Non Fungible Token Development with JS for NEAR Blockchain

Build NEAR NFT minting functionality in JS

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Non Fungible Token Development with JS for NEAR Blockchain
8 hours
Oct 2022
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What you will learn

01 Build NFT NEAR contract with JavaScript

02 Initialize NFT contract values in JS

01 Define NFT minted token in JS contract

02 Build NEAR NFT minting functionality in JS

03 Mint NFTs on NEAR via Command Line

04 View NEAR NFT by token id in JS


What is the NEAR blockchain?

  • built to be simple, secure and scalable.

  • Low cost. High speed. Effortless scale.

  • <0.01USD Transaction Cost

  • 18M+ Active Accounts

  • 400K Daily Transactions

  • ~2.4s Time to Finality 

  • Contracts, DAOs, dapps, funding

  • Layer 1 blockchain

    not dependent on other chains.

uses a unique scaling mechanism

  • Nightshade sharding

  • Scales infinitely

  • resists short-term usage spikes

Proof of stake

  • More efficient than Bitcoin and Ethereum

web-based wallet

  • no need for users to install programs or browser extensions

  • makes it especially easy to onboard new users (e.g. through named accounts)

Certified carbon neutral

  • consumes in a year the same energy bitcoin consumes in 3 minutes

Interoperable with Ethereum

  • using Rainbow Bridge

Your Instructor

Alexandra Kropova is a software developer with extensive experience in smart contract and decentralized app development. She has helped produce courses for Mammoth Interactive since 2016, including many blockchain and Web3 courses.

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Reviews from the Mammoth Community

"This is AMAZING I just learned how to code without breaking a sweat, this is really easy and fun!" -Shalonda Lewis

"This course so far is by far amazing! The instructor is very encouraging and up beat." -Moiz Saqib

"It was informative and definitely covered the basics. Easy to understand and to follow." -Colin Mooney


00a Project Preview

00 Project Preview

00b Mammoth Interactive Courses Introduction

00 About Mammoth Interactive
01 How To Learn Online Effectively

00c (Prerequisite) Blockchain and Smart Contracts Overview

00 Blockchain Introduction
02 What is a Smart Contract
03 What is the NEAR blockchain

00d (Prerequisite) Command Line Fundamentals

01 Why All Developers Need To Know The Command Line
02 Install Linux Command Line On Windows
03 What Are Linux And Unix Terminals
01 Build Your First Command In The Command Line
02 Navigate Directories In The Command Line
03 Build And Edit A New File In The Command Line
04 Move Files In The Command Line

00e (Prerequisite) Install Node and npm

00 What Is Node JS
01 Install Node And Npm On Mac Or Windows
02 How to Install Node and NPM on Windows

00f (Prerequisite) Introduction to JavaScript

01. Variables
02. Javascript
03. Numbers
04. Booleans
05. If Statements
06. Arrays
07. For Loops
08. While Loops
09. Objects
10. Functions
11. Foreach
12. Map Functions
13. Using Objects As Dictionary
14. Switch Statements
15. Destructuring
16. Spread Operator
17. String Templates
18. Error Handling
19. Let And Const Keywords
20. Do-While
21. Sets
22. Maps
23. Stacks
24. Queues
25. For Loop
26. Recursive Functions
27. Loop Labeling
28. 2D Arrays
29. Settimeout
30. Sentimental
31. Functions With Optional Parameters
32. Basic Regular Expression
33. Handle Keypress Events
34. Priority Queue
35. Adddelete Object Property
36. Example With Sets Part 1
36. Example With Sets Part 2
37. Concat
38. Flat And Flatmap

01 Build NFT NEAR contract with JavaScript

01 Build Nft Near Contract With Javascript
02 Initialize Nft Contract Values In Js

02 Build NEAR NFT minting functionality in JS

01 Define Nft Minted Token In Js Contract
02 Build Near Nft Minting Functionality In Js
03 Mint Nfts On Near Via Command Line
04 View Near NFT By Token ID In JS


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