Visual Note Taking: How your notes become Notes of a Genius

Increase your concentration, comprehension and effectiveness by taking visual notes. Soon you'll become a Genius!

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Jan 2019

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What you will learn

You will be able to use the full capacity of your brain during listening.

Your concentration is increased up to 29%

Your notes will help you to comprehend the information better, upto 50%

Your notes look cool and will improve the way you summarize and remember the information by upto 200%


Get out your notebook, pen and markers and put a smile on your face! We going to have fun!
  • Did you know students taking notes by hand perform better?
  • Did you know that drawing or doodling during note taking can increase your concentration and focus?
  • Did you know that in fact we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text?

In this course you will learn how to make visual notes for better comprehension, laser focus, increase concentration (up to 29%) and memorize the information better (up to 80%)! 

Besides that visual note taking is FUN doing!

How your notes become Notes Of A Genius

  • Learn the 8 brain principles for getting the maximum out of your brain regarding learning, comprehension and memorizing. 
  • Be aware of the different styles of note taking and practice and choose what works for you.
  • You will learn how to get the best out of your visual notes on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Improve your handwriting by four simple techniques.
  • Learn the different structures for notes in meetings, class, training, workshop or seminar.
  • Apply the three easy techniques on handlettering to make your notes remarkable
  • Have fun by drawing visuals, banners add colors and spice your notes up.
  • You will learn to draw the four most used elements, for example people and places, to use in your own visual notes.
  • Maximize engagement with the information because you will review your notes quicker, more often and add an emotion.

Including bonus material for teachers and speakers to make the coolest flip charts!

Do you want to become a Genius? Check out the video: Rajeev Lahar will tell you how he became an aerospace engineer, serial entrepreneur and investor!

Don’t waste any more time on cramping your fingers while writing or typing as much as you can during listening. You can be so much more efficient.


Visual Note Taking: How your notes become Notes of a Genius
Visual Note Taking: How your notes become Notes of a Genius
Visual Note Taking: How your notes become Notes of a Genius
Visual Note Taking: How your notes become Notes of a Genius


Start with basics

Introduction to Visual Notetaking

3 Basic Rules you need to know before you start

What can happen to you during this course

Overview of the course Notes of a Genius

Conclusion Basics of Visual Notetaking

Comprehensing information: Brain Principles

Introduction to brain principles

8 Brain Principles explained

Overview of the 8 Brain Principles

Conclusion of the Brain Principles

The 8 brain principles quiz

Styles of Note Taking

Introduction to Styles


Note taking on computer / laptop

Note taking on tablets / smart phones


Most effective way of note taking

Conclusion on Styles

Structuring notes in different settings

Introduction to Structuring Notes

How to structure Notes in meetings

Notetaking during Class/ Training / Workshop

Conclusion on Structuring

Handlettering is cool!

Introduction to Handlettering

Handlettering basics

Worksheets for Handlettering

Conclusion Handlettering

Simple drawing and creating visuals

Introduction to Drawing

Cartoon drawing

Dozens of pictorgraphs to practice

Conclusion of drawing

How to make the coolest flipcharts

Introduction to Flipcharts

How to use the flip-chart

Inspirational flip-charts

Conclusion of How to make the coolest flipcharts

Course overview: are you the Genius?

The big-What-Did-You-Learn-Quiz



James20 August 2020

This course really helped me remember the information in meetings. It made taking notes much more fun to take and to remember.

Teresa9 August 2020

interesting technique but time consuming in practice for meetings.... great for mind mapping in a solo setting

5 August 2020

As I rolled down the comment sections, I can see a lot of people complaining about "much talking and less doing" and there it is. If the instructor shows us how to write notes by her own examples, it would be better. With the flipchart, only text, so what is the purpose of buying courses here?

Kirk11 May 2020

Charming lady. It's nice to see that her takes aren't perfect, even thouugh she communicates the information succinctly. Wish there was a little more information on organizing the notes, and wish the Flipchart part of the lecture was a bit more elaborate. Other than that, it was the right kind of information to get me started.

James25 February 2020

Some of the tips provided are really helpful; I would have found the course more useful if there were one or two walkthroughs of creating notes based on specific lectures. I would also have appreciated more time devoted to helping set up or create your own note-taking system, or time spent reinforcing and implementing principles in different ways, rather than just outlining some principles before moving on to the next section. Overall, it was a good introduction to visual note taking, and has helped me begin to approach my meetings from a more visual perspective, but I think I still have some practicing to do before I get a real hang of it.

Michaele28 December 2019

Good Teacher: clear and direct. Lack of practical use cases (eg what to highlight, phrases, etc) in order to use visual note taking in real meeting or during conferences.

Cornelia27 September 2019

Very nicely explained and easy to copy drawings. Instructor is very pleasant. In one section, the audio was kind of off as the music was about ten times louder than the speaking voice. I'm sure this will help me a lot to take better notes. Thank you for this course!

Kerryn4 August 2019

Some good concepts and interesting ideas looking at visual note taking. It was sometimes difficult to understand Karlijn, but overall I enjoyed it.

Gustavo25 February 2019

Soy un informático que toma sus apuntes con pluma y papel, lo más difícil es ser conciso y específico en pocas palabras, ayudarse de dibujos y esquemas me ha permitido lograrlo. I am a System Engineer that takes notes using a fountain pen and paper, the hardest part of it is how to do it consistently and specific using few words, using draws and schemas has allowed me to achieve this goal, in fact, I am working in improving myself on be fastest.

Carlos24 November 2018

This course does not deliver anything different to scattered elements of sketchnoting. He does not have a single sketchnote designed by the instructor!

Antony2 September 2018

It was a nice course however, I had my reasons for taking the course about note taking, and I posted questions which were not answered which spoilt all the good side the instructor did

Andrew24 August 2018

An interesting course, I will need to go over it again a couple of times as there are some good tips in there. I enjoyed the section on drawing, and in the workshop, I was in today after watching this I had fun practising some of the tips in the drawing section. I enjoyed the instructor's presentation, it's always good to see an instructor so enthusiastic about their subject, it makes it more enjoyable. I will try to use these tips more in my notes, as I really don't take good notes and always struggle to read them afterwards so they just end up not looked at! The tips provided in the course address my note taking issues nicely. I Recommend this course as it's not too long and covers the topics nicely.

Connie6 June 2018

I do not know about the match yet, but I like what I am hearing and so hoping this will help me learn more easily what I need and want to learn is so many other ways.

Edgar4 June 2018

It was a really good match for me because I get what Carlin was talking about with rule 6 as one example when I am singing "it's a jungle out there" I think of the pictures it shows me in Mr. Monk to memorize the lines"it's a jungle out there, it's a jungle out there, people think I'm crazy cause I worry all the time..."

Gerbrand3 May 2018

The content of the course is good, I had sometimes trouble with the spoken language. Overall there are some good tips on using the visual note taking process.


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