Oculus Quest 2: Create VR games using html and javascript

Learn to create immersive VR games and experiences using html, javascript and the A-Frame library

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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

using html and javascript to build VR games

using the A-Frame library

using Oculus Quest touch controllers in your game

navigation using Oculus touch controllers in your games

locomotion using the thumbsticks

forward and backward movements and snap turns

rapid terrain environment generation

adding physics to your game

adding sound effects and background music

reusable game mechanics

controller interactions

raycasting and object selection

distance grabbing of objects in the VR world

instant publishing to the web using glitch

testing and debugging using your Oculus Quest headset

collision and intersection detection

automatic object creation and removal

adding cameras to the scene

trigger button applications

adding animations

game project - beat saber clone

adding haptic feedback

creating 3D models using a-frame

and more...


Interest in the metaverse and rapid adoption of Oculus Quest 2 headsets has spawned a lot of interest in VR applications and games. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to build VR games and experiences, then this course is for you. In this course we will use just html and javascript to create immersive VR games and experiences. There exists a VR javascript library called A-Frame which is specially created for making VR applications.  lt is fast and easy to use. You can create an immersive VR scene in just 10 lines of code. Building VR apps using A-Frame is just like adding lego blocks components together to create an experience.  And it is totally free. If you already know html, then this will be right at home with you. You an create a VR experience for A-Frame simply by using html tags.

In this course, I will only be using free tools:

  1. chrome browser

  2. glitch website

  3. free assets

The glitch website allows you to build and publish on the web in one go. No vetting or approval needed. Just upload and share your links with anyone you like. Using the Oculus Quest's browser, just visit your website and select VR mode and you will enter the immersive experience instantly. No need to build any apk files to sideload to your Oculus headset, nor do you need to use any link cable to connect to your PC. This is possible because most web browsers, eg, Chrome and Firefox are already VR capable (WebVR). The immersive VR experience is no different from a native VR app created by Unity and Unreal.

8 Special Features of this course:

  1. Created with beginners in mind

  2. Build experiences in small bite-sized chunks, then gradually add more components

  3. Minimalist, i.e. simplicity in coding and design

  4. Free tools and assets - nothing to install

  5. Apps are instantly deployed on the web - not controlled by vendor specific app stores.

  6. No need to install  or sideload  the games you created onto your Oculus headset

  7. Just visit your published website (game) using the Oculus Browser and enter VR mode.

  8. Each section teaches a specific game mechanic. Combine them in different ways to create your unique game.

Suitable for:

  1. Web developers who want to leverage their existing skill to create VR games and experiences

  2. Students who want to get started in HTML and Javascript by building VR apps

  3. Anyone interested to learn how to create VR games using html and javascript

  4. Those who have tried Unity or Unreal, and want something simpler and faster to develop

  5. Schools and academia looking to introduce VR concepts into the curriculum


Oculus Quest 2: Create VR games using html and javascript - Screenshot_01Oculus Quest 2: Create VR games using html and javascript - Screenshot_02Oculus Quest 2: Create VR games using html and javascript - Screenshot_03Oculus Quest 2: Create VR games using html and javascript - Screenshot_04




Setting up your development environment

Creating a glitch account for games development
Accessing your games from the oculus headset
Using a local webserver with xampp

Creating a VR World

What are entities
Adding a camera to the scene
Adding Oculus Touch Controllers to the scene

Adding locomotion

How to create components using javascript
Adding atext for debugging and hud
Detecting thumbstick movements
Snap-turns and forwards-backwards movements

Physics and interactions

Adding physics
Adding raycasters
Detecting the grip button presses
Distance grabbing

Collision detection and entity removal

Introduction to collision detection and entity removal
Example of collision detection and entity removal

Trigger button detection and its applications

Detecting trigger button presses
Object removal with trigger press and raycasting

Playing sounds

Adding sound effects
Adding background music


Position animations
Auto-generating objects

A game project

Introduction to the game project
Example of a game project: music fencing (inspired by beat saber)

Haptic feedback

Introduction to haptic feedback
An example of adding haptic feedback to a game

How to move physics bodies using animation

Why use animation on physics bodies
An example of using animation on physics bodies

Creating 3D models using A-Frame

Introduction to creating 3D models using A-Frame
A-Frame geometries and color coding
Visual inspector and creating 3D models
Importing your 3D glb models in your games

Shooting projectiles (bullets) and gaze-interactions

Introduction to shooting projectiles and gaze-interactions
PC game gaze-based shooter
Oculus quest gaze-based controller-shooter
Oculus quest raycast-aim and trigger-shooter game

Resources for further study

Resources for further study


February 28, 2022
Amazing. Just what I was looking for. Creating VR games for my new oculus quest 2 just using html and javascript. Never knew it was so easy using html to create a VR immersive experience!



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