PHP Mastery Object-Oriented Design & Test-Driven Development

Master Object-Oriented PHP, PHPUnit, Design Patterns, and Dependency Management for Real-World Applications

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PHP Mastery Object-Oriented Design & Test-Driven Development
12.5 hours
Dec 2021
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What you will learn

Learn test-driven development (TDD)

Understand Object Oriented PHP

Learn how to write unit tests using PHPUnit

Learn how and why you should use dependency invasion principle (DIP) and dependency injection

Build a scalable object oriented PHP application

Implement some common design patterns using PHP

Build a database wrapper with support for PDO and MySQLi

Why take this course?

🌟 **PHP Mastery: Object-Oriented Design & Test-Driven Development** 🌟 πŸš€ **Course Headline:** Unlock the full potential of PHP with our advanced course that blends Object-Oriented PHP, Test-Driven Development using PHPUnit, and the principles of Design Patterns and Dependency Management for real-world applications. πŸ› οΈβœ¨ **Course Description:** Welcome to the next level of PHP development! Our **PHP Mastery** course is expertly designed for developers who are eager to leap into modern PHP practices and leave behind outdated, dependency-laden codebases. This course isn't just about understanding the theory; it's about equipping you with the practical skills necessary to tackle complex projects with confidence. πŸš€ **Why Enroll in PHP Mastery?** πŸ€– - πŸ” **Deep Dive into Object-Oriented PHP:** Dive into the core principles of OOP and learn how to write code that is maintainable, scalable, and clean. - βœ… **Expert Guidance in Test-Driven Development (TDD):** Master TDD with PHPUnit, ensuring your software is robust, reliable, and less prone to bugs. - 🎩 **Mastering Dependency Management:** Grasp the complexities of Dependency Inversion and Dependency Injection for seamless project handling. - πŸ“ **Proficiency in PHP Design Patterns:** Integrate essential design patterns into your workflow to solve problems more effectively and maintain a well-organized codebase. - πŸ”Œ **Building a Custom Database Wrapper:** Construct a versatile database wrapper using PDO and MySQLi for efficient data handling. - πŸ€” **Balanced PHP Utilization:** Learn when and how to leverage basic versus advanced PHP features to achieve maximum efficiency in your development process. πŸ“š **Course Highlights:** - Real-world application of advanced PHP concepts. - A comprehensive understanding of OOP, TDD, Dependency Management, and Design Patterns. - Practical exercises that mirror real-world scenarios. - Step-by-step guidance from industry experts. - Access to exclusive resources and community support. 🌐 **Who is this course for?** This course is ideal for: - PHP developers looking to transition to modern OOP practices. - Software engineers aiming to integrate TDD into their development cycle. - Programmers seeking to master dependency management in PHP applications. - Any developer who wants to expand their knowledge of PHP design patterns. πŸ”‘ **Take the next step in your PHP career!** PHP continues to dominate as a versatile and powerful programming language. With the skills you'll acquire from this course, you'll be well-equipped to tackle complex problems and excel in your development career. Whether you're building web applications, APIs, or even looking to contribute to open-source projects, this course will empower you with the knowledge and experience needed to succeed. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your PHP skills from ordinary to extraordinary. Enroll in **PHP Mastery: Object-Oriented Design & Test-Driven Development** today and elevate your place in the world of PHP development! πŸš€πŸ’‘


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Our review

πŸ† **Course Overview:** Terry's course on Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) with Test-Driven Development (TDD) in PHP has received a high overall rating of 4.22 from recent reviews. The majority of the feedback praises Terry's expertise, the quality of the content, and the real-life examples provided. However, some reviewers pointed out areas for improvement, particularly in terms of didactic clarity and technical consistency. **Pros:** - **Expert Instructor:** Terry is recognized as a knowledgeable teacher who offers great explanations on complex topics, making learning easy for students. - **Comprehensive Content:** The course provides a solid foundation in OOP principles, PDO, and TDD, suitable for both intermediate and advanced PHP developers. - **Real-Life Examples:** The course emphasizes practical application with real-world scenarios, which is highly appreciated by the learners. - **Detail Explanation:** Concepts and development patterns are explained in detail, helping students understand and apply them effectively in their code. - **Motivational Impact:** The course has a positive impact on learners' ability to write tests first and has been instrumental in understanding and applying TDD principles internally in the development process. - **Pacing and Structure:** The course speed is commended for being easy to follow, with content that is well explained and accompanied by excellent examples. πŸ”„ **Cons:** - **Didactic Clarity:** Some reviewers found that the course's didactic approach could be improved, as it sometimes lacks a clear step-by-step guide in certain sections, particularly when dealing with QueryBuilder and TDD implementation. - **Technical Consistency:** There are instances where the instructor does not consistently apply best practices, such as using an outdated PHPUnit version or skipping between files and functions during debugging. - **Language Barriers:** A few reviewers mentioned difficulties understanding the instructor due to accents or subtitles that are sometimes incorrect, suggesting the need for clearer enunciation or better captioning. - **Technology Usage:** Some learners expressed a preference for using an ORM like Doctrine instead of directly working with database abstraction, which they feel would be more beneficial professionally. - **Cultural Nuances:** The course occasionally requires adjustments for non-native English speakers, such as understanding the use of "mute H" in certain contexts. **Learner Experience:** Most learners have had a positive experience with the course, noting its value in improving their knowledge and skills in OOP PHP and TDD. The course's dense information is often complemented by frequent pauses to digest the content. However, the occasional difficulty in understanding the instructor's accent or the incorrect subtitles suggests that some improvements could enhance the learning experience for students who are not native English speakers. **Final Thoughts:** Terry's OOP PHP and TDD course is a well-regarded educational resource that offers a wealth of knowledge to developers looking to enhance their skills in object-oriented development and testing practices within PHP. With a strong emphasis on real-life scenarios and detailed explanations, the course is highly recommended for mid-level and advanced PHP developers seeking to master these topics. While some areas can be improved, the overall feedback points to this as a valuable addition to any developer's learning path.



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