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Night Photography: You Can Shoot Stunning Night Photos

You will shoot amazing night photos that impress your family and friends with this complete night photography course!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

You will learn how to take beautiful night photographs - like the pros!

You will be happier with the photos you shoot than ever before!

You will learn how to shoot light trail photos with your camera

You will know how to use Bulb mode and a shutter release remote to shoot long exposures

You will know what equipment you need to shoot great night photos

You will understand how to set your camera's ISO, shutter speed, and aperture (f-stop) while shooting night photographs

You will learn how to edit night photos to make them look even better



That's why you're here right? 

We're excited to show you how to take your own amazing night & low-light photos.

With this complete night photography course, you'll learn the ins and outs from the gear we recommend, the settings we use, the composition tips we have, and the photo editing process we use to end up with award-winning night photos.

Follow us as we head out to Joshua Tree National Park to teach this night photography course!

In this course we combine entertainment education in this complete behind-the-scenes course. We're not just sitting behind our computer desk, showing you slides. We're out in the field, showing you exactly what we do to shoot our own night photos.

Key things you will learn in this night photography course:

  • What gear you need for night photography
  • How to prepare for your photography trip
  • Basic camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO
  • How to compose beautiful night photos
  • Using a shutter release remote to shoot long exposures
  • How to shoot light trail photos
  • Composing creative night photos of the stars
  • How to shoot photographs of the moon
  • How to edit night photos to make them look even better

Course bonuses

  • Downloadable cheat sheets
  • Behind the scenes lessons
  • Full editing case studies
  • Practical assignments
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge

Why learn from us?

We are three instructors who love photography, and love teaching. We're the teachers of the best-selling Photography Masterclass. We always take our student's feedback, and use it to improve our courses. That's why we created this course in the first place - because fellow students wanted us to create a night photography course.

What students are saying about our courses:

Absolutely loved loved loved this course. - Ashonti

I really like this course. Its the best course I have ever taken on photography. I have come to really like Phil and Sam, and I think if you take the course you will to :D - TJ

I loved this course! The basics of photography were fully covered, plenty of practical examples, the tutors were very clear in their explanations and very quick in answering to any question. - Ornella

Perfect course for beginners and intermediate photographers. Duration of the lessons is great you can move at your own pace without needing to sit for hours for just one class. - Omar

If you want to take great night photos, this is the course for you.

Remember, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. There is no reason to hesitate. Enroll now, see if you enjoy the course, and start shooting better photos today! 


Phil, Will, and Sam


Night Photography: You Can Shoot Stunning Night Photos
Night Photography: You Can Shoot Stunning Night Photos
Night Photography: You Can Shoot Stunning Night Photos
Night Photography: You Can Shoot Stunning Night Photos


Welcome & What is this Course About?

Welcome to Night Photography

Join the Official Student Photography Group

Our 10 Night Photography Commandments

Equipment for Night Photography

DOWNLOAD: "Don't Forget Me" Night Photography Checklist

OPTIONAL Refresher: Setting Refresher

DOWNLOAD: Beginner's Guide to Photography

Night Photography Demonstration

Basics of Night Photography with Will

Night Photography with Creative Camera Movements

How to Shoot Light Trails

Longer Exposures with a Trigger & Night Photos with Foreground Elements

Photographing the Moon

Editing Night Photos

Basic Night Photo Editing

OPTIONAL: Adobe Lightroom Crash Course

Night Editing Tip 1: Make Stars Pop

Night Editing Tip 2: Improve Skies with Graduated Filters

Night Editing Tip 3: Remove Unwanted Airplane Streaks

Night Editing Tip 4: Use HSL Panel to Improve Skies and Landscapes

Night Editing Tip 5: Remove Digital Noise and Grain

Phil Edits His Favorite Night Photo

Sam Edits His Favorite Night Photo

Will Edits His Favorite Night Photo

Will Edits a Light Trail Photo

Exporting Photos: For Posting Online & For Printing

CHEAT SHEET: Export Settings


Do you know your night photography?

Thank You & What's Next?

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off


Stephonie24 September 2020

I loved the class I’m just getting started in taking photos during the day. Looking forward to take night photos and see how it goes

J.5 September 2020

Good pace. I like the repetitiveness to reinforce at the beginning. It later began to become a little slow. Will is the better speaker in my opinion especially with the LR sessions. I am pleased that I had a voucher as I feel that the full price course would have been a little too expensive for the content. Thank you all however.

David28 August 2020

I enjoyed the editing section, but the field portion lacked the type of information I was looking for. It seemed to be a little slight on technique and showing how to really take the images. I wish there would have been more lessons showing the process in more detail.

Don21 August 2020

It was a great review and you pointed out that digital is different. I am an old film guy and the thinking is different but the process is endless with digital. A whole lot cheaper than film and time.

Jeffrey14 August 2020

Great course, very informative really enjoyed the instructors. I'm also taking the Master Photography course too. Thank you and I will be in touch if I ever have a problem.

Sarah26 February 2020

Great class, I bought it along with the Master Class and after completing that I moved on to the night photography. I love it, and I think all teachers are really great.

Debra6 February 2020

So far I love this course. It provided a great refresher on camera basics, now I am learning how to best use my settings for high quality images. I had no idea what shooting in "RAW" was prior to this class.

Kristýna6 February 2020

I like the way they talk and explain stuff... I would appreciate the night section to be bigger part of the course compared to lightroom editting. I was missing for example the Milky Way and Aurora night shots. Or some epic poses with humans in the frame... I learned new things so I consider it helpful but If I had this course for it's full price and not with the christmas sales I would not be very happy.

Marie21 January 2020

Excellent course, I've learned a lot. There is a lot about editing night photos but you can use that knowledge to edit any kind of photos actually. Highly recommended!

Kathy16 January 2020

Great course for anyone wanting to learn the basics of night photography, and editing the photo's you take. Can't wait to get out and apply everything I learned.

Christien8 January 2020

Good Beginer course for novice photographers. Would have liked a little more focus on the technical aspect of shooting the photos! But great for someone starting out. Lot's of great information on Lightroom.

Brycklin7 January 2020

I've never taken a photography course before and just started night shooting. i consider myself extremely amateur but everything said so far could be read for free with the simplest of google searches. I hope the course will go into depth on the post -editing that is what is most difficult to learn on your own without paying for a class

Shawn1 January 2020

Putting this course together with the master photography course gives me a lot more confidence that I can do photography even when I don't think I can.

Camden12 November 2019

Things in this course can be applied to straight astrophotography, and will be using the information I learn over the course of my photography shoots.

Jessica29 October 2019

I was able to follow along using my own equipment. The details with out drowning viewer in boredom is awesome thank you!


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