Node JS API Development for Beginners

Learn Node JS API Development from absolute scratch. This course is for complete beginners getting started guide!

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May 2022
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What you will learn

Learn Node JS Fundamentals

Learn Modern JavaScript


Welcome to learn Node JS API development for absolute beginners. In this course you will learn the core fundamentals of Node JS so that you can start building API using Node JS.

In this course, you will learn Modern JavaScript, Node JS event loop, Asynchronous programming, using node modules, npm modules and creating your own modules, creating server, connect to database and sending json responses.

So if you are ready to learn Node JS, which is one of the most exciting technology of recent time, please enroll into this course.


Understanding Node JS

What is node js
Why learn node js
Javascript in browser environment
Javascript in node js environment
Getting started with node js
Writing functions
Import Export
Using arrow functions
Object destructuring
Using node js core modules
Using npm packages
Using express
Node js event loop
Programming for event loop
Asynchronous programming
Synchronous programming
Functional approach
Secrets of understanding node js

Node JS API Development - Getting Started

Creating server with express
Separating routes
Middleware explained
Using controllers
JSON and postman
Database Options: mLab vs MongoDB Atlas
Signup with mlab to use mongodb
Signup with MongoDB Atlas to use mongodb
Resources to install MongoDB and Robo3T (optional)
Connecting to database using mongoose

Node JS API Development - Posts

Post schema
Creating a post
Using the right version of express-validator for the next lecture
Validation and friendly error messages
Getting posts
Whats next and cleanup


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October 6, 2023
It's very good at explaining the concepts and also easy to understand, because when he finishes the lesson, he proceeds to demonstrate it accurately.
September 21, 2023
Creo que màs que un curso es un tutorial de lo basico de nodejs, y se queda en el camino... no por ser gratuito debería ser así. El profesor si bien tiene conocimento del tema, no explica mucho y prácticamente no fundamenta nada, además de ir muy rápido. Su inglés es bueno pero su pronunciación muy mala y los subtítulos en inglés (generados automáticamente) lo reflejan... es extremadamente difícil seguirlo.
September 17, 2023
I thought this was an outstanding course. As someone who is from a client/server background getting up to speed on the web technologies, this fit the bill perfectly. Concise, complete, to the point with no fluff, no frills. Now I have a foundation to build upon. Some have complained this course isn't as current as they would like. Maybe so, but this is targeted toward someone who is a beginner in this arena. In my case it was just what I needed. Thanks, and well done!
September 11, 2023
for now, its exactly what I'm after. I have done a javascript refresher course yesterday and today this to get up to speed with nodejs
August 27, 2023
nice and easy some depricated errors are happening I think content needs an update based on current versions
June 14, 2023
- Very old mongo topics discussion - Node and system setup is very old, so don't west time with this syllabus
April 19, 2023
The subtitles are quite poor, and the delivery from the instructor feels weak. However, the content feels complete and well enough explained.
January 16, 2023
This is an excellent course. He assumes relatively little, in terms of previous coding experience. The modules are excellently crafted to only present a single idea or concept (at least up until this point). He does move a little quickly, but I appreciate that.
December 28, 2022
Explains the things is perfect manner and videos are short and sweet... Please make more free courses if possible...
December 20, 2022
This is a fantastic course for beginners. They go over fundamentals of Node very gradually so it is very easy to follow and understand the very core of Node.
December 7, 2022
Great course but it started to get confusing at the end. Wish he could have explained more of the code documentation and why he structured the code the way he did it left me a bit confused and made it harder to follow.
December 6, 2022
Starting was so good, I am sure the Instructor will make it smooth till the end... :) Great explanation, high quality, to-the-point examples. Enjoying it.
November 23, 2022
the explanation was good, but in the end, when I realized it was an incomplete course, I really had a heartbreak
November 12, 2022
For a free course it is excellent for beginners who want to learn Node JS. The option to download the code should have been given - one star less for that reason
October 18, 2022
Course seems very fast, but I hope that with repetition I will finally understand how this all connects long term in a real situation.



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