Northern Lights Resin Class

Create a Beautiful Northern Lights Art piece with Layers of Resin and Acrylic Paints

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Feb 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to figure out how much Resin you will need for each layer

Learn how to prep your canvas for the Resin

Learn how to colour your Resin as well as tips to give you the best chance at a perfect cure

Learn how to paint simple Evergreen trees to add another element to your piece.


Welcome to the Northern Lights Resin Class!

In this class we will be creating a Beautiful Art Northern Lights Art piece using Acrylic paints and Resin on top of an Art Canvas.

This class comes with a Supply List that contains all the Supplies used to Create this Beautiful Artwork. The Supply List supplies are also linked to where you can purchase them and have them delivered right to your door saving your time sourcing so you can spend that time Creating! You can find the Supply List Link PDF with the Introduction Video.

In this Class you will Learn:

1 -How to Prep your canvas before using Resin so that it can bear the weight of the Resin without stretching the centre of the canvas and creating a dip.

2 -How to calculate how much Resin you will need for each Layer.

3 -Tips and Resin Information for each Layer as well as guidelines for Colouring your Resin.

4 -How to pop bubbles that rise to the Resin surface and protect it while curing to give yourself the best chance at a perfect finish.

5 - How to paint simple Evergreen Trees.

6 -How to Remove the resin drips that accumulate on the back of your canvas while creating it.

7 -How to add a Hanger to Hang your new Beautiful artwork!

Note: Please follow the safety instructions that will be on the website of the Resin you choose to use. By following the course instructions you should have similar results but your Creation definitely wont be exactly the same as the Class sample. There are so many Variables when Creating with Resin. Enjoy learning the process of working with it!


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Northern Lights Resin Class Introduction
Canvas Prep
Applying the Basecoat
How Much Resin will I Need?
First Resin Layer
Second Resin Layer, Adding the Northern Lights
Third Resin Layer
Painting in some Evergreen Trees
Fourth Resin Layer
Adding another Layer of Evergreens
Final Resin Layer
Removing the Resin Drips
How to Clean your Resin Tools
Adding a Hanger to the Back of our Art Piece
Northern Lights Resin Class Thank You



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