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Nikon DSLR Photography: Getting Started with Your DSLR

Improve your photography by learning how to confidently use your Nikon DSLR camera - perfect for beginner photographers!

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

You will learn how to use your Nikon DSLR camera comfortably and confidently

You will know how to use both automatic and manual settings to take great photos

You will know how get proper exposure with settings like aperture, shutter speed and ISO

You will know how to navigate the camera menu to get to the settings you want

You will be able to pick up your camera in any situation and take beautiful photos

You will learn all of the camera basics like focus, white balance, flash, creative filters, burst mode, and more


This is the only online Nikon camera course you need to learn how to use your camera to take amazing photos!

Get comfortable using all of the buttons and features of your Nikon DSLR.

Be confident taking great photos and understanding basic photography settings.

Quickly navigate your camera's menu to change any setting you want.

By the end of this course, you should be able to pick up your camera in any situation, and use it to take beautiful photos. We want photography to be fun for you, and by knowing the ins and outs of your camera, it will help you to not only become a better photographer but also have a great time shooting photos.

In this course, we basically try to cover every button, dial, menu option and feature of a typically Nikon DSLR.

What do we cover in this Nikon DSLR course?

  • Quickstart guide to automatically taking great photos

  • Overview of the camera body, buttons, dials and ports

  • Taking a photo

  • Reviewing a photo

  • Exposing your photos properly

  • Automatic shooting modes

  • Burst and other drive modes

  • Focus modes and points

  • Metering modes

  • Exposure compensation

  • White balance

  • Color profiles

  • The Nikon menu system

  • Formatting a memory card

  • Using the internal flash

  • Using an external flash

  • Reading the histogram

  • Wifi connection and Nikon smartphone app

  • The viewfinder and diopter

  • Nikon video modes

  • Recording audio

  • Using an external microphone

  • Choosing a lens

  • SD card options

  • ND filters

  • and so much more!

Who is this course for and what cameras is it good for?

This course is perfect if you are brand new to using a Nikon DSLR. This course is great if you have zero experience with photography or if you already know a lot about photography, but are new to Nikon DSLR cameras. Please note that this course will teach you how to use your Nikon DSLR camera. It is not a complete photography course that will teach you the artistic and creative side of photography. This course is a more tech-specific course.

We taught this course using one of the latest Nikon DSLRs in their budget DX DSLR series (the most popular camera for beginner photographers).  Even if you are not using a Nikon DX camera, this course should be beneficial to you. Most Nikon DSLR cameras are very similar and have similar options, buttons and features. Specifically our demonstrations use the D3500.

If you have a Nikon D5300, D7200, D5500, D500, D3400, D3500, D5600, D7500, D850, D5, D810, D750, D610, Df, D810A or any other model of Nikon camera, this course should help you.

100% Money-back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the course, or if it just isn't for you, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our goal is to make sure you love this course! We are always listening to students and improving our courses to make them even better. If you ever have a suggestion on how to make this course better, just let us know!

What are you waiting for?

If you want to learn how to take amazing photos with your Nikon DSLR, enroll now!

See you in class!


Nikon DSLR Photography: Getting Started with Your DSLR
Nikon DSLR Photography: Getting Started with Your DSLR
Nikon DSLR Photography: Getting Started with Your DSLR
Nikon DSLR Photography: Getting Started with Your DSLR



Welcome to the Course

DOWNLOAD: Camera Button Cheat Sheets

Links to Nikon Camera Manuals

Start Taking Great Photos Right Away

Camera Overview

Taking Photos & Exposure Settings

Introduction to Exposure

How to Read & Adjust Exposure with Your Camera (Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO)

The Exposure Triangle

Aperture Priority Mode

Shutter Priority Mode

Program Mode and Exposure Compensation

Additional Scene and Shooting Modes

Bulb Modes

Focusing, Focusing Modes and Autofocus Points

Release Mode (Taking Single or Multiple Photos, Auto Timer)

Picture Control (Adding Style to Your Photos)

Metering Modes

White Balance

Photo Formats: RAW vs JPEG

The Nikon DSLR Menu

Navigating the Back Display Menu

Navigating the Main Menu

More Nikon DSLR Camera Basics

Introduction to this Section

Connecting and Transferring Photos to a Smartphone

What is Flash Compensation and How to Use it

Using an External Flash

Photo Review Settings and Reading Exposure with the Histogram

Shooting Video with a Nikon Camera

How to Shoot Video with a Nikon Camera

Using an External Microphone for Better Audio

Nikon Camera Lenses and Accessories

Lens Choices

Lens Filters - UV Filters & ND Filters

Lens Cleaning Kit

Memory Cards (SD Cards)


Thank You


Anastasiia23 September 2020

A lot of useful information about the camera internals and settings. Good presentation. Best to take the course with the camera by your side to try all the examples.

Alec13 September 2020

As a beginner I have found the course very helpful. The different functions of the camera are clearly described and demonstrated. The only slight drawback is that I have a D5100 which displays information a bit differently - and I prefer the instructor's model!!

Sal17 August 2020

Very informative especially the Nikon features. Went over some features I wasn't familiar with. Great Instructors!

Jags4 August 2020

I have no knowledge on photography/cameras and this course was a good introduction for first timers. I was using my D750 and had to refer back to my manual a few times as the settings differed a little. It gives you the basic knowledge on how the aperture, ISO and shutter speed work. Thank you.

Anne23 April 2020

It was nice to have someone go through the menus and explain them. In all honesty, I think I might be a bit too advanced for this particular course. However, if someone is just getting started, I'd definitely recommend it. And it would also be very helpful to someone who is new to Nikon.

Marco21 February 2020

I started the course using a D5100 (not a top of the line Nikon). The optional settings on the D5100 are somewhat different, but I was still able to follow along. It's a good course and it helped me to gain more confidence as far as being able to move around inside of the camera settings. I plan on watching it again to become even more familiar with the process.

Shawndria14 February 2020

I have always been interested in photography and mostly used cell phones and digital cameras that were not as advanced. I have found the course so far very informative with the Nikon brand of cameras.

Sandra13 February 2020

I would have liked to have a section on tethering my Nikon D3500 to my laptop to use as a monitor while filming videos. What type of software for capture you would recommend, and any other helpful hints and tips.

José12 February 2020

Excelent course, very direct to what you need to know about the camera and covers the all spectrum of menus, modes, etc. Really liked it.

Charles12 February 2020

Presenters speak loud enough and very clear. I hoped to learn more about shooting video, as I am about to shoot a very important interview. However, these instructors did an excellent job of explaining things.

Don6 February 2020

This section gave an excellent overview of the body of the camera. Even if you have been using a Nikon it will remind you of some of the functi that you may have overlooked in the pass.

JD31 January 2020

Good general explanations of material that you can find by searching the web. Just glad it is now all located in one place.

Ron20 January 2020

I have a Nikon D3500, so the material was directly applicable and much better than the video offered by Nikon, which was more like a sales pitch. There were a few subjects that I wish were covered in more detail, but generally, the course was well organized and the material was well presented.

Gio11 January 2020

It' a good course but he only focuses on one model. If you don't have that specific model, you need to Google many things. That's what I'm doing as I have a Nikon D7100. I was expecting more comparison and more support for different Nikon models.

George11 January 2020

Great, course for beginner on learning the features of a Nikon Camera. Camera nowadays are like computers, with many menus to go to. This course will give you the basics on what the menus are and the choices you can make, to take better pictures.


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