: Basic Unity Scene Setup For Oculus Quest

Building Your First Oculus Quest Unity Project

Installing apk Files To The Quest With ADB

Installing apk Files To The Quest With Side-Quest

Adding Local VR Player And Movement With Joystick

Oculus Local Avatar

Oculus Controllers And Custom Hands

Basic Teleportation

Grabbing Objects

Distance Grabbing (Summoning Objects in VR)

UI Interaction in VR

In-Game Debug Console For Oculus Quest


Tim13 October 2020

The scope of the content is valuable and very complete. However, being a beginning Unity user I struggled to follow the videos in real time. During the first project, I completed each step as Tevfik explained them. So I needed to listen, stop the video, complete the step, then restart the video. Otherwise his speed and accent would have not made it possible for me to do all of the actions. So, the 5 hours of video took about 20 hours to fully complete. Again, that made for a good learning opportunity, but I do recommend the certificate be updated to show that 10 - 15 hours of work is invested to complete the course. I also suggest that a summary checklist or flow be provided as a takeaway to help people work through all of the steps needed to set up future projects. It is not feasible to remember all of the steps, nor to rewatch the video to debug. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge!

August24 September 2020

Loving this course!! Very simple and easy to follow yet covered so many things. Instructor is super cool and enthusiastic

Christopher14 September 2020

it is getting better. I'll update my rating as I continue. Yet, it does seem asset rich, and I can see as this would be a big time saver, later on.

Steve13 September 2020

The explanations are clear without being overly verbose. He gets right to the good/important stuff without burying you in details that aren't helpful for beginners.

Ron5 September 2020

The instructor speaks clearly, and is enthusiastic, which I appreciated. He does a great job of linking source material and documents so you can study things on your own though, and that was greatly appreciated. I liked the projects he picked as they give an excellent robust example of common VR game element. Overall I'm very glad to have taken this course. I wish his explanations of exactly why he was doing what he was doing went into more details. There are a lot of elements in the VR setup, where he just says, "choose these options", or just "set this", without any explanations why those settings are needed/better than other options. Finally I would have liked a few more "assignments" where he asks the student to go off and do something similar to what he just taught to make sure you understand the lesson.

Bryce13 August 2020

I’m only partially finished with this course, but so far it’s good. I’m not sure if I can update later, but I’ll update this once I’m complete.

Aakash13 August 2020

Its great course for a beginner who is starting to build his/her first Oculus game. Good work. Keep it up.

Marco8 August 2020

long explanations to topics or tasks that are just repetitive. some weird audio edits makes it somehow sound distracting.

Frank28 July 2020

The best Oculus Quest course available. Parameters and functionality explained well with links to further documentation

Brandon27 July 2020

Great course! Tevfik is clear and concise in his instruction. Scripting and asset organization is also clean and logical. This course covers several fundamentals that are useful for prototype design.

Andy21 July 2020

This is an excellent course which will give any new developer a solid understanding on developing for the Oculus Quest. Tevfik does a great job of explaining everything and makes it easy to follow along with his tutorials. His explanations were clear and the best part is he supplies all the assets for you! I hope that there is a follow up to this course so that we can continue this journey into Virtual Reality.

Ypanos@gmail.com16 July 2020

Very good course. All the info in one place. Saves a huge amount of time to complete the puzzle by your own looking here and there in the internet. Also the sword and pistol game development section was really very helpful.

Wade6 July 2020

Just finished section 2, so far so good. I have learnt a lot so far. However, im finding its just copy the instructor, it would be nice to see some challenges put in in future projects.. either way very happy with the purchase

José9 June 2020

Amazing course. Im having a blast altough im still at the end of section 2. I own a rift, not a quest. And excluding the android part necessary to the quest, i can use the course just the same. Finally a course that teaches the essentials and not complicate things, making it easy for someone not too experienced to learn. Im already having many ideas for on how to make my own experiences or games. Awsome. Confratulations. Everyone that wants to learm how to develop for vr should get this course.

John21 February 2020

Covers a lot of things I wanted to know that would have otherwise taken hours of research to find. Very good course!


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