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NLP Basic Course for Beginner

Learn Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) & how to analyze text data.

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Overview of NLP

Understand and use techniques from NLP

Learn to work with Text Files with Python

Use NLTK for Sentiment Analysis

Write your own sentiment analysis code in Python

Introduction to some key techniques from NLP

Write your own spam detection code in Python


Welcome to the best Natural Language Processing course on the Udemy! This course is designed to be your complete online resource for learning how to use Natural Language Processing with the Python programming language.

In the course we will cover everything you need to learn in order to become a world class practitioner of NLP with Python.

We'll start off with the basics, learning how to open and work with text, as well as learning how to use regular expressions to search for custom patterns inside of text files.

Afterwards we will begin with the basics of Natural Language Processing, utilizing the Natural Language Toolkit library for Python, as well as the state of the art Spacy library for ultra fast tokenization, parsing, entity recognition, and lemmatization of text.

We'll understand fundamental NLP concepts such as stemming, lemmatization, stop words, tokenization and more!

Next we will cover Part-of-Speech tagging, where your Python scripts will be able to automatically assign words in text to their appropriate part of speech, such as nouns, verbs and adjectives, an essential part of building intelligent language systems.

We'll also learn about named entity recognition, allowing your code to automatically understand concepts like money, time, companies, products, and more simply by supplying the text information.

Through state of the art visualization libraries we will be able view these relationships in real time.

Then we will move on to understanding machine learning with Scikit-Learn to conduct text classification, such as automatically building machine learning systems that can determine positive versus negative movie reviews, or spam versus legitimate email messages.

We will expand this knowledge to more complex unsupervised learning methods for natural language processing, such as topic modelling, where our machine learning models will detect topics and major concepts from raw text files.


NLP Basic Course for Beginner
NLP Basic Course for Beginner
NLP Basic Course for Beginner
NLP Basic Course for Beginner



Getting Started with NLP

NLTK Setup and Overview


Reading in Text Data

Exploring the Dataset

Regular Expression


Removing Punctuation

Tokenizing in Text

Removing stopwords



Count Vectorization

Count Vectorization in NLP


Spam Detection Model in NLP


Mayinuzzaman20 April 2021

Content is good for quickly learning basic concept, but sound quality is terrible. It's almost impossible to comprehend what the tutor was saying during the whole lectures.

Samuel28 August 2020

I am conflicted on the rating because my rating is based on me trying hard to understand the instructor and not the content. I can't accurately rate the content because I can barely understand his accent. I put closed caption hoping its NLP will help, but closed caption is having trouble interpreting what he is saying too.

Aayush18 July 2020

The videos in this course must be more elaborating. The instructor is speaking in a very haphazard manner.

Rahul10 July 2020

It's the worst course ever. The course title "NLP From basic to advanced" but in actual, there is no advanced level in this course. The course instructor uses only one dataset to explain the concept of NLP and there is no use of Deep Learning modules only used Naive Bays Classifier. Also, the instructor has very poor delivery skills. I will recommend all to not consider this course for learning NLP as it will just waste your time.

Kaustubh7 July 2020

This is a great course, It explains the basic to intermediate all concepts related with NLP , The project was also amazing.


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